Simple, Straightforward Advice to Immediately Improve Your Bottom Line

As a journalist covering the Internet marketing beat, I’m constantly asked for advice on how to use the Web to grow profits. My advice for all marketers and business people is quite simple. Before you worry about your Web site, or anything that costs lots of money:

Improve your email subject lines.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s cheap, and it can have a dramatic impact.

If your company is sending mass emails to customers or prospects (and whose company isn’t these days?) then don’t make the most common mistake marketers make and use a boring subject line (such as “Company Newsletter”).

Instead, try using the first 20-30 characters of your subject line to say something of interest to your readers; give them a reason to open the email rather than deleting it.

And be sure to test two different versions. Will “50% off all raincoats” make you a lot more money than “$50 off all raincoats”? You don’t know until you test.

Everyone I ever spoke to who tested, was very, very glad they did!

How to use e-mail signature links for massive profits!

You’re on your computer all day long.

Let me ask you a question – what’s the #1 task you do every day on your computer? I’m willing to bet it’s either sending or replying to e-mails. Am I right?

Taking a quick look at my “Sent” folder, I see 3,632 sent e- mails over the past 6 months. That’s about 15 e-mails a day! I know some of you are going to have a LOT MORE than that.

Here’s an affiliate marketing tip that I still don’t see being used effectively – E-MAIL SIGNATURE LINKS!

It’s so easy, and once you set it up, you just go back to working as usual, but you dramatically increase the chance of making an affiliate sale.

Here’s what to do:

Edit your e-mail signature in your e-mail program. If you don’t have one yet, create one. Here’s how to do it in Microsoft Outlook:

a. Click on the Tools menu bar
b. Select Options
c. Click on the Mail Format tab
d. Click on the Signatures button in the lower right corner
e. Click Edit or New to make changes to your signature

Right below your name and contact info, put a blank line, and then add one of the short e-mail signatures below to drive traffic to Instant Profits! It’s THAT easy. Just Google Edit your email signature with the browser you use for all options

If you sent out 3000 e-mails like I did over the past 6 months and only one half of one percent of those people bought Money King, that’s 15 sales, or over $3,600 in commissions for the year! (Possibly more if the cost goes up!) For about 30 seconds of work to add a link to your e-mail signature!


So go ahead, grab a link below, and add it to your e-mail signature to boost your commissions!

Anne Holland is the Publisher and Contributing Editor of MarketingSherpa, an award-winning media company publishing Case Studies and practical knowledge about Internet marketing. More than 100,000 corporate marketers read MarketingSherpa every week.