Well there you go, The Omniscience Principle. My life in all its intricate detail and the systems, methods and paradigms I’ve learned from The World’s Masters of Wealth.

You now have everything I have used to become free … Everything. I hope I’ve fulfilled my promise and that I haven’t let you down.

You now have at hand your money blueprint; your map to wealth and freedom … how you use it is up to you!

I never judge people and have no preconceived ideas as to what you should do with all the information I have shared with you through Omniscience … so long as you do use it!

Suffice to say that with everything we cover in it and The Wealthness Blog you should now be well on the way to attaining total freedom and be digging the footings for your new empire ‘within’ The Machine’s organism.

It took me over twenty years to write this far and finish the second draft of The Omniscience Principle; twenty long hard years!

But this does not mean I’ve finished. From this point forward I will keep adding and building as I experience new adventures and discover more ‘life systems’.

What I would advise now is:

Always Do The Very Best You Can Do in Anything And Everything You Do!!!

Only you know what you feel comfortable with and what you feel is right and wrong. Don’t forget, you have to live with yourself for the short time you have on Earth.

I had a meeting recently with a guy I met through the kids at school. Mr T, as he shall be known, had a bit of a reputation with the sad parents with nothing better in their lives except ‘other people’s’ lives. Nice enough chap but because he didn’t seem to work termite parents began to talk. Mr T obviously had wedges of cash but was never really seen to do anything!

Whispers and pointless gossip had him as everything from a drugs dealer to a dodgy property developer. Anyway, I got talking to him at a sports day and it turned out he’d made his money from the Internet!

He’d generally keep this to himself, as he’d become fed up with trying to explain exactly how you make a fortune from thin air!

I got on really well with Mr T and invited him over to see if there was any common ground where we could make a few quid together.

It soon became clear as we talked that we had both taken very different paths to wealth and actually, there was very little, in fact nothing, we could do in a joint venture. Mt T had mad a lot of money from the Internet, an awful lot, but clearly was not proud of the way he’d made it.

I soon discovered that the reason for not revealing how he made his Internet millions was because he’d NOT done the very best that he could do!

He’d set up money games, dodgy e-currencies and pyramid schemes. He ripped a small fortune out of them. Mr T would keep paying back the money into the systems until the time was right to close them down and walk with the cash. Apparently, the irony was that people would never draw down their winnings.

I know this to be true because I know people who do the games and are forever letting me know how big their bank has grown … and they always ends up losing the lot!

The point of all this is that Mr T had made his money but it had not brought the freedom. Mr T couldn’t spend it because it was considered dirty, he was also always in fear of who would come knocking … he was ashamed of what he’d done!

Now if you look at it his way then these people deserved to be taken for a ride. They were greedy and it serves them right for being so stupid. I for one wouldn’t disagree. The point is though that no matter how it’s justified, it’s how you feel deep inside that matters!

Always Do The Very Best You Can Do in Anything And Everything You Do!!!

Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out – it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.