NEMESIS :- nem·e·sis Pronunciation Key (nm-ss) . pl. nem·e·ses (-sz):

An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome…

YOUR Nemesis?


You could be forgiven for thinking, what with all the coaching about making some cash and all, that The Omniscience Principle is totally dedicated to it … It’s not!

Neither is it all about personal development!

It’s about breaking those shackles and casting off the chains, becoming free and being able to do what you want when you want.

To achieve this you do need to develop on a personal level and you most certainly need loads of cash!

I said at the beginning of The Omniscience Principle that you have to be mentally prepared and ready to surmount all the challenges associated with attaining Total Personal and Financial Freedom and up till now I have concentrated heavily upon this.

Even if you are well on the road, there will be others that aren’t and our tagline No Road is Long With Good Company remains our bedrock.

We all start this expedition at differing stages of development … However, I intend for us all to develop as one.

From the outset I advocate that we build multiple streams of income.

At this point, you should have at least one in development or be taking your current stream to new heights … Bong, bong, bing bing. “We got Ca ash!!!”

You should, if thoroughly motivated and have been following the training, be generating an income larger than your household bills. In other words, your life now should be your own … you should be in a position to either leave your job or miserable business and concentrate on YOUR life, full-time. Or, have built upon your own self-generated income, be fully self-sufficient and growing.

If not, then worry not. Just re-double your efforts.

In the early days it took me a while to clarify what The Omniscience Principle was all about and exactly what my aims were. If you remember I used to sell it alongside System Ultra K which was a study of all the current success. At first I would tell people that it was a course with very best information on the planet … Then I began thinking that wasn’t the best description and there was more to it than that.

I changed tack and began telling people: “The Cash Club is an intricate business with many facets, endless strings to its bow, it’s very complicated to explain and if you have fifteen to twenty minutes spare I will.”

Bad move!

All I was doing was confusing others and myself. I knew what I wanted to say and what I wanted to achieve, but was having trouble solidifying the whirlpool of thoughts and ideas.

Then, I decided that The Cash Club was the best way I had ever come across to help people achieve their dreams and ambitions. We had put together an amazing marketing and business plan. The rewards were there for anyone who wanted to go to work. The support programme was in place, one of the best I had ever seen, and there really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

No longer did people who want to break free have to search courting chance and fate. We had a system that, when mixed with the essential ingredients of grit and determination, worked.

Nirvana! It’s there waiting for those who grasp the plan, embrace it, and set to work.

I would ask people: “If you really want the good life; if you don’t see yourself twenty years from now doing the same things you do now, how are you going to change your life? A job?”

No one ever became truly free in a job … no one!

Some people get paid a good salary admittedly, but no one ever became truly free working for someone else.

“A job is what free people give those who are willing to sacrifice their own life to them.”
(Another great quote from Tranty Boy!!!)

A job can set the creator of it free.

Why anyone would renounce their own precious energy and talents for someone else is beyond me.

You only have one life. You only have a limited time here and no matter what you believe about life thereafter, once your time here is up, it’s up … finished, deceased, kaput!

You die and leave this world and that’s that!

And you can never have your time over again. You can never go back and change the course you chose. There’s not a damn thing you can do to rectify your mistakes.

All you’ve got is your time now, the hours minutes and seconds left till it’s up and you’re turned to dust … bloody hell, I’m getting all depressed now!

Did you know that the average working father only sees his young children for thirty minutes a day?

Thirty bloody minutes!

It’s the same if the roles are reversed and even harder for working mums. A parent kisses their family goodbye as they wake and leave for work, and kisses them goodnight as they return home.

I know it’s extremely hard when you first set up on your own, you will probably work even longer hours than if you were a salary slave.

The rewards will come. You will work long hours and end up continuing that work at home … on your terms!

Those that seek freedom find it frustrating when the little horrors won’t leave them alone to make their millions. If you have kids your new life will reward you with the time to make the most of them and revel in their unconditional love and attention.

Thirty bloody minutes!

Once the kids have fledged, the house settled quite and still, all the reminiscing and regretting about ‘how you missed those priceless moments your partner told you about.’ They will never come to life again for you; you will never replace that lost time.

That’s no life at all is it?

There’s a huge difference between existing and living.

Busy, busy, busy building a future for the family, so busy that by the time you’ve finished, the children have all grown up and gone!

When I say The Omniscience Principle isn’t about personal development I mean that it’s not about personal development in the traditional sense. We’re looking to step out from the shadow of oppression and into the light of life.

I have read and listened to many personal development gurus whose objective is to help fellow humans find happiness in their current situation. To be a better, more fulfilled person doing nothing more than they are already doing, and to be happy embracing underachievement.

