The Opt-in Strategy A Step By Step Blue-print For Beginners Or Experts!

Preface: Are you ready for this?

Thank you for deciding to read your free copy of The Opt In Strategy. I think you will truly enjoy what you are about to read.

The Opt In Strategy serves two main purposes with one main result.

  • Purpose one: To build you an opt in list.
  • Purpose two: To make you money.

Main Result: Having your own opt in list, with the money included to grow it to astronomical proportions.

How I attempt to do this for you is by first giving all of this valuable knowledge away for free. Just having this article is enough to guide you to your own opt in list and a pocket full of cash.

One new subscriber to your own opt in list. The value of that one subscriber is not determinable. They may buy nothing from you, and they may buy thousands of dollars worth of products earning your hundreds in commissions.

That’s why having a list of your own is so valuable. So are you ready?

The Internet provides us with not only the time and money we need to do the things we want in life, but most importantly, the freedom. Imagine having a life where you could get up at anytime, spend as little or as much time as you want at work, go do anything you want, go any where you want, and buy almost anything your heart desires.

That’s the life. That’s the freedom.

That’s the most important thing, freedom.

Out of tragedy came this opportunity.

The Guru Marketer was an online ezine that has went through many changes in it’s time. It had been an online program, a weekly ezine, a solo-ad ezine and matured into an ezine that dealt solely with building Opt-In lists.

The Guru Marketer reached a subscriber base of 18,300 and was well noted for its pulling power in advertising. Getting a solo advertisement in The Guru Marketer usually came with a 3 to 4 week waiting time to get the ad run! Not to bad at all!

Then tragedy struck!

The Guru Marketer database was completely erased with no chance to recover any of it’s subscribers. The server computer that The Guru Marketer’s database was hosted on crashed. There was damage inflicted to the machinery and all information on that particular server was unrecoverable. Even the back ups of my list were damaged.

Only 20 days later, The Guru Marketer was back to just over 1000 subscribers but was achieving record breaking results in it’s responsiveness and was growing everyday!

How did they do it? How was the publisher able to get the list back so fast?

They did get some subscribers back just from them visiting my website, The Guru Marketer and reading about what went wrong.

But those people were only ever trickling in! They wanted to get the list back to a decent size and wanted to do it as fast as they could.

I’ll let the publisher tell the story from this point:

I remember my sister always telling me that one day, just one day, I would lose it all. She used to say things like the internet will just fail, or something crazy so I just laughed it off and deflected her concerns with this statement.

“Well if I ever lose it all, I’ll still have my brains and I’ll be able to get it all back!” I never thought I’d see the day that it all actually happened!

So to get my list growing at lightning speed, I knew I had to do something drastic. I had to offer something of great value to anyone who would subscribe to my list. The only thing I had at the time that I could give away was The Big Ezine Directory. So I decided to start giving away free memberships in that.

I contacted every ezine publisher I could and told them that I was going to allow them to offer their subscribers a free one year membership into The Big Ezine Directory and that each membership held a $97 value.

Well I got back a few responses from some ezine publishers that told me they were going to print my story.

BAM! The subscriber rate literally shot through the roof! And I didn’t have to pay a dime in advertising costs! It was all done for free!

From that point to this, I have decided it’s now time for me to not only share, with you, the information that I learned from my experience, but also to give you the quality of tools that I have at my disposal, to help you to grow your own opt in list and start making some serious money!

We want to hear your opt in success story!

I would love to hear how you are doing with The Opt In Strategy and your own list building! If you have a good story to tell, please put it in the coments below!

Chapter 2: How Serious Are You? A few things to think about before even beginning the list building process.

1. Free vs. Paid resources

Before actually sitting down to write this ebook, I sent out a message to my list at The Guru Marketer asking them if they wanted me to include any specific information on building an opt-in list. Many of the replies I received asked the question:

“How do I build an Opt-In list for free?”

You may not like the answer to this question, but in the long run, you will realize it’s true. Here is the answer to that question.

It can be done. But it won’t happen fast, and it won’t happen easily.

Take a look at your internet marketing role models. Do you think that they have built their business on free resources? Probably not.

I will admit free is a great way to start and a super way to learn a lot of things, but if you choose to build your opt-in list without spending any money on it, it will be noticeably harder, and more time consuming.

You can have a free website host. You have a free autoresponder. You can place free ads.

You can do everything for free. This is the internet after all!

But remember that anything that you do for free also benefits the person who gave it to you for free. They wouldn’t give it away for free unless it benefited them in at least some small way.

If you choose to host your website on a free hosting service, your site will have annoying pop-ups with ads for other products. You will also have a hard-to-remember website and email address.

If you choose to use a free autoresponder to manage your mailing list, each message you send out will have a classified advertisement put at the top of it. You may lose a few clicks here and there to the advertisements. Even worse, you may lose money!

If you choose to place free ads to grow your list you will receive less exposure to your advertising. You will have to place about 5-10 ads per day, every day to start seeing any results. And this type of work is time consuming and tedious.

Everything that you do using free resources will either help in working against your productivity, or will make your life harder and more tedious. It’s not a pleasant way to do things. But it can be done! It’s your choice.

2. A realistic budget. How much is all this gonna cost me?

If you are dead serious about making your list building actually work then you probably do have, or plan to have some money put aside for certain items.

Now the great thing about the internet is that to set up even the most advanced of businesses costs only a fraction of what setting up a real business costs. That’s good news for you!

Even if you don’t have money put away, it’s good to know how much setting up an opt in list is going to cost you.

All the dollar and cents figures I am giving here are based on what I have done and paid. This is not in any way the actual dollar amount that I think you are going to spend. It is simply an approximation that I have put together to give you an idea of how much things cost to set up and run.

Also, prices may have changed from the time that I wrote this ebook to now. There are basically three types of costs associated with building an opt in list.

1. Start up costs.

2. Monthly advertising costs.

3. Monthly maintenance costs.

Your start up costs will involve the purchasing of two major items; your autoresponder and your website. Once again I want to state that having your own website is optional, but I highly recommend having one. You will experience the benefits once you have owned one for the first time and you will probably start buying more.

A good autoresponder, hosted on your site or remotely, will run you anywhere from $14.00 per month, or up to $300 for a lifetime license. You’ll know which one is right for you at the time. If you have very little money to work with up front, you may want to opt for the $14/month autoresponder. Or if you are rolling in dough, you may as well just purchase a lifetime lease and save yourself the money in the long run.

Approximate start-up costs: $50 – $350 I paid: $132.

The next type of cost that you may choose to incur is a monthly advertising cost. You are going to want to put your free offer in front of people so that they can join your list. Once again this is a completely optional cost as there are free ways to advertise.

I am sure there are very creative ways to advertise for free, but it may take a lot of time and effort to find out how to do it effectively. I would opt for advertising in ezines using top sponsor and solo advertisements. I will go into more details about the specifics of advertising later on in the ebook.

For now, set your budget for this section to whatever you can afford comfortably.

