Up to this point I have skimmed the surface of mailorder, taken a light overview of the areas which are a part of its make up and given you a basic understanding of what is needed to become successful in it.

Here we are going to study every facet in greater depth, and discover how the real masters get rich!

Remember what I said about breaking the rules and orchestrating ‘good for you situations?’ Well that’s what we are going to do.

In the meantime I want you to have the best start to mailorder any individual could have.

I have given you access to generating thousands of contacts in the last few modules of The Wealthenss Blog. My reasons for doing that were two-fold:

1. You would be able to source just about anything you needed to enhance your personal life and

2. You now have access to just about any product you can think of. You can now source the best merchandise using the techniques you are learning about.

The Mailorder Business

Make Your Own Mailorder Millions comes with a real, ready to operate mailorder business.

After writing Make Your Own Mailorder Millions and the sales letters I read back over everything I had written. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. It is truly a masterpiece – but…

Why just ‘tell’ you how to do it when I can do it for you!

The systems outlined work better than anything you will learn at college or by conventional means, they are awesome systems developed in the field and used in anger – grrrr!!!

What I disliked about all the mailorder courses I read in the past was that those gurus would sit there and pontificate about how wonderful mailorder is, but at the end, leave you dangling.

When finished you would have a good idea about how they had made their money, but what good was that to you?

“There you go that’s how to sell by mailorder now go and find a product. If you want to sell paper and ink products either go out and find them or write something.” I did, but then it’s a lot easier said than done – believe me.

When I began writing I promised that I would deliver to my customers what all writers in the past had failed to deliver to their customers.

I vowed never to leave people dangling, wondering: “What do I do now?”

I vowed always to give customers options, somewhere to go next. At The Wealthness Blog you will find articles to source just about any product you could imagine through the licensing sections and public domain material. We’re also developing a trade warehouse database so you can find physical products also. I want to ensure you never have to look elsewhere for your information.

If you find a product you like and decide to go off and do your own thing in mailorder then great, I wish you the best of luck and I’m sure you won’t need it armed with Make Your Own Mailorder Millions.

I always advocate that you make your own choices, which is why I have given you so much information for sourcing a product for yourself. You will discover that, for various reasons, I prefer paper and ink type information products … but that’s my choice!

If you want to create a stream of income from mailorder and need a paper and ink information product, then you have a number of choices. Source something, write something, do a deal with an established writer … there are many avenues you can go down and only you will know which suits you best.

But, to those who do want somewhere to turn and want a paper and ink product … I have just the thing!

Over the course Make Your Own Mailorder Millions goes into great depth and detail on mailorder. This is probably the most comprehensive, intense study of the mailorder business available.

The Omniscience Principle is the most comprehensive, in-depth study of Wealthness … You have resale rights to it!

But that’s not really good enough is it?

You are getting to know me a little better now and wouldn’t you expect a little more from me?

Of course you would.

One method you will learn about, as employed by Mailorder Master millionaires, is that of ‘Dropshipping’.

I go into finite detail of exactly how this method works and how it helps dispel many of the myths surrounding mailorder, but for now if you want a paper and ink, information product then here’s how this works.

If you can’t write a product find someone who can … I can!

The Omniscience Principle currently sells for $97.00 with a monthly version being developed to sell for around $49.00 per month. To make things easy let’s round that up to 50 or 600 for the year. The course and marketing materials are already written for you and being sent out now and making money for people.

If you want to sell the course too then here’s how dropshipping works.



At the time of writing the hard copy course is being developed Contact us if you wish to be notified once it goes live. Regardless, this drop ship section is invaluable if you source your own product and the affiliate systems are already set up.

We supply the marketing materials to you unless you want to use your own. You use all the knowledge you glean and what you learn now to promote the course. Every time you receive an order you will take a payment of $49.95 from your customer, that money will be sent to you up-front.

Put it in the bank, it’s yours!

$14.95 will automatically be sent to us and and our mail fulfillment department will send out the relevant parts of the course on your behalf.

If you want to be able to process credit cards you will have a choice: Either set up your own merchant account which we can show you how to do or pass the details on to us, we’ll process the payment for you and pass on the balance – minus a small admin charge of 5%.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, contact the member support team and an information pack will be sent out to you. It outlines in detail how the programme works and you also get a copy of the first part to help you evaluate the quality of what you will be selling. What you won’t get with the pack are any false promises, fancy testimonials or guarantees!

