Progression and Reward.

The most powerful strategy ever created and the greatest of illusions. A blueprint intimately embraced by The Machine.

Education = Qualifications
Qualifications = Job
Job = Salary
Salary = Mortgage and debt management

The career

CV = Job
Job = Junior position
Junior position = Upper Junior position
Upper Junior Position = Lower management
Lower Management = Management
Management = Upper Management
Upper Management = Senior Management
Senior Management = Directorship

Each level is rewarded by an increase in salary and a new sticky label to be worn proudly.

Each reward comes with more responsibility and requires increasing levels of commitment and drain on life. The salary is nothing more than an hourly wage. The word is disguised to con and provide the illusion of stability.

It’s a cloak wrapped up in all sorts of perks and incentives. It’s a sophisticated deception giving the facade that many facets of your existence are now catered for: health, pension, bonuses …

No matter how it’s disguised, people in a job are paid for their time and their life … some would argue that they often don’t get paid for that!

There are only so many hours in a week. One hundred and sixty eight to be precise although we can’t work them all much to the disgust of employers! And there are only fifty two weeks in a year, period.

What happens when we’ve put in as much overtime as can be physically endured and worked all the hours available?

As there is no more time the only alternative is to try and get paid more per hour.

There is only so much someone can get paid to do a job until they price themselves out of the market.

There is always someone willing to step into the shoes of an over-ambitious upstart who thinks they can hold a company to ransom with their talents. There are only twenty four hours in a day and only so much salary that can be squeezed out of them. What then?

They have reached what I call Point Zero, saturation point.

Point Zero also applies to many businesses, which we’ll cover in a minute.

The problem with working for someone is that you are always being paid the very minimum an employer can get away with, and not a penny more.

That’s a very important point: The minimum an employer can get away.

Imagine going to a boss and asking them to double a salary simply because it’s not enough for you to afford the new car you have your eye on. Every penny the boss has to find to keep staff is a penny off of their bottom line.

Unfortunately, philanthropists do not create businesses for the purpose of employing people and to pay them as much as the company can survive on!

The wage bill is the biggest overhead facing any company. Businesses are under intense pressure to remain competitive and that means paying staff the absolute minimum they can get away with.

The goal with employment is to ensure that member of staff covers their wages and creates additional income for the company but unless that work is scalable and replicatable that position will ultimately reach Point Zero.

The state of the nation:

The average person in an average job will work their whole life and never get ahead. The overwhelming majority are just a couple of pay cheques away from bankruptcy. Most do not have any collateral and if the salary dried up for any length of time, their world would come crashing down like a house of straw in a tornado.

How is someone who is earning an average wage going to put ten grand in the bank when the money they have coming in won’t even cover household bills?

The average person will work their whole life to pay off a mortgage.

How often have you heard people say shakily: “only five more years in this job and I get my pension!”

Have they any idea the amount of crazy, amazing things you can do in five years?

And how many reach retirement, relax and pass away?

The average person is consumed, servicing bills. Busy, busy, busy.

Life has been mapped out and manipulated using Progression and Reward by The Machine, even before we were born. Go to school, get educated so as to get a piece of paper to show others we are capable of the things we know we can do. Get a job, pay taxes, get a mortgage, work until old age and frailty to service it. Slave away until it is too late to really enjoy the pittance of a state pension we may get … die!!!

Produce two point four children … Go to school, get educated so as to get a piece of paper to show others we are capable of the things we know we can do. Get a job, pay taxes, get a mortgage, work until old age and frailty to service it. Slave away until it is too late to really enjoy the pittance of a state pension we may get … die!!!

Produce two point four children …

And over the sixty or seventy years of a working life The Machine siphons every last penny and life energy it can. I was caught there for a while too, and it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience!

Persecution mania? … No!

Someone once suggested that I have it in abundance. I am not for a single minute suggesting that the whole population should pack in their jobs and go back to the fields and subsistence farming. The Machine has to function the way it does to support our lifestyles … What’s the alternative?

The point is, that you have made a conscious decision to break free, you are taking the necessary steps to manoeuvre into a better, more advantageous position, you’ve set out along the power path.

What we’re aiming to achieve is by it’s very nature elitist. Very few have the even the desire to leave the system and this is a wholly good thing as I’ve explained. People are not equal and that is the very reason for diverse radiation and evolution.

To be truly equal would involve cloning and communism which we know doesn’t work. We are human with all of our distinctions, idiosyncratic peculiarities, and diversity … some are more individual than others.

What I don’t want you to take from this Module, if you have a job, is the feeling that you are missing out on something. To make a rash decision to see the boss in the morning and in a torrent of abuse kick them in the chin and walk out.