Approximate monthly advertising costs: $??? I pay: $100

And the last type of cost that you will come across is a maintenance cost. This cost is just the cost to keep your website running, or your autoresponder service activated. This cost can be lessened by purchasing an autoresponder without monthly fees.

Approximate money maintenance costs: $14 – $50 I pay: $25

3. Finding the time to make it work.

Do I even need to include this chapter?

Obviously if you are going to start building your own opt in list, you are going to have to spend some time on it. But, some people do need to be told this again so I will say it again.

If you do nothing, you will get nothing back in return. If you go at this half-hearted the results you achieve will equal that of the work you put into it. It sounds stupid to even say it but it’s so true.

If you don’t commit to a certain amount of time per day or per week, you will get side tracked, bored or even forget. The internet is a fast moving world where new ideas are being thrown at you all the time. There are many things out there to distract you from your goals.

Building your own opt in list can quickly become one of those great plans that you have that are all collecting weight on the shelf where you store them. Don’t let it happen to you.

Remind yourself as much as you can what you are doing and what you want to achieve. Then work towards that.

A lot of you may also have other commitments that you must attend to before your internet marketing such as families, jobs, school, watching TV, hangin out with buds.

All I have to say about those other commitments is look at which ones are actually doing something good for you. Watching 4 hours of TV every night sure is relaxing after a hard day of work. And it feels so good.

But it can’t even compare to working only a 4 hour day on the internet then going to the bank to cash that $5000 check for your monthly efforts on the internet. Then hopping on a plane to go on a worry free vacation because you can!

You may have to sacrifice some of your time consuming activities in order to give to your internet business. If you don’t know which activities that you should eliminate, ask yourself this question while you are doing it; Is doing this activity going to make me any better off in life, or bring me closer to my goals?

If the answer is no, then I am sure you can donate a bit of time from that activity to your internet business!

You’re a grown up tho, you don’t have to be told to do your homework do you?

Chapter 3: About This Article. What Can The Opt In Strategy Do For You?

1. About The Opt In Strategy

This article was written to benefit you in two very important ways.

Firstly, I wrote this article because I know, from experience, how critically important it is to have your own opt in email list, especially if you are in the business of internet marketing. It’s the most important thing you could ever and will ever have.

Having a good opt in list of your own is going to be the thing that will catapult you from just making a few bucks on the net, to doing it for a living. And once you have this job supporting your life, your family, and all your whims and wants, you’ll never want to go back. I want to give you a taste of the absolute freedom that I have and I cherish so much.

This article is going to be the tool that does it for you. And I’m going to be your teacher!

That is also why I chose to have this as a free give away rather then sell it! I know how many of you out there have so little money to use right now! I was on that side of the fence for a long time, and I know how much it hurts.

The second reason that I put this ebook together is to actually make both you and I a bit of money and maybe even more than a bit. Maybe a whole bunch! Having the money to run your internet business is going to make so many things happen so much faster for you.

I already wrote about this in Chapter 2; Free vs. Paid. But I will cover it in short again.

You can have a free autoresponder, and a free website host, and you can even advertise for free. You can put together all the ingredients together to make your opt in list machine, for free. But doing all of those things with the word “free” included is just going to take you more time.

Your website won’t look as professional which hurts your credibility right from the start.

Your autoresponder will have competing ads in each message that you send which is the same as shooting yourself in the foot. You have an autoresponder to make you money, not someone else, so why allow ads to be in your messages.

And you can even advertise for free but you won’t reach as many targeted prospects as fast as you can if you paid for advertising. And did it the right way, I might add.

You see, so I am hoping that this ebook will not only give you the means to start building your own opt in email list, but it can also provide you with some of the money you are going to need to really grow your business!

So how exactly is this ebook going to help you grow your own opt in email list and make you money while doing it?

Well read on my friend, read on!

2. Using this eBook to grow your list.

I don’t know if you have heard this or not, but many of the internets’ best marketers, and I am on this band wagon, think that the best way to even get people to subscribe to your opt in email list is to offer them something of value, for nothing!

Think about it. It makes a lot of sense. If someone walked up to you and said “hey there, how about I give you this free _______.” You’d probably take em up on the offer even if you didn’t need what they were giving away. Most people would take it just because it was for free.

But imagine that same person walked up to you and said “hey there, how about I give you a free month of groceries.” You’d give em your info so fast, it would make their head spin! Why? Because not only are you receiving something for free, but you are getting something of value for free. It works!

So right now if you are asking yourself, “Well what do I have of value to give away for nothing?” I have the perfect answer for you; this very ebook that you are reading right now, that is what.

I will keep telling you that this ebook was written to be given away as a free offer to those who subscribe to your list. This very same ebook that you are reading, you can offer to as many people as you can for free, as long as they subscribe to your opt in list.

That is the very method that you are going to use to grow your list, by utilizing the power of free giveaways and this ebook will be your first item to give away.

And don’t worry, I have already done 90% of the work for you. I have already built the page where you will send people to sign onto your opt in list and receive their own free copy of The Opt In Strategy.

I have already written the invitation to download, and the materials for you to advertise your free give away. Pleasse contact us for marketing materials

In the next few chapters of The Opt In Strategy, I will discuss in greater detail how to set up your whole opt in list building system but for now I will just give you an idea of what’s coming.

Now here is the short version step by step guide of how to give this ebook away for free.

1.) You have to have your website and autoresponder set up properly, tested, and ready to go.

2.) Then you have to choose some sort of method for advertising your free giveaway. That’s how you are going to get the word out.

3.) Then once your subscribers start building, you are on your way!

I want you to remember one thing though. If you spend all the money you are making as it comes in, your opt in list won’t grow nearly as fast as it would if you were to put back in 50% of income into advertising more!

3. Using this eBook to make you some money.

Well I am sure you knew I’d eventually get to this topic. It is after all the whole reason we are in this business right? So let’s go!

Now even though you have heard a thousand times over that this article is going to be given away for free, that doesn’t at all mean that you can’t make money with it. As a matter of fact, because it’s free there is a greater chance that you can make even more money!

Here’s how that idea works.

Because the information in this article is highly sought after by hoards of internet marketers, and because it will be given away for free, many people will be reading this article. If I just sold this as an ebook, yes it would sell, but not as many copies would pass by as many sets of eye balls.

Because it’s free it gets more exposure. And putting the right product in front of the right audience makes money.

This ebook happens to be filled with affiliate links to many different services and products that are for sale.

All of them are of great importance to internet marketing and if you, or anyone for that matter, are very serious about making money online you will probably purchase some of these products and use some of these services.

For each purchase that is made, by either you, or any of the other people who read this ebook, a commission is generated for the affiliate who owned the link.

This is known as the affiliate referral process. And it’s big bucks!

The Opt In Strategy is loaded affiliate links to various products with commissions ranging from $3.78 all the way to $121.49 per sale. Some commissions are even monthly commissions meaning that you have to sell only once, but get paid monthly! That’s called recurring commissions.

I want you to study how this article is put together and use it as a blue print for your own. As you build your lists you will be using these strategies and sending visitors to your affiliate link filed pages.