Have a look and if you think you can make money from it go right ahead!

Shortly, you will know exactly how to succeed in mailorder; you will have all the tools used by those who have made it.

We’re navigating our journey through the mailorder jungle. A worrying place to be if you’re attempting to hack your way through it and don’t have the benefit of a Mailorder Master’s experience.

You do, and you’re going to be OK!!!

I have already introduced you to the importance of quality product, advertising copy and the mailing list. We will go into each in much greater detail as we progress.

In the mailing we send out I boast that: ‘This really has to be one of the least expensive, most profitable, easiest to start, fastest money generating businesses in the world’

I still stand by that.

It is!!!

  • It’s so easy to operate even a child could do it (some have)
  • It can be operated by one person
  • It can be operated from home or anywhere, any time
  • It can be started on a very small budget and built up based on solid business models developed with your own market research
  • It can grow exponentially without the burden of having to employ a proportionate amount of staff
  • Mailorder can generate full or part time profits
  • It can be very profitable

The list goes on and on. In all, a pretty wonderful way of doing business I’d say!

Can You Make Money From Dropshipping?

Let’s get started!

The very first question I ask when I look at any business is: “Is it going to make me any money?”

Pretty fundamental to the success of any business wouldn’t you agree?

So just how easy is it to make money through mailorder?

Over the years I have found that people, when getting involved in ventures, can get carried away! They hit the crest of the wave and surf headlong into the project without taking a step back and asking that fundamental question.

Some people make decisions based upon hype and fail to take an analytical, scientific look at the project.

You’re not going to get involved in anything until you know just what you’re letting yourself in for.

Is the business I am presenting to you today, profitable?

Can you make $50,000 per year by being a reseller of the myriad of other materials I’ve introduced you to?

Let’s take an analytical, scientific look.

I’m using the Make Your Own Mailorder Millions course as an example – you can apply the formula to any of the products you choose to sell.

Now please, this is not a blatant promotion for becoming a reseller of my products. It is an example of how you should approach any mailorder project.

Earlier I said: ‘I always advocate that you make your own choices, which is why I have given you so much information about sourcing a product for yourself. You will now know that, for the reasons I explained, I prefer paper and ink type information products … but that’s my choice!

If you want to create a stream of income from mailorder and need a paper and ink information product then you have a number of choices. Source something, write something, do a deal with an established writer … there are many avenues you can go down, and only you will know which suits you best.’

I also went on to talk about dropshipping which can be used to sell any tangible product, but when talking paper and ink you become a reseller of publishers’ products.

You promote the goods and pass on a percentage to a publishing house, which then fulfill the order. It’s a great system.

If you have an idea and wish to put pen to paper (we all have at least one good book inside us) then you will have total control. All your work is protected under copyright law the moment you put pen to paper. You will call the shots. You could be in the privileged position of having a team of resellers marketing your work and be dropshipping for them.

(We will explore the techniques of writing powerful product and marketing materials elsewhere).

Writing your own stuff is easy, I promise. I failed dismally at English and am slightly dyslectic, which is why I chose graphics and art direction as a career (before I decided to take up partying on yachts!!!). I had barely written a coherent sentence until a few years ago so, if I can do it, I am darn well sure you can. Just do it as they say at Nike!!!

Firstly, let’s take a look at marketing the course. The marketing materials have already been written. Thousands have responded to them so they must be working! We supply everything you need and all materials are personalized with your contact and bank details.

Or after sourcing the best possible product the next stage in this business is to have a well-written, well-presented solicitation. This will generally be in the form of a direct mail shot or an advert in the press.

Whichever medium you decide to use, your marketing will be the first point of contact with a customer.

If you think you can do better than what we supply then go ahead, but the first stage in this business is to have a well-written, well presented solicitation.

If you are going to do your own then I highly recommend you read the relevant copy writing part in the course. Remember, that customers will make a judgment on your product based solely on your mailing.

If it arrives on their doorstep in a tatty brown envelope and is scribbled on the back of a mutilated cornflakes box (yes I’ve seen it!) then what image are you portraying.

The more professional you appear the more professionally you will be treated.

Now we need to establish if this is going to make you any money – right?

You’ve selected or written the best possible product based on a scientific evaluation of the competition.