This is a worthwhile cause and there is a welcome place for it. Many, many people decide to kid themselves that freedom is out of reach for them and therefore it is perfectly possible and acceptable to be content with what they have now. The gurus do well in this niche, they also find it a lot easier to achieve than what I am trying to do.

You see, the overwhelming majority of people are relatively happy with their lot already. I have worked on construction sites where the lowest paid laborers are some of the happiest people I have met.

They are quite content with having very little, therefore teaching those people to find inner peace and harmony is bloody easy … they’re already happy-ish!

What the personal development gurus constantly overlook is yes, they have done a great job in showing that anyone can be happy doing more or less anything … but there are those people who truly aren’t content with mediocrity … YOU AND I.

Ask any of these people as they leave those personal development lectures, smiling from ear to ear, happy in the knowledge that ‘it really is possible to find happiness without money and its trappings;’ ask them as they walk away, if they’d like a bigger house, or a nicer car, or to be able to take more holidays or even a holiday … just watch how quickly that smile drops from their face!

Would they like to be able to spend more time with their friends and families and to be able to stop worrying about menial household bills … ask them and wait for an HONEST answer!

Ask them if they enjoy waking in the morning to an alarm as it orders them to work, ask them if they enjoy being told what to do with their life … Ask them if: “deep, deep down are they truly content?”

Many will say yes, some won’t … and the real truth?

Well, only they know!

Most personal development tutors are simply helping people justify their own lack of achievement.

As I was writing this I began thinking about those people who find contentment in not having the trappings of wealth, those Greenies who go in totally the opposite direction and become self-sufficient … those who opt for ‘The Good Life’ … They provide everything for themselves, they don’t need money … do they?

There’s a great TV programme running right now following the trials and tribulations of a family trying to go totally green. They produce most of their own electric, they grow their own crops, they run their car on bio-diesel, they recycle everything, including heat … it goes on and on.

They’re a very happy family and seem really content not striving for wealth and just enjoying their time … then I thought again!!!

This guy has bought and renovated a bloody great 18th Century farm with outbuildings, a stream, he has great swaths of land for his animals and crops, he’s spending an absolute fortune getting set up as a ‘New Age Greenie’ … believe me, it’s not cheap providing for yourself. All the teenage kids help but the parents are still managing to provide an education through university.

It occurred to me that cash, and only great lumps of the stuff, enabled him to live his dream. The programme never mentions where he gets the money for all his wonderful projects from, it’s all just magically provided!

He’s obviously already loaded. Then, he’s raking in the cash from actually making the programme — no wonder he’s so damn happy! He’s one of the rare people who’ve found Personal and Financial Freedom.

He’s doing what he want’s, when he wants … BECAUSE HE CAN BLOODY WELL AFFORD TO!

You want Total Personal and Financial Freedom right?

Isn’t that why you’ve read this far?

My job, as I see it, is to drag people kicking and screaming out of that discontented state, to show them how others have found freedom and happiness and in doing so enable them to do the same. That is the goal …

BUT, and it’s a BIG BUT … Though many people are striving for absolute freedom they shouldn’t confuse this with absolute contentment.

Total contentment is supposedly what Personal Development is all about. I believe it is another weapon in The Machine’s armory designed to take our eye off the ball.

People are taught that it is better to be content with what they have, than to live miserably failing to achieve bigger and better things … BUT they never achieve solace. They don’t because I don’t think there is any such thing as true, all consuming happiness and contentment, especially if you’re constantly pushing the barriers, which we are.

If people want to strive for happiness in underachievement then that’s their prerogative … I guarantee that in the quite darkness of that place before sleep, they often think about all the fabulous things they could be doing!

We want to strive for happiness in over-achievement!

As an entrepreneur you’ll have happy moments, times of great joy; ones that’ll make you run round the garden jumping and shouting like a crazed maniac. You’ll experience eruptions of adrenaline, dopamine and endorphins so intense you’ll think your insides are about to blow out through your ears … You’ll want to give the whole wide world one massive hug and cover it in kisses … but mostly you won’t!

My job is to get you to a stage where you can do what you want, when you want.

Freedom is intangible and entirely subjective … and a contradiction.

Only you know what level of income you’ll be happy with and how much freedom you want to balance against it.

More freedom takes more cash, which in turn, brings it’s own responsibilities and the bigger empire you build, the more it needs to maintain it.

You may dream of living in seclusion eating banana and lobster on a desert island. believe me it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, I’ve done it! You’re not free in the least because you’re mind keeps spinning and the frustration of not being able to action those thoughts is oppressive. Boredom becomes your enemy!