Why would you do that?

First of all let’s name our subject Johnny Internet Marketer. Johnny can give away copies of this article providing you credit The Wealthness Blog with a link as the source.

Johnny Internet Marketer plans on building his own opt in list by giving away as many free copies of a report that he can.

Because Johnny Internet Marketer is smart, and sees the potential to make a lot of extra money, he decides that before he gives away even 1 single copy of his report, that he wants to brand it to include all of his own affiliate links.

So Johnny Internet Marketer creates a branded article, report or ebook.

After branding, Johnny Internet Marketer starts giving away free copies and he is on his was to growing his own opt in list. He gives away hundreds of copies for free and his list is now hundreds of subscribers large already!

The 47th person Johnny Internet Marketer gave his report to for free happened to be named Suzy Internet Marketer.

Now Suzy Internet Marketer is as smart as Johnny Internet Marketer, and she also chooses to brand The Opt In Strategy before she starts giving it away for free.

Suzy also realizes that she needs to get an autoresponder to make her business run properly so she purchases the one that is recommended in The Opt In Strategy.

At that exact moment, Johnny Internet Marketer just made not one, but two commissions! He just made money from Suzy purchasing the autoresponder product she just bought through the affiliate link.

And I bet she won’t be the last! Johnny is happy!

This is great news for you and is actually how I planned for you to make some money with this ebook. I am hoping that you will get the ebook branded with your affiliate links. Providing you credit The Wealthness Blog with a link as the source.

Then after you brand this ebook, I hope you give away thousands upon thousands of copies of this ebook resulting in a few things.

1. Each copy you give away results in one new opt in subscriber to your list.

2. Each copy you give away may result in an affiliate sale from one or more of the many products and services that are listed in this book.

3. Each copy you give away may result in a commission when that person did as you did and decides that they should probably brand this ebook.

If you are going to be giving away thousands of copies of this ebook, and you don’t have your affiliate links in it, you may be missing out on many commissions!

Chapter 4: First Things First. How to Set Up Your Opt In System

Do you remember the process you went through to get this article.

You probably read about this free ebook give away in some sort of advertisement. Somehow you managed to make your way over to an internet website that explained what The Opt In Strategy was all about.

To access it you had to fill out a form with your name and email address so that you could receive the download instructions by email!

Then you checked your email and were given the link to where you could access The Opt In Strategy .

That whole process actually involves the use of two very important tools that make life easier for everyone involved; the downloader/redirect link, and the person who offers the download.

  • A webhost/website
  • An autoresponder.

1. Getting a website and your own domain name.

This step is completely optional but highly recommended.

There are literally hundreds of good reasons to have your own website but the most important is your appearance of professionalism. Receiving emails from is much better then or

It shows that you mean business.

Also, having your own domain name looks so much better. looks much better than https://www.geocities/members/Your_Login_Name

When you make the decision to have your own website you are going to have to also choose a domain name for the website. Choose that name wisely as it will be there always.

Also to have your own website, you are going to need a webhost. A webhost is a company that actually stores your website on their computers and makes it available to the whole world.

There are thousands of website hosts that you can choose from in which the price will vary greatly and so will the features. Here are a few things that you will want to look for in a great website host.

Customer Service. This is the first thing to ask about or look for. When you have a website, you are eventually going to run into some sort of situation where you will need some customer service. Make sure that the webhost you choose has a full customer service support staff and have speedy reply times.

Database availability. Well if your host doesn’t have some sort of database function, don’t even bother. That’s all I will say about that.

Reliability. Make sure that your webhost has a reliability of over 99% up time. If their computers are turned off, so is your website. So you are going to want to make sure that they can be up and running at least 99% of the time.

There are many more feature to look for in a good host but I don’t want to go through them all, there are just to many. But I will tell you about one hosting company that has every feature that you can imagine.

Basically what makes them the best, in my opinion, is the fact that they use the most up to date hardware and software to make sure that if anything ever happens, your website and all information that you store on your website will be safe.

2. Choosing the right autoresponder.

The Best 9 Autoresponder Software Services

  1. HubSpot
  2. GetResponse
  3. Aweber
  4. Klaviyo
  5. Mailchimp
  6. ConvertKit
  7. Autopilot
  8. Constant Contact
  9. Omnisend

I personally love Hubspot as it’s far more than just an email service. Read their report on other options for autoresponders

As with website hosts there are a few options to choose from when selecting the appropriate autoresponder. There are a few things that you will want to look for when choosing your autoresponder.

Personalization features. This will allow you, when emailing your list of subscribers, to address them by their actual names. Doing this will actually increase the amount of sales you make for a recommendation as the person feels more like a person when they are addresses with their actual name.

Broadcast ability. The big money in a list comes in the form of sending out a solo ad style advertisement. You are going to want to be able to send a message to all of your subscribers at the same time.

Import/Export ability. This is not often talked about but is a great feature to have if you ever want to change autoresponders. Let’s say you have a list of 10,000 names on a remotely hosted autoresponder and you want to move the list to your new autoresponder that is hosted on your own site. Well if your autoresponder doesn’t have import/export ability, those names are stuck with that autoresponder!

Size restrictions. If you are real good at what you do and you are able to grow a list to mammoth proportions, you are going to want to make sure that your autoresponder can handle the size of your list and be able to mail to the entire list at one time.

Those are just a few of the things to look for in a good autoresponder.

However, the big decision you will have to make when choosing which autoresponder is right for you is whether you want your autoresponder to be run from your own website or remotely hosted.

Remotely hosted just means that your autoresponder will work from someone else’s website rather then your own. There are good and bad points to remote hosting.

Personally, I think that if you are going to do something, do it right. Host your autoresponder on your own website.

The most appealing reason to host your autoresponder on your own website rather than a remote host is the look of your autoresponder emails. I can have an unlimited number of autoresponders that end in the “” address. The reason that is so appealing is that it matches my domain name address.

If I had a remotely hosted autoresponder I wouldn’t even be able to have one address for my autoresponder that matched my domain name. It’s a matter of clarity and professionalism for your potential subscribers.

Also if you can’t set it up yourself, or don’t want to, you can always pay a professional installer to do it for you.

Find a developer on Upwork

But if you are just starting out and have to be a little bit cautious of how much money you spend, remote hosting can be a bit of an easier break on the old wallet.

Remote hosting can be cheaper on a month to month basis but in the long run it’s more expensive and less effective. However, if you don’t have the bucks to put up, then remote hosting may be the way you want to go.

The best remote host I know of that has all the great features you want in a great autoresponder is Get Response autoresponders. They have been around for as long as I can remember and that’s because they offer a great service with good support.

Get Response also has a great affiliate programme

3. Putting in the right types of messages.

OK so you have your website and your autoresponder all set up ready to start collecting email addresses. Now you must have messages in your autoresponder to be sent out to anyone who subscribes.

If you are going to be giving away The Opt In Strategy, you will be doing it from a website form to capture email addresses. I So you are going to have to have at least one message set up in your autoresponder when the requests for the free ebook start to come.