Let’s say for this example that, because it’s immediately available and proven, you’ve decided that Mailorder Millions may sell well for you. Research has already been carried out and a price people will pay for it established.

An important thing to note here is that all the research in the world will only establish if a price is valid at the time of the research. A vigilant eye must be kept on response rates and profitability because circumstances change rapidly and a product that has done well may not always continue to do so.

Excluding VAT, if applicable (paper and ink products do not attract VAT at the time of writing, but always check with your local Customs and Excise office. You will find them in Yellow Pages), subtract the cost of the product from the sale price and you have your gross profit per item. In the case of Mailorder Millions the gross profit is around 35. I’ve rounded the figures up or down for simplicity.

The gross profit is 35 which is 50 minus the dropship cost of 15.

If you have produced your own work then subtract the cost of printing, packaging, posting and binding from the sale price.

In the case of Sourcebook UK … ‘Sourcebook UK, what’s that?’

It was a list of Trade Warehouses I used to sell!!!

The actual cost in paper, ink and labour to produce one book was 4.00 and around 0.80 to post it out. It sold for up to 39.99 so the gross profit per sale was 35.09 … not bad eh?

If you are the kind of person who is a walking calculator and are wondering why I am labouring the point it’s because I wasn’t blessed with the same gift as you. I have great trouble with numbers and if you remember accelerated learning techniques from The Omniscience Principle you’ll know that I’m not alone … so bear with us!!

When you know how many sales/orders you need to cover costs, you can work out if a mailorder project is viable. If it appears as though there is potential then test, record and review! If it makes a profit then roll out the mailings (send out more).

Let’s work out the break-even point. We need to discover at exactly what point you cover your costs and begin to make a profit in your new mailorder business. If you analyze a mailorder project and discover that you need a response rate to your mailing of 30% then it’s dead in the water before you even start.

If you are new to mailorder then it may surprise you how little a response is required to your mailings before you make a profit. It may also surprise you how few people actually buy from you.

My very first mailorder project was promoting a book called ‘How to Claim Free Land and Property’.

It revealed the little known secrets of ‘possessory title’. If you know what you’re doing you really can claim land and property that does not belong to you, and were not just talking radio-active wasteland on the outskirts of Porton Down!!!

The owner of land where my wife rides her horse claimed a couple of prime acres adjoining his land … yes just claimed them, and now he is the legal owner!!! Anyway I shall tell you all about possessory title another time.

I thought I was onto a real winner with this, I thought no one could resist the opportunity to claim free land and property, so I promptly wrote a marketing letter and had 500 printed up. If I remember rightly I was going to sell the book for £19.99.

I worked out that if 1 in 3 people took up the offer I’d be a wealthy man in a very short space of time.

The marketing letter opened:

‘Dear entrepreneur,

A friend or work colleague has recommended I write to you because I have something that may interest you …’

I eagerly stuffed those letters as fast as my clumsy hands would allow. I opened the telephone book and started systematically writing the names and addresses listed on the envelopes.

I sent out 500 marketing packs and received 3 replies: 2 ‘gone always’ and a letter from a very irate lady who wanted to know who’d passed on the name of her husband who had died 2 years previously.

I received not one order. I have progressed since then and understand that to expect a response of 33% was living in cloud cuckoo land. It is very rare to receive even 5% take up, and 1-2% is pretty good!!!

The break-even point depends on two things:

1. Profit on each item you sell.

2. The cost of that all-important mailing.

So, to make your break even point as low as possible (number of replies needed to cover your costs) you need to keep the cost of the mailing as low as possible and the profit per item sold as high as possible – and no I’m not trying to patronize you, many people fail to grasp this.

In Make Your Own Mailorder Millions we explore the relationship between profit and quality. Once you have read that section in depth, you will understand the importance of sourcing good product.

The easiest way to work out break-even point is to cost per 100 mailings.

1. Establish EXACTLY what it is going to cost to mail out to 100 people.

In the case of Make Your Own Mailorder Millions, and using the materials we can supply, let’s work out what it’s going to cost you to do your first mailing. You must apply this same formula if you are going to use your own materials. Also, postage costs will vary so do your homework and factor in the correct postage amount.

a. Cost per 100 marketing letters @ 0.15 each: 15.00
b. Cost per 100 envelopes @ 0.5 each: 5.00
c. Cost per 100 stamps (average): 19.00
d. Cost per 100 GOOD QUALITY names: 14.00
e. Cost per 100 stuffed envelopes @ 25/1,000: 2.50  
TOTAL 55.50 N.B. The cost of (e) will have to be entered into the equation as you build up the number of mailings you send out because you will not want to stuff ten thousand envelopes I can assure you! You’ll have to farm out this task to workers.