The same applies if you are working for yourself but not achieving those goals, or claiming a state benefit … don’t get frustrated. We are moving forward one step at a time. So long as each day is a day further away from where you don’t want to be, then that’s all that matters.

Contrary to popular doctrine, there is no quick fix to achieving Total Personal and Financial Freedom … I think I’ve already said that!

The systems I introduce you to do have the ability to help set you free; free from the pressures of modern day living, but you will still be under the control of state laws. You will still have to pay some taxes and you won’t get away with murdering that lunatic neighbour!

We are not trying to buck the system, merely position ourselves within it.

The businesses I have done well from have no Point Zero … but there are costs … Discomfort, fear, anxiety, apprehension, worry, sleepless nights …

There is risk when throwing those flimsy lines back to the predators. You will be reaching out for a far stronger vine. You will be looking for the vine which was there all the time, the one just over your shoulder, the one strong enough able to carry your weight as you pull yourself clear of the mire.

The Machine’s system and an average job, if you have one, will support you in the short term. A business which is breaking even, will pay the bills for now. You need to ensure your income is maintained until the secondary one takes over … This is another huge barrier to overcome.

The Machine is sucking so much life from you that there is often little quality time left to grow. You may have established a comfortable standard of living. To devote more time to your new life will mean finally taking a huge leap of faith; reliance on the new, unsafe, self-generated income. It will often mean taking a dip in income for some months as you are rewarded for the extra hours you can devote to your new life … but you want to break free right?

Well the only way you’re going to be able to do that is if you are aware of the situation around you as it exists for the trapped masses.

One of my Golden Moments was when the income generated from my Internet business covered my outgoings. This is The Holy Grail … Once your self-generated income supports you, the rest is plain sailing.

If you are aware of how the world we live in works, and can see how you fit within it … then you are able to decide how your ‘new’ life is going to fit in. Understanding The Machine is having the blackness on the back of a mirror so we can see clearly our reflection.

When I suggest that we should break free of the system I am not saying: “Go into the mountains people, build your camps, stop paying your taxes, grow vegetables, arm yourselves and shoot anything which comes within five hundred yards of the boundary that looks even remotely like a Machine’s agent.”

Not at all. Blimey, we’d all be like those paranoid nutters who live in the wilderness with huge arsenals of weapons waiting for Armageddon! … No, not the way to go.

(And if you are one of those cult leaders don’t take offence and send out your disciples to hunt me down, it’s only an analogy!).

Once you understand where you are within the boundaries of normality you can work out where you want to be. You can put together a plan of action. We are looking to live outside the structure but not to the extent of being alienated.

You should, by now have a crystal clear picture of where you want to be. I would suggest that position will be outside the mundane rut of conformity, outside the average 9 to 5, yet you will still have a place within the order.

You will be building looking to build multiple streams of income, paying your taxes, and living an everyday life, the only difference being it will be your life!

You will be getting up when you want, doing the rewarding and fulfilling things you wish to do. You will be living a free, more privileged life, outside the everyday, controlled framework of the masses.

If you are in a job and are unhappy, do not under any circumstances pack it in just because you have massive drive and ambition and want to be free now.

Someone once described having a job as living in a coffin with the ends kicked out!

You are stuck in it, yet can see clearly the world outside.

If you follow The Omniscience Principle you will soon become more aware, content and hopefully happy. Put into place your systems and you will achieve an income which will support you relatively quickly.

Do not pack in your job until your alternative income is at a level which will pay your bills. That is how I managed in the early days. I kept toiling away, servicing my bills. I did all kinds of jobs, awful work, work which made me ill, work in the rain and in freezing conditions, but all the time knew what I was working towards. After the freedom I had enjoyed for most of my earlier life sailing the seven seas, entering the system was hellish for me.

I worked in boat yards doing all the jobs the free and happy boat owners didn’t want to do! Every spare hour was spent researching and writing … I would even listen to tapes by gurus as I drove to and from my job (and if you don’t know what a tape cassette is, lucky you!).

Those were dark and dismal times. “Stay focused on the bigger picture, the place you want to be and you’ll come through”, I used to say to myself.

I never truly believed I would get anywhere. Every time I could see the light at the end of the tunnel it turned out to be a train coming in the opposite direction … I got through it though and if you are in a similar situation, so will you.

If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort.

If it takes you five years to build an income of £10,000/$15,000 a month … so what!!!

Do you know another way?

It will be your income, your achievement and the beauty of it is that unlike a job, there will always be the opportunity to double your income tomorrow.

So no, I haven’t got persecution mania or paranoid dementia. Just an awareness of my place within the fabric of a well ordered, sophisticated society. I feel that if I share with you the way I see that position it may help you decide where you want to fit in.

The Perfect Business…