That message will be the immediate message that your autoresponder sends out to each incoming request for a copy of the free ebook. These will all come from your website.

For those of you who are going to use double opt in confirmation, I highly recommend this, your opt in confirmation note should go something like this:


Thank you for sending away for your free copy of The Opt In Strategy.
I want to make sure that you have received this email and that it is the correct place to send you the download instructions. Just click on the link below to confirm that you have received this email and your download instructions will be sent to you, at this email address immediately.


Thank you,

If you used double opt in, you will now know for sure that the email address you collected is real and actually read by someone. That is why I recommend it so highly.

You also have to include that actual first message that tells your new opt in subscriber where they can go to download your free ebook. It should look something like this:


Thank you for confirming your email address.
You can go and download your free copy of The Opt In Strategy from this webpage;
I will be contacting you in the future with an other super offers that I come across.

Thanks so much {FIRSTNAME}.


Once that message is out to your new subscriber, the format for the rest of the messages that you choose to send is completely up to you! There are many opinions on how to set up your messaging sequence. Here is what I think is best.

You should always explain to the subscriber what they should expect from you as a subscriber to your list.

For example, if you are going to send them advertising tell them how often. If you are sending them a series of messages in the form of a mini course, let them know how often they will receive messages. You should also include your contact information so they can contact you if they ever need some sort of help

Also another important thing to include in your first message is if you bribed them onto your list with a free giveaway, you should tell them where they can go to collect it. That sounds obvious but it is an important detail.

The whole point of the first message is to give each subscriber a feel for your list. You don’t want to surprise them with something that they didn’t expect. They will likely leave your list if you do.

Now as for what is in the rest of your autoresponder, that is totally up to you. You can use articles, ads, mini courses or anything that your heart desires. With my list I send each subscriber a 12 part mini course on list building that includes links to many of the products and services that you see in this ebook. Doing that helps to make me money with my autoresponder.

However, whatever you do, I think it is important to first let your subscribers know what they are going to get. If you are going to be sending solo ads every single day, I don’t recommend that, make sure you tell them you are going to send ads every day. That way they won’t be surprised and will likely stay on your list a lot longer.

I also recommend that you set a schedule of what you are going to send and then stick to it. Here is the schedule that I use for my list.

  • Monday – A word from the publisher…me! New product/service recommendation. TGMs weekly best selling products
  • Tuesday – NOTHING
  • Wednesday – TGM Solo Edition
  • Thursday – NOTHING
  • Friday – TGM Solo Edition
  • Saturday – TGM Joint Venture (If available.)
  • Sunday – NOTHING

4. Getting a nice looking website, for pennies!

Having a great looking website is going to do a lot for the amount of people who choose to subscribe to your ezine. Remember that one of the first things people are going to see is your website. It is what they are going to make their first impression of you based on.

So why not get the best looking website you can have! I’m not saying go out and hire a web designer. Heck no! That would cost way to much money!

There are many places on the internet that you can go to download a pre-designed website. There are actually many free website templates that are really nice.

Personally I now only use WordPress and Divi theme by Elegant Themes. With this suite you’ll have everything you’ll ever need.

Chapter 5: How To Build Your Opt In list. Going from 0 to 1000 subscribers

So once you have your website set up. And once you have your autoresponder set up to collect email addresses you are ready to start actually building.

1. Using free giveaways to gain subscribers

The fastest way to grow your opt in list starting from 0 subscribers is to use the free give away method. This method involves offering potential subscribers something for free if they subscribe to your list. Your free give away should be something of a high perceived value. If you are giving away a free balloon to everyone who joins your list, then you are going to have a small list.

However, if you are giving away an ebook that shows people how they can build their own highly responsive email list, then people will flock to your autoresponder.

Now obviously you can’t just have a free giveaway and people will find you. You have to find the people. You have to put your free offer in front of their eyes so they can take you up on it.

And the way to do that is through advertising your free offer. Not to many people purchase advertising in ezines that offer a free giveaway. The reason that you don’t see to much of that is because people are usually trying to make money immediately with their ads.

Well they are thinking short term.

All the big money is in having a list of your own. So if you are spending $400 for an ezine ad that puts your free offer in front of 100,000 people, and 2,000 of them sign onto your list, you are going to make much more then your $400 dollars back with those 2,000 people if you treat them right.

This is not even a secret but it’s such an underused technique that it amazes me. When I lost my list of 18,000 I was able to build up to 2000 people in the first 5 weeks just by offering my free giveaway in other ezines. I was also able to make over $2000 profit in the first 5 weeks of owning my list.

This method is pure gold!

2. The three types of advertisements that will build your list.

There are three types of ads that you should purchase to help build your list. All three types of ads should be purchased from ezine publishers whose ezine content is related to a certain target audience. So if you want your list to respond well to internet marketing offers, make sure to advertise in ezines that are targeted towards internet marketing.

If you want your list to be responsive to camping ads, advertising in camping ezines!

The three types of ads that you can use are classified ads, top sponsor ads, and solo ads. All three types are useful especially since their costs vary so greatly. If you have little or no experience with advertising in ezines, then you should start with classified ads and work your way up to solo ads.

The reason I suggest this is because classifieds are inexpensive so you won’t go broke if you mess up! And they still can produce results if done right! So classified ads can be a great learning tool.

This small little 5 line ad will usually appear among 4 or 9 other ads just like it in size but not in content. It will also appear nearer the middle or bottom of the ezine than at the top. It will be the least expensive type of ad that you can purchase from an ezine since it is so small and has a lot of competition for observation.

The classified ad is a great way to work on your headline writing skills. The headline of any type of ad is the most important part because it will be the first part, and maybe only part, that is read. If your headline (and offer) is good, your ad will produce some results.

Here is an example of a classified ad that points to a website.

How to build your own highly responsive opt in list from scratch using free give aways!

You can get a copy of this amazing free ebook simply by going to this website:

Pointing to a website is a much more effective method because people are more likely to click on a web link then send to an autoresponder address from a classified ad. You should also notice that the link includes an /adtrack/ part.

The purpose of this is to track how many people are clicking on the ad. That way if you have 10 of the exact same ads submitted to 10 different ezines, you will be able to easily tell which ezine is pulling better. Or if you have 10 different ads submitted, you will know which ad is pulling better. I will go into more details about ad tracking later in this ebook.

The next type of ad, a top sponsor ad, usually appears at or near the top of the regular publication for the ezine. The top sponsor ad usually has a limited size of about 10 lines in length. It costs a little more then the classified ad because it has a more prominent position and can be a little longer.

You should be into purchasing top sponsor ads once you have good results from classified ads coming in. Your results from a good classified ad will translate into even better results with a top sponsor.

The solo ad is the most expensive type of advertising. The reason it is so expensive is that your ad is sent to every subscriber of the ezine with no competition for observation. The only other thing that will accompany your ad is a statement which tells the subscribers that they are receiving a solo ad.

The publisher of the ezine does this to keep the unsubscribe rates down and to let the people know that the ad was paid for and does not reflect the opinions of the publisher.

