Well Done!

You actually did it … You set your goals!

I’m hoping this was a good exercise for you and that my Twelve Steps To Achievement were at the very least a better way to set them and that ultimate goal is not so daunting.

By getting this far you’ve taken some momentous steps, you’re shuffling to the edge of the cliff like a fledgling eagle getting ready to soar.

Spread those wings, feel the breeze in your feathers, take a deep breath and let go.

Well something like that!!!

Although The Omniscience Principle promises take you on a journey to Total Personal, Financial Freedom and Fulfillment (providing you follow the ideas), many new readers are already on their way. They certainly aren’t fledglings that’s for sure, but something is holding them back, intangible, an invisible hand wrenching on the gut.

No matter how successful you are right now, you feel you can do better, you aren’t fulfilled, there is much uncharted territory still to be ventured into … Isn’t that so?

How do I know this?

Well if you had achieved every ambition of yours already, you’d definitely have no interest in reading this, you’d have no use for the systems which made the rich and powerful — rich and powerful and free … because you’d be one of those people!

Throughout our time together I will be sharing tools that will be a great asset for all of your life.

Accelerated learning techniques, for example, will enable you to process and retain, with ease, the masses of information you are going to receive as you go through these pages. So that you can get the most out of the course I thought it best to give you these tools at the beginning — makes sense really doesn’t it?

I will also keep driving home the importance of becoming calm and relaxed. This is something that is completely alien to most of us, yet I cannot emphasis enough its fundamental role in becoming successful.

We have been taught from an early age that the only way to succeed is to be busy, busy, busy.

It’s not true.

Imagine the shock if the boss walked into the office tomorrow and said: “everyone take a break. I can see you are all feeling the strain, go and get some fresh air and come back when you feel replenished and revitalized”.

You’d think he’d had a brain meltdown wouldn’t you?

But, little did you know, he’d recently read one of my reports on The Importance of Relaxation in the Workplace. He now knows that you are only fully productive when you are relaxed and stress free.

Yes, I know it’s very hard to be both motivated and stress free, but if you can achieve a balance you will be far happier, healthier and many times more productive.

When you learn to work at optimum performance levels whilst staying relaxed, and you see the results you have achieved from your new laser-beam focus, you will become even more motivated. It’s a sort of positive, up-spiral, a great Catch 22!

An empire building tornado.

The reason we believe it is necessary to work 24-7–365 to get anywhere in life is because that is just what The Machine would have us believe. If everyone is busy running round in square circles they will remain ‘happy little cogs’ and never see the big picture.

There is an old saying: “You’re too busy working to make any money.” That’s exactly the problem many cogs face.

You need to let go of everything you currently believe to be the norm. We have stepped out of the rat race in order to become totally free. If you live your life as The Machine would have you do, then the norm is to accept a mundane, second best.

Winning Through Failure

I’ve had many business enterprises in the past, most have failed!