Throughout The Omniscience Principle I place great emphasis on congruence and continuity.

But here’s a great question: Can the body train the mind?

Can body language and posture affect the way we approach fearful and stressful situations. Well according to Amy Cuddy and my own non scientific tests, it most certainly can!

Have you ever wondered why we adopt the Power Pose?

When we achieve, we grow exponentially from the inside. Happy juice is blasted throughout our body, we grow large, spread wide. Our very soul quivers with winner’s chemicals in the form of testosterone. This bursts out of our bodies via our outstretched arms into the universe as we adopt the Winners Pose – Yes, yes, yes … I did it.

This pose is primal, it’s hard wired body language, it’s not learned or passed on.

Blind runners who have never seen this body language react to a win with the same position. Arms in the air, head held high. “I am a winner.”

The Wealthness Pose

I use Power Pose images throughout my writing. A position we adopt that all around immediately recognize. The Tall Poppy, the Peacock, The Winner.

But how about the times when we’re just not feeling it, when we’re looking at the competition on the start line and they’re looking back, steely eyed. Freaks of the genome, specimens that belong in glass tanks for the rest of us to admire.

How can we possibly look forward to the gold medal when faced with this adversity.

The good news is that we simply fake it!

Having spent many mornings in the bathroom and other quite places where no one can see and practicing the power pose, I can absolutely agree that Amy is onto something.

Fake it till you make it and eventually you become it!

I’ve noticed that the moment I adopt the pose, winning pictures flash across my 72″, 4k mind screen. I have to force nothing. Stand like superman, and you become him. Stand like Superwoman and you become her. (I stick with superman :))

Amy’s study has identified two reasons for this empowering feeling.

  1. Testosterone is immediately released.
  2. Cortisol (the stress hormone) is reduced.

So because the release of testosterone comes in short, powerful blasts, literally within seconds of acting like a winner, your body prepares to become a winner and your mindset follows. Testosterone and adrenaline set you up for the fight and the reduction in cortisol helps overcome the fear.

Try it!

Go on!

Stop reading, stand up, put on the power pose, think winning thoughts and ask yourself: How Do I Feel Now?

For me, this simple 5 second hack is awesomely, awesome. And it literally only takes 5 seconds. The moment I lift my arms and think big, the explosion of joy and power is instant.

Let me know if this works.