Solo ads can usually be any length and are the most effective type of advertising. If you craft your advertisement right, you can literally build your list to 1000 subscribers with just one ad.

3. Working with other ezine publishers.

Another great way to build your list is to get your free offer out to as many ezine publishers as you can. If you have something of super good value to give away, for example this ebook, you can always email as many ezine publishers as you can and tell them about your freebie.

Many publishers will give your free give away a mention in their ezine as they want to give their subscribers as much as they can. I used this technique to gain over 600 subscribers with only one ezine.

Do anything you can to get a good working relationship going with other ezine publishers because they also have a list that you can have limited access to. Think ad swaps!

4. Purchasing Leads. How to do it correctly:

Personally I don’t think that purchasing leads for your opt in list is the best way to go. Even if the leads are fresh (less then 48 hours old), which many times they are not, the people are still being subscribed to something that they have no idea about. They are untargeted. Let me explain this further.

To understand this fully, you have to know how a lead selling company collects the email addresses they sell in the first place.

The most common method is that the lead collecting service has many high traffic websites on which the webpage offers some information about internet marketing, or something related to whatever type of target the company is trying to attract as leads. There is a form there for anyone who wants to request more information so the person subscribes and his email is now for sale.

Some companies will even sell that same email address multiple times which really makes for poor email addresses!

Now if you are the person who purchases that email address, you are supposed to send them a message that states where you got their email address and why you are contacting them.

From my past experiences, most of these people forget that they sent away for general business info and just delete your email.

This is completely different than a person seeing a web form for something they really want, say this ebook, then subscribing to that. Purchased leads just aren’t as targeted.

However, if you are going to purchase leads, as some of you will, then I think the very best way to get them into your list is not to import them right into your autoresponder, but send them a message in the form of a solo ad that offers them a freebie.

It’s the exact same method that you would use to advertise to an ezine.

This method makes purchasing leads much safer and more effective because the people who do respond will be far more responsive to offers that you make at a later date.

Chapter 6: How To Make Money With Your List

Making money is probably one of the main reasons you want to build your own opt in list.

And rightly so! There are so many ways to make a lot of money as well once you have a list of a decent size.

Before my list was even rebuilt to 2000 subscribers, I had already made over $1500 from a few different methods from my list.

Here are the three ways that I am currently making money…

1. Solo mailings for others affiliate programs.

Solo ads have already been proven to be one of the fastest ways to make money on the internet. But, purchasing solo ads can be time consuming, and even worse, expensive.

Having your own list changes everything!

Read this:

“Back in the day, when I didn’t have my own opt in email list, I would hate trying to purchase solo ads. Man, that sure sucked.

It was hard to find an ezine I could trust to give money to and run an ad for me when they said they would. Then once I found some good ezines, I would have to wait until they had available time to run my ad. Then on top of all that, I had to pay my good money to run my ad and just hope that I recovered my advertising costs.

So I lost out on time, and I lost out on money.

But now that I have my own opt in email list, I can send out an advertisement as soon as I want. I don’t have to beat the herds of other people who advertise the best products as soon as they come out. I don’t have to pay anyone anything to send an ad to my list. So I never have to worry about recouping an investment.

And the best part is, I can do this as many times as I want, and I make at least some money practically EVERYTIME I do it!

Who cares if you don’t have your own product to sell. There are so many good products out there already. If you want to start making money now, go where money already exists and tap in. Affiliate programs are BIG business.

I make at least 80% of my income from my list from the affiliate programs that I promote. They are that good! And getting that many checks from that many companies is always fun at the bank!

And here’s an extra tidbit of info. I am sure you have seen the same ads flying all around for the exact same products. Many affiliate program owners actually have the ads for their programs written out. So what ends up happening is the same ad goes out all over the internet and no one uses original content.

But using original content has huge advantages. It means you can advertise a product to a list that it has already been advertised to with a different angle and clean up on more sales that were left behind. Test different ads with your own list and see which ones pull the best. Once you know that, you can advertise in other people’s ezines with a way better chance of making a profit!

Go to Fiverr and find people that will write you a completely new solo ad for a real cheap deal. And don’t think cause the ads are cheap that they don’t work. These people write some of the best solo ads I have ever seen. You’ve probably read some of their work already.

2. Writing personal endorsements.

Have you ever bought a product and you just loved to death. You probably told everyone about it afterwards just cause it benefited you so much, you had to let others know. Well that is endorsement in it’s purest form.

Well a really cool thing about having your own list is that once your list starts gaining exposure, people will start offering you their products for a free review. What they really want is for you to send out a mailing with your positive comments about their product.

But you get their product free, and then if you like it, you can write an endorsement for it and send that to your list and pocket some money.

3. Selling ad space

This is also a good way to make money with your list.

However as most people don’t like getting to much advertising (do you?) you tend to lose some subscribers every time that you send out an advertisement. And remember growing your list is going to make you a whole lot more money, not shrinking it. So don’t send out solo ads every day. Your list will shrink as fast as it is growing.

Right now, I am sending 2 solo ads per week and 1 joint venture style ad per week for a total of 3 stand alone ads. This pockets me $100/week for the solo ads, and however much I make for the joint venture.

Many of the top internet pros will say that sending out solo ads to your list is not a good idea at all. And that’s true is some respects and not in others.

Many experts ask “Why let someone else make the money that you could be making? That $50 they spend to advertise with you could result in a profit for them much more than just $50. So why let it be them?”

Well here’s why. Because there is NO guarantee that they are going to make a profit, but if they buy the ad from you, you already have $50 in your pocket, no worries now! This way you assume the greatest profit, for the least amount of risk.

So if you are just starting out, and need a quick cash infusion, then selling ads is a super way to do it. But, once again, it will cost you some subscribers each time you do it, and more if you do it often.

Now once your list is 5000 or 10000 subscribers, then yes, stop selling ads or severely reduce the number of solo ads you send and control the content of the ads that you send as what you send will now be worth more to you than the measly $50 – $100 someone is gonna pay you to make $500 – $600.

At the point when you list is that big, there is a bigger risk-reward factor. But you want to be the one who assumes the most profit for the least risk at all times. When your list is this big, you can stand to make thousands of dollars from just one emailing. So it no longer becomes smart to sell ads to others for just a $100 profit.

4. Joint Ventures

Go here to read all about Joint Ventures at The Wealthness Blog

Chapter 7: How To Work Effectively With Your Opt In List

Basically this whole chapter of working effectively with your opt in list is all about tracking.

I am sure you have heard or even read a lot about tracking. Now even though it is an extremely powerful way to increase the amount of money you can make, and reduce the amount of time it takes to make it, it’s not everything. It’s simply a tool that can really, really help.

Think of this chapter as more of an advanced topic rather than a beginner topic. If you don’t have a list yet, you shouldn’t really have to worry too much about how to track it.

However while building your list; you may want to refer back to this chapter a few times, just in case!

If you really think of the process of advertising that I am asking you to take here, you’ll see that there are two types of tracking that can be done. The first is tracking autoresponders which is more tracking the effectiveness of your list building ads, where as tracking advertisements deals more with the actual making money side of business.