2. Establish EXACTLY what your profit per item sold will be. In this case your profit on each sale (most of the figures have been rounded up or down by 5 for simplicity) will be 35.00 per month, per person.

Sounds OK to me so far!

Now this is only the small picture, but what many people fail to take into account is that this is actually a 12-month course. Once someone has signed up, that’s it! – It costs you nothing more each month to keep that 35.00 per month filling your bank account up.


Convert that into your own currency – for example, if you just change the $ to a £ the price points are pretty much acceptable. I mean that people in the UK will happily pay £49.95 for the course … but thanks to the exchange rate the lucky Brits are making almost double!

Once the course is completed we have other products in place to enable you to retain your customer base and of course, income!

The formula to establish your break-even point is: Divide cost to mail out 100 letters by the profit per unit sold.

So let’s examine what kind of response to a mailing of 100 letters is required to break even on Make Your Own Mailorder Millions.

For this first example we will only take into consideration the first payment of 50.00 to you from your customers. With the dropship fee deducted this leaves you with a profit element of 35.00.

We will deal with future profits and the bigger picture in a minute.

Cost to mail out 100 letters = 55.50
Immediate profit per customer = 35.00
Break even response required = 1.59%

YES! That’s only one and a half customers required to break-even!

That’s just the beginning; it gets better.

Remember, we established that actually, each customer is worth 420.00 over the course. Once you’ve broken even on 1.59% on your initial mailing, everything else from then on is pure profit. You could even lose money on the first mailing and still make a huge profit over the 12 months.

So let’s look at how amazing the figures get when we take an overall look at the 12-month period.

Cost to mail out 100 letters = 55.50
Total profit per customer = 420.00
Break even response required = 0.13%

YES! That’s zero point one three percent take-up required to break even.

Let’s look at this business another way:

You know that it costs 55.50 to send out 100 letters. You also know the profit from one sale is 420.00, so all you need is just:

1 sale every 757 letters sent to cover your costs.

Now think about this: An average take-up to a good mailing list is 1% – 2%, and sometimes as much as 5%.

You can see how potentially profitable this business is!

Notice I say potentially, because nothing is an absolute and there are many variables you need to consider in the equation, such as, most importantly: ‘the mailing list’. (and it’s the same online!)

Try to sell to a bad list and your chances of making profit are about as likely as you running the 4-minute mile giving a piggyback to a fat bloke.

Look what happened when I tried to pull names from a telephone book!!!

I’ll talk about the list in a short while. Also, there are other elements to consider like: You won’t always make a profit of 420.00 per customer. This is a twelve-month course and a fair few people may drop out before the end.

Only experience will give you an average drop out rate to any course you write.

Unfortunately, there is no formula that will forecast this; you’ll just have to see how it pans out for you. If the course is powerful enough, you will experience very few dropouts and will find that, on average, you get 7-11 months of payment from a customer.

On the other hand, if you can’t write for toffee you may find that, on average, customers drop out after only two months. You will experience this problem if your marketing is extremely exciting but the product does not live up to the hype.

I have found few courses that keep me hooked till the end. For some reason many authors think that if they fill a course with enough fluff and drivel they’ll get paid till the end … Crap!!!

Always give the very best you can. If you can write a synopsis of your course on the back of a postage stamp, don’t market it. You’ll let your customers down and go broke very quickly.

But, consider this: You don’t cut any corners and buy a good list. You use good marketing materials, which promote an excellent product like Make Your Own Mailorder Millions and this associated business, which is available to those you approach.

You send out 1,000 mailings and receive a conservative 1% take-up.

1,000 mail-campaign will cost you: 550.00
1% take-up is 10 customers @ 420.00 over 12 months: 4,200.00
PROFIT 3,650.00

How does that sound?

Send out 10,000 letters? … Work it out!

Profitable enough for you???

So What Do You Need to Get Started?

1. Your personalised mailings.

2. Your envelopes.

3. A mailing list.

The Mailing List

As a business owner you are totally accountable for the decisions you make. Where you purchase your mailing list is one of the decisions you will have to live with.

