Wealthness: Celebrating the majesty of life, 1ness and the infinite power of I

It is organic, a living blueprint of real-world strategies, systems and paradigms, features and benefits springing fully-grown from the brow of Zeus; an assimilation of many different projects and experiences.

It’s a comprehensive resource designed to empower newbies thru to experienced marketers to effectively and ethically market successfully on and offline using tried and truly tested strategies. It’s tools created to enhance personal effectiveness and to help online business bring products into the marketing arena … and succeed.

Marketing has been around since the year dot and while people dress up old ideas with fancy new names, nothing has ever really changed. The best method of marketing is to get to know your prospect build a relationship based on trust and mutual gain, then you become effective and your success is assured.

While I can outline the right way to market and give the tools and strategies that work in marketing both on and offline, there are still the basics that we have to do on a daily basis.

We have to take these tools skills and methods and put them into practice. I’m not saying you have to slave over your keyboard from dawn to dusk like some of us do to be successful, all you have to do is decide this: “I will put in 4 or 6 or 10 hours a week persistently and keep doing it till I have created an income that I’m happy to retire on.”

If you commit to yourself and your family to do that, plug away until you achieve, you will achieve.

I am dedicated to continuing your success and ensuring that Wealthness remains probably the most dynamic and forward thinking resource on the net today. I am committed to ensuring you have all the tools available to fulfill my promise of ensuring you achieve total personal and financial freedom.

Irrespective of colour, intelligence, physical ability or background, successful people all have two things in common. They all set goals for their achievements, and secondly, having built that picture in their minds, they absolutely, 100% deliver.


I have to extend congratulations, and say well done for having the courage to take this first step to Total Personal and Financial Freedom and welcome to The Wealthness Blog

Take some time now. Get familiar with it because it is growing into a massive resource enabling you build solid, multiple streams of income.

Along with our selected guest authors we share ideas. Each author will share their best advice … just one golden nugget could change your life … Let’s make this year your most profitable, successful year ever.

Our contributors are high-performers from all sorts of business arenas and they have agreed to share their thoughts here today. More important, I asked them to take the perspective of advising someone they really care about. As a result, you have incredible collective wisdom here. The contributions are complementary… but different. In fact, it really surprised me how little overlap there was between the articles.

That means you’re getting many different ideas, points of view and perspectives. Each article really stands on its own. If you’re looking for “get-rich-quick” schemes, you won’t find them here. My experience clearly demonstrates there is no such thing. Instead, you have the best advice from people who are living these ideas, strategies, concepts and perspectives every day. No drivel, no fluff.


Get a pen and notepad and have them beside you. As you read each contribution, capture your ideas as they form – don’t let them get away!

Slow down. Think about each of the ideas presented.

Don’t think: “That won’t work.” Instead, ask yourself: “How can I make this work for me?”

Listen to both your mind and your heart. Let each idea inspire you.

Some of the contributions will resonate with you more clearly than others. Feel free to implement those first.

Ask yourself these four questions for each contribution:

  • What is the most powerful idea here to implement in my business?
  • What steps are needed to apply this to my business and my life — now?
  • What’s stopping me from doing this now? How can I remove that block?
  • When — exactly — will I start to implement this in my business?

Although some contributions are short, don’t hurry. Remember, each represents many thousands of hours of collective wisdom.

Every expert is sharing one concept they believe will have a profound impact on your business and your life.

Since knowledge is power in the 21st Century, we grow The Wealthness Blog each month as we explore traditional business systems, cutting edge stuff and all the techniques used to generate literally thousands of dollars a day.

What you have at your finger tips is everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I have used to become free.

You only have a very limited time here on this Earth … once you’re gone, you’re gone. I intend to give you the very best head start so that you can stop screwing about ‘trying to discover Total Wealth and Freedom. You’re going to attain it in the shortest possible time to maximise the remained er of your life enjoying it!

I started with nothing – Just a few years ago, at the age of 32, I couldn’t even turn on a computer – FACT!

I went to college and learnt; I built my business one step at a time – for years the money refused to roll, but I stuck at it. I did whatever it would take to succeed on the web as I saw it offered the best available opportunity to build an income without the problems associated with any other business … and now I pass all that accumulated knowledge on to you.

I truly wish there had been Wealthness when I started, as life would have been far easier for me!

I absolutely, genuinely, 100% guarantee that if you are serious about earning a living from the web, you’ll find everything you need right here, no matter how far up the ladder you are.