1. Tracking Autoresponders

I use this technique to see how effective a campaign to give away a free item worked. Basically any time I need to track the how’s and where’s of my list building activities, then I track the autoresponder.

2. Tracking Advertisements

Tracking ads is a little different then tracking autoresponders. The reason for that is that tracking ads is more of a money making activity then a list building activity. It is the analytical report of ad effective in dollars and cents.

For instance, if you are going to advertise Product X, using a specific ad, you are going to want to know how many clicks you sent to the website for Product X.

Now if you tracked an ad in your own ezine and received 100 clicks, but then placed the same ad in a similar sized ezine and received only 50 clicks, you know that ezine is only half as responsive as yours. So you can test an ezines responsiveness in this matter.

If you want to test an ads responsiveness, simply track the ad, try another ad for the same product, and see which ad pulls the best.

Once you find both a good ad, and have yourself a good list of ezines that are at least close to as responsive as yours is, go ahead and place ads all day long cause you know the ad tested well, and you know the ezine tested well….your gonna make money.

Chapter 8: How To Maintain the Quality of Your List

What does having a quality list mean?

Some lists on the internet will have 50,000 email addresses and pull 500 clicks for an ad. Yet other lists on the internet will have 10000 email addresses and still pull the same 500 clicks for the same ad. Why is that?

One answer is that the list of 10000 email addresses has a groomed list. In this particular situation the list of 50000 probably has a whole bunch of dead email addresses which simply bounce. Bounced emails are good for nothing! However, the list of 10000 is swept every once in a while for email addresses that are bouncing and they are removed from the list.

Another answer is that sometimes, people subscribe to a list with a fake email address simply to collect the bonus. Or they make a spelling mistake when they are typing in their email address. Either way, the email won’t work and will never see any of your ads. It’s good for nothing.

Maintaining the quality of your list is a great way to ensure that when you send out any sort of advertisement to your list, you are going to have a higher click through ratio because you have less bad email addresses in your list.

I received a 60% click through ratio on a well written ad with a good headline for one of the products I advertised! Imagine that you paid for an ad that received a 60% click through ratio! You’d be back I bet!

There are basically two ways I know of to make sure that you have only live working email addresses, which people are actually reading, on your list.

Using double opt in for subscribers and sweeping your list to remove dead or bounced emails.

1. Using double opt-in confirmation.

First of all, I will explain what double opt in means. It’s pretty simple.

When a person subscribes to your list, they are not fully subscribed. They are sent an email to the address in which they subscribed, that states they must click on a link contained within the email to verify that this email address works and that they are reading it.

So they must take a second action to subscribe. Hence the name “double” opt in. They are opt in once on the webpage, and then again from their email.

Most publishers I know are afraid to use the double opt in feature as some people will say it lessens the amount of emails that a publisher can receive because of the second step any subscriber must take. That’s true actually. It does lessen the amount of subscribers because you won’t receive fake emails, misspelled emails, joke submissions or anything of that sort.

You will receive only good working email addresses.

You have to think of it from the subscribers point of view. If you are offering a good free giveaway, and you want it bad, you will take the one second it takes to click on the confirmation link. You will double opt in.

The benefits of using double opt in are that you get only good email addresses and no bad ones. What’s the harm in that?

Now occasionally, you will have some good email addresses subscribed to the list that for some reason, do not click on the link. They don’t complete the double opt in process. I would say about 10% of them, for some reason, do not take the second step.

However, there is a way to chisel that number down as well!

2. Increasing double opt in confirmations.

In my experience, about 10% – 20% of the people who subscribe never actually double confirm. So if you get 1000 single opt in’s, only about 800 will double opt in. Now, hang on….. don’t fret.

About 90% of the addresses you get that don’t double confirm are worthless emails anyways. Remember that double opt in is the first filtering process of getting only good email addresses. But there are a few people in there that may have just forgot to double confirm or accidentally deleted the confirmation email or whatever.

The point is, you want to turn those live single opt ins into double opt ins. As you already know, I use Auto Response Plus as my email software.

One of the features of that software is that it allows me to email unconfirmed addresses. So what I do is I simply keep sending any unconfirmed email addresses a message which states that if they want to receive their bonus, they have to verify their email address by clicking on the link that I provide right in the email.

The email goes like this:

Subject: {FIRSTNAME}, Action REQUIRED.

On {USSUBSCRIBEDATE} you subscribed to but you did not confirm your email address and therefore I can send you neither your 3 free bonuses nor any of the 12 part mini course.You can confirm your email address right now simply by clicking on this link;


Once that is done, you will immediately receive your 3 free bonuses and start receiving your mini course.

This works every time!

People will either unsubscribe, fine, confirm, great, or will do nothing in which they will receive another of the same email at a later date. Anyone that does nothing from those emails will remain on the unconfirmed list until they either subscribe or unsubscribe.

Either is fine!

The point here is to either get those “on the fencers” either on your list or off your list! But most will opt in!

3. Killing dead emails/bounces.

This is another super way to maintain the quality of your list.

If you notice that when you are sending out a broadcast message that you are receiving messages back from MAILER-DAEMON, you have dead email addresses in your list. Either that or the account of the person you are sending to is full.

These are called bounced emails.

If your mailing software allows it, you should purge (delete) these emails from your list. They are of no good to you. There is only one bad thing I can think of about purging these types of emails. That is “account over quota” bounces.

Another great feature of my mailing software, Auto Response Plus, is that it keeps track of how many times emails are bouncing off a particular email address. The reason this is so handy is that a lot of people today have full email boxes. The email address still works, they still are reading emails, they just have gone over their message limit and an account over quota bounce occurs.

These people are good to keep on your list as they eventually clean up their email and receive your messages again.

Most autoresponders manage bounces for you. Keeping track of how many times an email bounces can determine which bounces are permanent and which are just account over quota bounces.

If an account is over quota, it will probably bounce 4 – 8 messages. If it bounces any more than that, the email address is probably not operational and is useless to you.

With Auto Response Plus, you can set it to delete any emails that have over a given number of bounces. I have my software set to delete any email addresses that bounce over 10 times.

Chapter 9: Keeping Your Contacts, and Getting Them to Respond!

After all the hard work you put into growing your list, the last thing you want to see is a bunch of “unsubscribe” notifications.

It happens to everyone, but there are a few ways that you can reduce the number of people who opt out of your list.

1. Personalize your emails.

If your autoresponder can capture the name of each person who subscribes to your list, you’ll have a great advantage. You will be able to talk to the prospect on a more personal level. It is a proven fact that addressing a person by his or her name makes that person feel more like you are actually writing to them on a more personal level and it will help to draw their attention.

At The Guru Marketer, I actually held a survey on this very idea and the results were over whelming. I asked all my newsletter subscribers if they preferred to have their name at the top of each email or just a date and over 70% said that they preferred to see their name.

2. Talk to your members.

Your subscribers are real people with real feelings. Why not talk to them on that level. Tell your subscribers how you are feeling, what your opinions are about everyday things. Tell them what you did on the weekend.

