The Omniscience Principle is going to drag you kicking and screaming along your very own journey towards PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM … Let’s step out together.


You are wonderful, magnificent, incredible beyond your wildest dreams … could I go as far as to say, YOU ARE A MIRACLE.

I’ll let you decide!

Imagine a great fire … bigger than the one you have in your mind … bigger, hotter, wilder, more ferocious than that … yep, bigger, a fire on the scale of the Gods …

This fire burns in a place of infinite nothingness, no light, no time, no space, nothing … absolutely nothing.

Now into that fire blows a great wind, a howling, biblically powerful wind that stokes and feeds the inferno.

From this fire frantically rises a billion, trillion tiny, infinitesimal sparks. When I say small, I mean this. Think of a small thing, now halve it and halve it and halve it until your brain can’t comprehend anything smaller. This spark is smaller than a cell, an atom, a string, the very building blocks of life.

And it’s hot, immensely hot. Each spark a thousand times hotter than the beating heart of the sun and the sparks more numerous than the galaxies in the cosmos, more infinite than the stars in the heavens, the blackness between filled with the crazed fury.

Got it?

Each brightly burning spark is an embryonic universe. Each spark a new life, swimming to the egg, vying for a chance at creation.

Any number of sparks could become a place of time, and space and light and dark and stars and planets and antimatter and flora and fauna.

One, just one solitary, special spark blazes brighter; brighter and more fiercely. It grows brilliant and dazzling and flashing and bigger, rising faster and faster. Its phosphorescent glow beams with incandescent splendour consuming the nothingness and from that, from that inimitable moment, our universe was born.

And from the flames, all the dreams and hopes and aspirations were born.

You are so, so special … how special?

If you believe the clever people in white coats and this creation story, you are more special than you could ever imagine!

13.8 billion years ago our everything was created in a single instant.

From that point, serendipity and spirit and chaos have conspired with the universe and time and space and everything in between. From cosmic dust to dirt, to mud and fields of green. From fire and water, to cells electrified with life and light. From algaeic, yellow soup to the deep, deep blue. From the air we breath to the trees that cleanse, to the billion insects that inhabit. From that point and right up to the very moment your father’s sperm, one of a billion, entered your mother’s egg, one of two million.

All those fleeting moments since the very beginning, every cell divided, every life spawned. Every sperm that has ever entered an egg, every star that has lived and died, every comet that collided.

All the bangs, bumps, laughter and tears, marriages and divorces. From the moment man learned to harness fire to the time he discovered oil and the Internet. From the time of war to the time of peace. Through plague and disease, famine and pestilence. From primordial slime to concrete and glass.

Every decision, every hesitation every fleeting thought you have ever considered has penciled a coarse on the great chart of your life.

The infinite number of minuscule events that were drawn together and if one, just one sperm in 13.8 Billion years had entered a different egg, YOU wouldn’t be YOU.

Your universe, everything you know and have ever known, was bringing you to this point.

This moment; this moment when you finally realised just how special you are.