What standard is up to you …

I started right at the bottom, so don’t think you can’t achieve Total Personal and Financial Freedom  YOU CAN – and will, if you simply read and follow the systems I outline and most importantly refuse to give up. You will make it, maybe not tomorrow but I promise, it will happen.

It is my intention that within as short a time as possible you will be growing physical and personal wealth. If you take the steps outlined seriously and take the required action, THIS WILL HAPPEN.

Now, I’ve said this before and I want to say it again because it is so important for you to understand: NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN OVERNIGHT, SO DON’T EXPECT IT TO!

Combined with The Omniscience Principle, The Wealthness Blog is not just another Marketing blog – it is Life-changing…


When I started out on my Power Path some quashed my enthusiasm, dismissed my boasts and mocked my vision … the very same people who now call, humbly asking for help! Well, I offer assistance; I provide the very information they need to get out of Grey Town … and you’re reading it!

Does it really matter if it takes you five years to build an income of $20,000 per month, do you an alternative answer?

Wealthness publishes a plethora of instruction, conventional and the very unconventional – This is what makes The Omniscience Principle and The Wealthness Blog so different from anything you have seen before. This is a blueprint for success in your life on many levels!

Yes, it is a resource you study at home, in the office, in your own time, but it is specifically designed for you to put the systems in place and to take action.

I have built a formidable, online business developing and selling products, but more importantly, I have built systems to sell them! AND YOU’LL GET ACCESS TO THEM!

Go take a look at the GAUK Media portfolio – and this is just the part I allow the public to see. There’s a ton of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that only Wealthness readers will get the heads up on. I have made my money in the trenches and now I am fully qualified to teach you how to emulate my success … and I’m not making my money from selling these systems … I’VE ALREADY MADE IT USING THEM!

Everything you read has a practical application and it is up to you to apply those techniques to your life.

My company logo carries the words ‘No Road is Long With Good Company’, never have I found a strap line so poignant. You’re in great company!

You will also receive wise advice in The Omniscience Principle about working from home or small office because getting it right is a delicate art. Blending business and your family life can be a volatile mix! The relevant modules will show you how to go on and build a residual income of $500, $1,000, $4,000, in fact, an unlimited income per month.

Now, it is at this point I wanted to introduce you to a quick fix, develop a system that anyone can use to generate an instant income. I wanted you to read this page and have you feel that you’d not only found the Holy Grail … I wanted anyone and everyone to be making tons of cash within days of reading.

But you know what, I simply can’t do that. There is no ‘quick fix’ Holy Grail!

I know of many systems that’ll generate quick cash, hell, I’ve developed some of my own. There are down line clubs, investment clubs, money-making schemes and scams MLM (Multi Level Marketing in case you’re not familiar) and pyramid schemes, they all FAIL.

I’ll write that again in bold, blood-red caps: ALL GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES FAIL.

In all my time on the web, I have yet to see a quick fix that can be recommended to others … and boy, have I seen a few!

Talk to a gambler and they’ll always tell you about their latest winnings, you never hear about the ten losses they made to achieve a win!

And so it is with quick fixes … buckets of hype, mountains of turds!

Huge sums of money that can be generated employing systems explored in The Wealthness Blog. A cursory glance may even show them to appear fanciful. As sure as day is day and night is night, the figures speak for themselves. They are there in black and white!

In the long and distant past an artist merely employed a lump of charcoal with which to draw. Now he has oils, acrylics, pens, pencils, crayons, watercolours and computers … non of which make him a better artist!

Do not try to fast track your way to total freedom, you’ll crash and burn. Build your online business one pixel at a time.

Success on the net can be summed up in a simple sentence “Create a product or service and sell it through a variety of marketing techniques.”

In an article, I’ll introduce you to The Bill Gates Phenomenon and how you can profit enormously through Licensing.

I cover every aspect of this fascinating area; a technique used the world over to generate $Bzillions, no $Trizillions (that’s a lot!) … and how you can profit too.

Licensing can be used on and off line and because I am still a firm believer in spreading risk, I show you how to do both. You need your finger in as many pies as possible! This means having multiple websites catering to multiple niches; you need to be generating royalties through licensing, you need to develop your own products, you need to be into property, you need a passive income generated through compound interest and be avoiding compound debt …

All this and more – I’ll introduce you to yet another incredible technique for tracking down products: How to Steal Public Domain Material, Re-package it and Make Millions  or a bit extra to pay those bills!