Talk to your subscribers about things beyond just internet marketing! Talk to them about real life. You will be surprised at the responses you get from doing this.

A good friend of mine, Frank Garon, does this in his ezine. Rarely do I read an issue of his ezine without Frank talking about something other than internet marketing! It’s a real breath of fresh air actually!

The Guru Marketer has Mondays dedicated to me just talking to my subscribers. I tell them about last weeks best selling products, I tell them about what’s going on in my life, I ask them questions. I do it all!

But I talk to them…and they respond!

3. Get your subscribers involved.

Other than just being a reader to your ezine, why not give your subscribers a chance to actually participate in the building of your ezine, or be a contributing part of a community.

Being involved will give your reader a feeling of belonging and of lending a helping hand. It’s great to feel like you are actually helping build a newsletter that you are subscribed to!

How I do this is I hold polls every once in a while and I ask my subscribers to go vote and post their opinions.

I also have a website forum where I urge my subscribers to go and communicate with each other and share ideas and products.

It creates a community and a sense of belonging in the subscriber which once they have experienced will be reluctant to leave.

Chapter 10: A Personal Touch. Some Inspirational Words

Think, Say, Do = Crawl, Walk, Run

Could you walk before you crawled? Could you run before you walked?

If you said yes to either of those questions, you are one in a million! If you said no, then there is a point to be noted in that.

Each of us needs a goal. We need something of value to work towards. It’s like learning to crawl. When you realize what your goal is, you start to crawl towards it.

Then we need to be inspired. We need to have a true passion, a fire in your soul if you will, to really get our butts in gear and do everything we can, and at least try everything we can’t, to make it all happen. Once that has happened, we have just learned to walk.

Then, once it’s all happening, once everything you once saw, were inspired to do, and are now doing, you’ll just run with it. You’ll take it as far as you can, you’ll climb as high as you can. All until you run out of breath, your body stops working, and your mind won’t give another inch. You’ve reached your full potential at this point.

Then you have to learn how to crawl in a different direction!

So let’s say that you have an idea in your head about something. Maybe it’s about this maybe about that. Or maybe it’s about making a bit of money on the internet. Maybe, just maybe, oh my god what if, just WHAT IF, it’s about making more than just a bit of money on the internet. How about a full time income?

Ask yourself how it would feel to make enough money on the internet to be able to easily make any hard decisions based on lack of funds.

What if you could comfortably quit the 9 – 5 job you have right now and make more money at home?

What if you could finally pay off all the extra bills that you have piling up?

What if you could make enough money to just get up and go on a vacation and not have to worry about the boss… you are the boss?

Just what if?

You’ll never know unless you try.

Chapter 11: Terms And Definitions. What They Heck Does That Mean Anyway?

Affiliate: An affiliate is simply a person such as yourself who signs up to sell another merchants product or service. An affiliate is paid a commission for each sale they create for the merchant, which typically range from 20% to 60% of the sale price.

Affiliate Program: An affiliate program is what a merchant sets up to gain affiliates. Good affiliate programs usually includes ways for the affiliates to check their sales and traffic information, sales materials for the product to be sold, and regular updates from the affiliate program owner.

Autoresponder: An autoresponder is simply a piece of software that responds automatically to incoming emails. Autoresponders usually have a specific email address such as which when an email is sent to, is activated into the automatic response.

The message the autoresponder spits out is preloaded by the owner of the autoresponder. Also, autoresponders can send out a series of emails over pre determined time intervals as well. This is an extremely powerful device in sales automation.

Branding: Branding, in internet marketing terms, means the changing one affiliate link to another. Branding usually occurs within ebooks that have many affiliate links in them.

For instance, this very ebook has many affiliate links in it which all can create a commission. If you wanted your affiliate links in this ebook rater than mine, you would have to brand this ebook.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface): CGI is a programming language that a website uses to communicate with a database or make a website more interactive.

DNS (Domain Name System): The DNS is a distributed Internet directory service. DNS is used mostly to translate between domain names and IP addresses, and to control Internet email delivery. Most Internet services rely on DNS to work, and if DNS fails, web sites cannot be located and email delivery stalls.

Domain Name: A domain name is simply a specific internet website address, such as

Double Opt-In: Double opt in is a process in which a person subscribes to an ezine, and then receives an email in which they must confirm their subscription by taking a secondary action. Usually it’s simply clicking on a link to verify their email address.

This usually results in higher interactivity between the ezine publisher and his or her subscribers as all the email addresses are verified in working order to the correct person.

Ezine: An ezine is an electronic magazine that is digitally delivered in the form of an email. Ezines can come in many different forms or topics.

IP Address: An identifying number on a specific network. Simply put it is a number that is assigned to a specific computer or website address.

MySQL: MySQL is another programming language like CGI only it is much faster at working in database situations such as searches.

Opt-In: A term that refers to emails that have been requested by the individual receiving them. Unlike spam, in which promotional e-mails get sent out to large lists of recipients without regard to whether or not they want the information, opt-in e-mails are only sent to people who specifically request them

URL (Universal Resource Locator): A URL is much like a domain name but usually has an extension on it which loads a page from a different directory or location within the domain name. /index.htm is a different URL then /ebooks.htm

Website Host/Webhost: A website host is a company that allows you to store your website pages on their computers. They allow your website to go ‘live’ on the internet. There is usually a fee to have a webhost.

I’m going to let you in on the most profitable marketing concept in history.

This technique, when correctly applied and executed could bring you more targeted traffic, more exposure, more subscribers and more SALES than anything you’ve ever tried before.

And it won’t cost you a penny to do it.

I’m talking about the power of Joint Ventures, and using them to build your opt-in list to massive proportions within weeks – or even days, as you’ll soon realize through the following example…

Chapter 12: The Anatomy of a Successful Joint Venture and What Makes Them So Powerful

First off, let me explain to you exactly how a successful Joint Venture is constructed, from the ground up.

At the beginning, you have a product or service and you want to get the word out about it to as many people as you can, without spending any money for advertising. Now, for the sake of the subject matter within this eBook, we’re going to discuss the most effective ways to accomplish this, through building your very own opt-in list from scratch.

Normally, this would take a lot of time and effort, and your results would never be as good as if you had just used paid advertising in the first place.

However, by using some special Joint Venture tactics I am about to reveal to you, you’ll see that this is not very difficult to accomplish, given the right marketing education.

And that is what I’m going to give you. A complete Joint Venture Marketing education to build your opt- in list from scratch in record time, without costing you one red cent.

To begin, we’ll take a look at a Joint Venture proposal that I have successfully used in the past (and still use today) to generate TONS of new signups for Joe Vitale’s FREE eBook, “Proof That Hypnotic Marketing Works.”

Here’s the proposal in full: (We’ll dissect it immediately after and explain in detail what made this letter such a huge success)…

SUBJECT: Re: John, Joint Venture with Joe ?


Hello, John!

My name is Jason Mangrum and I’m the Director of Hypnotic Design for Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Marketing Institute.