In Make Your Own Mailorder Millions you will learn that the best mailing lists are the ones you accumulate over time and consist of people with a known and established history, lists you grow yourself. The problem is that you probably haven’t got a list of buyers of your own so you are going to have to rent one.

In a minute I’ll outline all the things to look for and everything you need on which to make an informed decision when renting names. The choice as to whom you eventually use is yours.

We use a supplier who we have a good working relationship with and can vouch for the freshness and history of the names. (when available)

If you wish to shop around you will find lists brokers in many of the business opportunity sections of publications like Exchange and Mart and Daltons Weekly. Also on the internet – search for list brokers.

The Mailing List. How The Professionals Do It.

Try to sell to a bad list and your chances of making money are as likely as the government making money from the Dome!!! (Another disaster by the UK appointed guardians of public money!!!)

Which would you prefer:

(a). 5 orders from a 100 mailing?


(b). 25 orders from a 1,000 mailing?

Many people would answer (b). because on the surface, more orders means more money, right?

Unfortunately, more mailings means more costs!

If it costs, on average, 550.00 to mail to 1,000 people and say, your gross profit was 20.00 per order (because it’s easy!!!). You would lose money on the 25 orders received.

On the other hand if, you were to receive 5 orders from a mailing to 100 people (cost 55.00 to mail out) you would be 45.00 in the black … Not Earth-shattering, agreed, but profit is profit and you can’t go broke making money can you!!!

Let’s say we’ve stumbled upon a particularly profitable product and you’re making 50.00 on each order.

Now you’re making a mouth watering 700.00 on the 25 orders, but the 195.00 on your 100 mailing would be even better return on the money invested.

(a). Represents a response rate of 5% to your mailing.

(b). Represents only a response rate of 2.5% to your mailing.

When you roll out your marketing to 10,000 it will cost you a lot more to make money on (b). than (a).

You make money on both campaigns, granted, but the saving on costs for postage, printing etc the marketing materials when you receive a 5% take up as opposed to 2.5% means you are able to spend that saving mailing out to more people.

A Mailorder Master’s wet dream!

All Mailorder Masters dream about finding the right product with the right profit margins and managing to consistently generate a take-up of 5% to a mailing.

If this can be achieved it won’t be long before you have 1,000,000 in the bank … GUARANTEED.

It’s just the old numbers game again. If you work out that a take-up of 1% is required to break even and manage 5% then that is almost a scientific formula for generating money. All you have to do is mail out more and keep an eye on the responses.

So where do you get a mailing list that guarantees you a 5% response?

If I could guarantee that I be a very wealthy man indeed … I mean wealth beyond measure!

The simple answer is, that it is impossible to guarantee the response to any mailing list, although you will find many people who try to.

The very best of the best mailing lists are those consisting of people who have bought something from you in the past. This applies to your online lists, which you should be building now.

If fact, your online databases are about as good a mailing list as you’ll get BUT, many people just collect e-mail addresses. Usual guru bullshit teaching!

Collect e-mail addresses and mail them in their thousands. Of course it’s a great marketing method but old Money King, ‘he go all the way!’ You need to collect physical addresses as well.

Imagine the impact you’ll have when following an online inquiry or purchase by a client they receive a follow up through the post.

This adds immense credibility to any online business and you’ll see conversion rates rocket.

When someone has purchased from you they are ‘mailorder responsive’, you know what they bought so can offer them something similar again, and … unless you sold them a pile of shite, know that they were satisfied with their purchase.

I protect my lists as if they were my own children.

You are on one of my databases, and I will do my absolute utmost to ensure you stay a happy customer. We all make mistakes, but if I do I will do anything to reconcile you.

You need to adopt the same attitude if you are going to succeed in any business.

There are two ways you can go in life: The fast buck, big hit (scam), or be honest and give value for money.

You hear of elaborate schemes from time to time where the perpetrators got away with buckets of cash. Some rip-offs are so ingenious you almost have to give the scamsters credit for their inventiveness.

Thing is though, if they had put all that effort into giving value for money, they’d make far more of it in the long run. You only have a finite amount of time in this life, and I promise, it is far more profitable and enjoyable filling it with something you can be proud of.

I have a JV partner we do business with regularly and for some reason he just can’t resist the scams – he get sucked in every time, every time we warn him, every time he loses money!

The database you build yourself is your greatest asset in mai