I’ll show you how to track down, rewrite and republish works written by best-selling authors. How to profit from their books, articles, photographs, movies, posters and many other works of art … publish it, reap the rewards and never pay a penny in royalties.

I’ll even go into great detail about finding ghost writers to rework the products for you!

Frankly, if you can’t carve out an independent, financially secure, bright future using the systems you have here at The Wealthness Blog, then you’re never going to do it.

Read any good marketing course, e-mail, e-zine article and they’ll give you a list of the things that work; you get them all here. I give you every tool imaginable and then some. But that’s all well and good when you consider this: I have learned from bitter experience that the greatest barrier to your success is not seeing a project through to the end.

I used to be so busy looking for a fast way to make real money – I missed many chances to make a steady, solid living!!!

When I stopped to look back at the situation I could see that If I’d knuckled down and worked just one of the businesses I started, eventually I’d have built up an excellent income and be enjoying a great standard of living today – slowly, steadily and surely.

Instead, I was broke and still messing about desperately trying to find ‘The Big One’ … I still am!

I had an innate fear of all the hard work I was going to have to put in for little immediate return. I wasn’t interested in the fact that in a year’s time I would have built a solid business – I wanted it now. Problem is the years go by too quickly!!!


Believe me, I know!!!

Eventually, I sat down and began to put together Wealthness. I started to research and write The Omniscience Principle on an old typewriter whilst working in a boatyard; I was doing every crappy job imaginable the owners didn’t want to tackle.

I was living in a chalet that was so run down, so rotten, that if I came home from the pub after too many beers and stepped in the wrong place, I’d end up hanging by my crutch with my legs dangling out through the floorboards. I was still desperate in those dark and dismal times and still hoped to find a quick way out.

I looked at every avenue possible – the big one, the fast buck, and the answer to all my problems!!!

Slowly, I came to the conclusion that there’s no such thing. (Unless you’re one of the rare lucky ones, or worse – unscrupulous).

I struggled on, day by day, step-by-step, I dragged myself out of the wilderness. Over the years I discovered, through sheer bloody-mindedness more than anything else, what I needed to do to break free. One by one, I found the systems that worked; systems that worked extraordinarily well, and the ones that were a pile of dog dirt.

Piece by piece I put together The Omniscience Principle and Wealthness: The systems used by The World’s Masters of Wealth; I followed them and profited wildly from them.

But do you know what? They’re nothing compared to the greatest lesson I learnt, a lesson mirrored over and over by each and every successful entrepreneur: NEVER GIVE UP.

That’s it!!!

What’s the point of starting something and not seeing it through to the end?

Imagine setting off on a mission to the moon and half way there getting a crackly message through your headset explaining that the ground crew had decided they’ve found a better mission to concentrate on. They can’t be bothered to see your mission through, to see you safely back to Earth because they’ve got bigger fish to fry!!!

“Sorry about that but have a nice trip!!!”

People flit from one business to another because things aren’t going to plan and given the amount of opportunities currently floating around the web, this isn’t hard to do. People are so busy trying to find a business that works quicker, better and takes less effort, they forget to work on any business at all!!!

I guarantee you one thing, right here, right now: YOUR BUSINESS WILL WORK … IF YOU WORK IT.

I’ll promise you something else: IT AIN’T GOING TO BE EASY!

So what!!!

So what if it takes you five years to build an income of £10,000/$15,000 a month … do you know a better way?

Study these Wealthness articles and The Omniscience Principle, ensure you follow what’s in them; they’ll help get your business off to the best possible start. And don’t give up!!!

Don’t start a business if you’re not going to see it through. You could work it for the next six months and suddenly come across an ‘apparently’ better opportunity; you could give up your business having never fulfilled its true potential. You’d jump that fence to those greener pastures only to discover they were curtailed by yet more fences with yet more greener pastures beyond.

Wouldn’t that be a complete and utter waste of a great chunk of your life?

Likelihood is, that after six months of running the new business you left business for, you’ll come across a yet greater opportunity to find fame and fortune. What then, give up another business???

Now that you have taken the decision to begin this journey – see it through to the end. I could have given up a hundred times; I certainly felt like it and often did for short periods.

I have, and still do, experience every rotten moment YOU will ever encounter. There is nothing that you will go through that I haven’t.

There is not an emotion in your body that is unique to you. Ensure that in the early days savour the pleasant ones because they’ll be liberally scattered with the not-so-nice ones.


P. Tranter