I was wondering if I could pay you for publishing a feature in your newsletter about Joe’s new 144 page eBook that’s just been released, entitled “Proof That Hypnotic Marketing Works”…

The book contains actual case studies and testimonials from all over the world. These people have carefully studied and applied Joe’s teachings to their business, and as a result, have experienced great success. It also contains extremely valuable information that the reader can apply to make their web site and business more hypnotic, and much more profitable.

This is what I will do for you in return…

I would like to give you the ability to brand your FREE copy of “The Proof” with your own affiliate link for “The Hypnotic Marketer: The Complete A-Z Hypnotic Marketing Business System”. This is our backend offer, and contains the literal ‘life’s work’ of Joe, himself. (Value $777.00)

Picture this: Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link in the book to order this amazing product, I will pay you $350.00, at absolutely no cost to you.

And it doesn’t stop there. I will also pay you 10% of all sales that come in through people that you refer to our affiliate program for free.

We have found that 10-20 out of every 100 readers download this product, and a mailing list of 10,000 subscribers
converts into around $7,770 in backend commissions, so you could do very well with your list. (Not to mention the profits you’d be raking in from the 2nd Tier.)

Everything is set up for you … tested solo ad, website, brandable eBook, you won’t even need to put it on your server.

All you need to do is ‘give away’ the FREE eBook to your subscribers and let the HMI team handle the rest. The conversion rates on this product are very high.

If you are interested please visit the page below for instant access to the FREE eBook “The Proof”…

Thank you for your time – if there’s ever anything I can help you with in the future, please drop me a line.
To Your Ultimate Success!

This Joint Venture letter was responsible for causing approximately 30,000 targeted web site visitors to hit our site and sign up for the FREE eBook in a single day. We never expected such a huge response and apparently, neither did our web host. The shear number of people hitting our site at the exact same time, actually caused the server to temporarily gasp, fall and crash. Fortunately, we were back up and running within just a few hours with no data lost.

That’s what I would call a powerful JV letter – wouldn’t you? 🙂

Now, let’s take this letter apart -piece by piece- and find out what made it so powerful…

1. The Subject – Just as the headline in a sales letter accounts for 90% of its success or failure, the subject of your email alone will determine whether your message even gets opened… or deleted without a second thought.

First of all, the “Re: John,…” gives the perception that this email is a personal one, and tests have proven that just by personalizing your email with your prospect’s first name, will dramatically improve the chances of your email getting opened.

Next, the “Joint Venture with Joe Vitale?” is written to qualify the reader and let them know exactly what type of email they are receiving. Naturally, anyone that remains on the lookout for Joint Venture partners, or would be interested in JVs of any kind, would most likely open this email.

1st Objective Attained – Get your JV prospect to open the email from the subject alone.

2. The Introduction – The introduction’s purpose is to let your prospect know exactly who he is dealing with. You’ll usually want to include your full name, your position in the business, and your web site address or the name of your business, if possible.

This should not be very long at all. In fact, I would never give an introduction that is more than one or two short sentences. Remember, after a very brief introduction, you’ll want to immediately go in for the kill by telling your JV prospect exactly what he’ll get out of reading your message.

NOTE: Your Joint Venture prospect in this case, is concerned with only two things – himself and his subscribers.

3. The Opening Statement – Pay careful attention to your opening statement. Notice how I started the entire sentence in the letter above by requesting to PAY my potential Joint Venture partner. I didn’t say, “I was wondering if you would do something for me” or “I was wondering if you would promote this product for me, and in return I’ll give you commission…” etc.

I clearly got his attention by offering to PAY HIM for publishing a feature in his newsletter about the eBook.

Even though the above three statements would mean the exact same thing, the one I decided to use for the Joint Venture letter, stated that I would do something for him BEFORE I ever mentioned that I wanted him to do something for me…

This simple technique will immediately give your JV prospect the feeling that you are more concerned with what you can do FOR HIM, than with what he can do for you.

…And this will increase your chances of getting your offer accepted, tenfold.

4. The Value of Your Offer – The next important step you should take in your JV proposal is to let your JV prospect know the value of your offer to his subscribers. You’ve told your potential Joint Venture partner how he would benefit from your offer, but now you should inform him of how his subscribers will benefit from your offer as well.

Any good newsletter publisher will jump at the chance to give their subscribers extra value, especially if it’s in the form of a free gift! This is why giving away free ebooks to build your list is so important.

In short, reassure your JV prospect that he will be giving his subscribers something they’ll appreciate, and you’ll increase your chances of success with the JV even further.

5. A Description of Your JV Offer in Detail – After you’ve reassured your JV prospect that he’ll be giving his subscribers something worthwhile, you’ll want go into a more detailed version of exactly what you’re offering to him, personally. This is most likely what your JV prospect will be thinking at this point, and it will impress him greatly to have his question answered even as it enters his mind!

You can then follow his thoughts by placing a link to view your website. This is usually the web site selling your product or service on the back-end, if you’re giving away a free eBook to build your list. You may also want to reinstate the fact that this Joint Venture will not cost him a dime.

6. Proven Test Results – If you’ve successfully performed this Joint Venture before with another JV partner, then you’ll definitely want to add your results of that JV next. This can dramatically improve your success rate, since your JV prospect can see first-hand the kind of results he can expect from taking you up on your offer.

If this is your first Joint Venture proposal, you CAN skip this step, and still come out on top. It’s not a requirement, but if you’ve already had great results in the past, it’s highly recommended.

7. The Call to Action – This is probably *the* most crucial step in the entire process. This is where you’ll want to begin the sentence by telling your JV prospect that everything has already been done for him. Make sure that this statement is truthful by having your ad/solo/endorsement/etc. written and ready to send to him, upon his acceptance.

Once you take away any chance of him having to put any time or effort into the deal, you’ll want to tell him exactly what action to take to complete the Joint Venture, whether it’s going to a web site, downloading an eBook or just replying to your email.

8. The Closing and Contact Information – Once you’ve given your call to action, you’ll want to provide your JV prospect with the information to contact you for further involvement. In fact, it’s also a good idea to add into your letter that you would like him to contact you even if he is NOT interested in your offer. This is because there could be several reasons why he’s not interested at this time, and you’ll want to do the best you can to find out WHY. (As politely as possible, of course).

You can finally close your letter by thanking him for his time, and giving him the impression that you would be willing to help him out even if he didn’t accept your Joint Venture proposal. People love helpful people, and this could move your prospect to the point of wanting to work with you, just because of your wonderful attitude and professionalism.

And that’s really all there is to it to creating an irresistible, hypnotic Joint Venture proposal that could make you rich.

Now, to build your list from scratch using Joint Ventures, you’ll need to contact as many newsletter publishers you can find that are targeted to your market, and offer them this Joint Venture.

In closing, by using the tips, tools and techniques that I have shown you throughout this lesson, along with the amazing strategies you’ve learned from Ian throughout this eBook, you should now be able to build your highly-responsive email list to massive proportions -from scratch- and even make money while you’re doing it…