You need to mark your line in the sand; you need to define your borders … $1000 a week or $10,000 a week. Your choice!

This is what I’ve defined as a realistic state of Total Personal and Financial Freedom. Developing the resources for achieving YOUR goals.

Happiness? Now there’s a different ball-game altogether!

When The Machine says “money can’t buy you happiness,” it’s right in a way because it simply can’t be bought. What it does buy is freedom and a far greater opportunity to find happiness!

After all, how are you ever going to find happiness in a job you’ve been doing for the last twenty years. Surely you’d have found it a long time ago? Get the cash, get free and you can at least a chance of finding it!

This has proven to be a hard module for me to write because it is so full of contradictions. The success = happiness equation is difficult to unravel and even understand. Happiness and success are not symbiotic.

I was recently having a Blue Day as wifey calls them. Not sure why because at best they’re ashen gray and at worst, carbon black.

The effort I had put into my business over recent weeks was not producing results. I was feeling rejected and despondent … Grump, grump, fucking grump!

Wifey came in and immediately felt the negative energy. “what’s up now dear?”

“I’m useless, I’m a failure, I don’t know what to do…” and all that stuff.

She asked me a question that I’m still trying to answer to this day.

You see, I was sat in my home office in my mortgage-free house, doing my own thing, in my forty acre estate, looking out over the ocean to the mountains beyond. Behind me were the vineyards, orchards and snow capped Southern Alps stretching away to Lord of the Rings country.

“Paul, you are ultimately successful, you have health, wealth, and a loving family … how can you not feel successful?

How do YOU define YOUR success?”

What a bloody good question!

The dichotomy of success … I’ve given it a lot of thought and it’s a hard thing to pin down. The answer should be rock but no, it’s magma, swirling and churning and boiling. At this point in my life I think my happiness comes from something we all crave, something primitive and something that goes against almost everything I write about the power of I … I get joy from recognition and approval for the good things I do.

I told you this was complicated!

As an advocate of I we must not let others define us … BUT we are, after all, only human. We have little control over our emotions. When some digital dickhead posts a negative comment on my social media post, it hurts. When you get a thumbs up I get a rumble in the groin area!

Success is nebulous (thanks Tej Lalvani). As we move through the churning waters we are constantly changing. At the outset, simply being able to pay bills was a measure of success. Then I’d arrived when I bought the house on the forest. Then I was successful because I was making good money and was mortgage-free, that wore thin. Now I want to do good things which is rewarding and fulfilling. But often I sit alone at the computer and that’s not a good thing. I think I crave interaction and being a man with an ego, I like attention.

Is that how to measure success at this stage in my development?

I do get attention! I have many thousands of connections on Linkedin and social media. I make posts that get nice comments … If I get more nice comments, will that make me more successful and by default, more happy?

Am I an success junky getting a huge hit off the first injection into a dilated vein and then finding it can’t be replicated until I try a different drug?

Am I only going to find happiness moving forward when other people recognize my success? … I still don’t know!

What I do know is that mercury with which I measure my success will swell or contract and in twelve months time things will change … which is fantastic!

The point at this stage is that personal development is a cruel and complicated mistress at times and we’re working on opening our eyes and broadening our horizons. Having ego stroked is not a bad thing … so long as we understand why by asking WHY?

As we step out we naturally push away from our Nemesis, underachievement. But by definition she is only one step behind. We continually live in fear which is the source of the confusion. It’s why many successful people turn to drugs and suicide. The twenty seven club is full of tragedy. These people appeared to have everything, the ultimate success but were often the unhappiest.

If we’re constantly running from underachievement how do we stop. How do we resolve this and take the time to bathe in the here and now?

And again, we have that contradiction. We know we’re not content with our current life so we’re not going to settle for it. We move on but can’t let our Nemesis define us. When is enough, enough?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a bright light, moment of Zen, or bolt of enlightenment.

Happiness is not a constant state otherwise it wouldn’t be called happiness. It’s a state above the constant that comes in peaks that are balanced by troughs.

Happiness vapor rises from the happiness ocean and condenses into happiness clouds that can’t rise above the success troposphere because the air’s too thin. The happiness clouds spread, and eventually fall as tears back into the happiness ocean to begin the cycle again.

And infuriatingly the happiness gods who live in the happiness clouds keep moving the goal posts.

So the person we are developing is a different beast entirely to the one that is content with mediocrity. We will be hunted down by a dogged, determined, ruthless Nemesis for our entire lives … and so long as we understand this, we’ll be more content and able to cope.

You can have anything you desire WHEN you set your mind to it.