F.E.A.R … Face Everything And Rise … Anxiety vs. Excitement and How I Learnt to Turn My Fear Into Fuel to Grow My Business | The Omniscience Principle

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There I was, riding the those glorious white horses, cresting the wave of good fortune. I had grown my very own money tree, life was great. My success came from Google, my site was top of search everywhere … but what Google giveth, Google taketh away!

Google is at war with spammers and constantly changing their algorithm. It was one of their updates, I remember it as if it were yesterday. They moved us from the busiest shopping mall on Earth and put us out in the middle of the desert.

What was worse is that because it had come so easy, I really didn’t know what I’d done to get there. I also didn’t know how to fix it.

I think having it and losing it is worse than never having it in the first place. Success makes you arrogant, success makes you feel superior to others and like any drug, the highs come with deep, deep lows. When success is taken away, the cold turkey is debilitating, you feel such a failure.

When you first set out or reach out to regrow a failed business, when you send out a hundred thousand emails and no one responds, rejection, the most primal of emotions, overwhelms you.

There are small moments in life that have a profound affect for the remaining years.

I read volumes, I see the memes, the inspirational messages but almost immediately, the common sense voices are drowned by the devils of doubt and negativity.

I slowly came to realise that FEAR was consuming me.

What would you achieve if you knew you couldn’t fail?

They say anxiety and excitement are almost indistinguishable, it’s true!

Now I embrace the anxious moments, I’m training my brain to believe that the rumbling, guttural anxiety is excitement …

and FEAR?

Well I face fear head on, I’m not running any more. And with that I’ve rebuilt my business and in doing so, have come up with an awesome way to help other businesses knock down their walls and grow in new and exciting ways.

I’m driving through a pretty low time, I’m climbing out day by day. Small increments working in my personal life are impacting my business life.

To regrow my old business I knew I had to drop my hook in the flowing rivers of social media. The massive email lists that had proven so rich were now old and unresponsive. And with all the spam filters even new contacts are hard to reach.

I set about learning all there was to lean, and there’s a lot! Most of it published by kids making shit loads of money teaching people how to make money. Methods that rarely work!

But I kept going and after a long and tedious journey I cracked it! Conversation Marketing! A new buzzword for selling stuff by talking to people and giving them something they may be interested in!

Now that’s revolutionary eh!

We create business chat bots and run them through Facebook Messenger and the results are … well they’re good!

I just launched our new product SmartConnectQR.com that help us all grow our businesses better and will be implementing the same strategy.

And let me know how you’ve got through your hard times!

What inspired you?

What small moments have had the biggest impact?

Chapter from: https://theomniscienceprinciple.com