The Next Thirty Days Are Going To Be Better Than The Last

In today’s world of instantaneous results, where e-mail and overnight delivery have become a staple of our society, business seems to be moving at the speed of lightning and thunder.

In addition, the everyday entrepreneur and business owner has become buried in a sea of competitors clamoring to steal your customers, your market share and your profits. Every competitor is ringing their own bell claiming to be the best… to have better quality… a higher level of service… or the superior product.

So how in the world do you break away from the pack in a clarifying and resounding way that clearly makes you stand out from the herd on the crowded pathways of commerce?

There is one clearly superior formula that the highly successful companies have figured out and that you can use, too.

This technique is called branding.

Branding is the tool you use to strategically position yourself and/or your company as the expert in the industry by telling your customers and your prospects why you are special and different. Some say branding is a great logo or catchy advertising… but it is much more.

Simply put, branding:

  • Is an integrated strategy of individual marketing techniques that you use to communicate to your targeted market about what result your product or service will deliver to them.
  • Tells your prospective customers why they should do business with you instead of your competition.
  • Offers them a promise for a solution to their needs, wants, or desires.
  • Creates an image of value in their minds that creates customer loyalty and keeps them coming back to you over and over.
  • Builds a loyal consumer base that becomes a referral network for your product or service and that acts like a powerful outside sales force.
  • Is the value and goodwill that you build in your name and the awareness that your brand has with your customers and prospective customers.

ACTION ITEM: Develop a short “Branding Solution Message” (tag line) that tells customers/prospects:

  1. Who you are and/or what you do.
  2. What result or benefit your customer will get when doing business with you.
  3. Include your guarantee or customer satisfaction policy within the statement if possible.

In difficult economic times and/or in a highly competitive market place, branding is a key competitive marketing tool to increase revenues, grow profits and escalate market share.

Kevin M. Clark