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Your search is over.

Frankly, if you can’t carve out an independent, financially secure, bright future using the systems you have at your disposal now, then you’re never going to do it.

Read any good marketing course, e-mail, e-zine article and they’ll give you a list of the things that work; you get them all here. I give you every tool imaginable and then some. I have learned from bitter experience that the greatest barrier to your success is not seeing a project through to the end.

I used to be so busy looking for a fast way to make real money – I missed many chances to make a steady, solid living!!!

When I stopped to look back at the situation I could see that If I’d knuckled down and worked just one of the businesses I started, eventually I’d have built up an excellent income and be enjoying a great standard of living – slowly, steadily and surely.

In this module I’m going to outline a simple, but little written about technique for generating sales.

No one writes about this on the net anymore because it’s not ‘cool’. it’s not a quick-fix, it’s not cutting-edge enough to generate hype and therefore a ‘fast-buck’ for the author.

This method however, creates sales and generates cash, especially for those starting out in business.

It’s a forgotten about piece of technology called ‘The Telephone!’ … Remember it?

We’ll be following up the leads your marketing should have generated through your autoresponder. I have already outlined how to do this automatically but one fact remains constant: Nothing converts like ‘The Personal Touch.’

I was having a conversation with one of my business partners the other week and we were talking about offline publishing. I’d simply forgotten how few mailings you had to send out to get sales. Admittedly, there’s a lot more to turning a profit offline but the fact that you’re sending out a physical letter makes a huge difference (we’ll be covering mail-order in another module). And I used to make a ton of money making a few follow up calls.

Now the phone doesn’t suit all products – you’re going to be struggling if you’re trying to sell hundreds of $19.99 e-books! But if you can develop a product that sells for $900 then we’re in a whole new ball-game. In fact I have sold lots of $900 products over the net, if I can do that through an email campaign, just imagine how much I’d sell by picking up the phone.

In The Welalthness Blog these months I’m going to show you exactly how to develop all the products you could ever wish for. i started with the licensing last month. I’ll introduce you to How to Steal Great Ideas, this month and Secret Public Domain Sources next month.

Now then, it’s been another whole month since we last touched base. If you did nothing following the last module then you’re already falling way behind and you’re now even further away from achieving those aspirations.

Make a habit of not taking action once you know what you should be doing and you’ll stay right where you are; somewhere I thought we’d already established you didn’t want to be.

Some of what I am covering in these support modules are designed for the total beginner, other parts of it are for experienced marketers. A lot of what I cover now is also relevant to marketing your business or product offline and as we progress we’ll be looking into other avenues of promotion.

So far you should have drawn up your list of ‘warm market’ contacts and mailed out at least 250 e-mails for the particular product of your choosing. The flyers are designed to be your first point of contact, to ask the recipient’s permission to send them more information (verbally or physically or by sending them to your site) – you have now broken the ice and have a talking point.

You should also be building you enquirers database, building your online leads through the methods already outlined.

Don’t forget your Chicken List!

The Chicken List consists of the people every member leaves off their contact list because they are either frightened of approaching them or too embarrassed to – perhaps because you’re too friendly with them, or because they feel the contact is of a higher social or material status, or because they lack the self-esteem too.

Virtually everyone has a Chicken List – I certainly did and most of the great achievers in marketing started out with one, so if you too have one you are in excellent company!

A Chicken List can consists of people whom you want to approach to purchase from you or they can be business contact with whom you want to joint venture with.

Most Chicken List consist of about ten to twenty names. We may not think it very serious if we happen to leave out ten people or so. But look at these people again. Are they not the hottest part of our warm market: those with whom maybe we are the friendliest, or those who have achieved the most in life? Are they not therefore, people we should definitely approach?

So, as a matter of course, it is important that you contact the people on your Chicken List .

In fact, why not approach them now, if you haven’t already because once you have everyone else will be much easier!

It may make it easier for you when you realise that you do not have to approach people only about you business opportunity. There are two reasons why you might want to contact them:

  • To show them you business, product or service
  • To ask for their help in giving you introductions to people who might be interested either in another income, product or service.

There can be few people on anyone’s contact list who cannot help in one or other way, or to put you in touch with acquaintances .


HOT TIP: Many of the world’s masters’ of wealth live by the FTF rule. Feared Things First!!!

Get them out of the way and the rest of the day is plain sailing.


Now that you have done your initial marketing you should have at least few leads or sales in the bag.

If you are selling a high ticket item, phone calls are the key to your business. The equation is simple:


A lot of people are daunted by the idea of making phone calls. Don’t be!!!

If you are nervous, practice with friends, but here are a few pointers:

1. The phone is not for selling!

Another thing, which makes people nervous of making phone calls, is that they think they have to get a positive result. But that is not so!

The only purpose of follow up to an Internet enquiry is to sort everyone into those who are interested in knowing more, and those who are not.

Your aim is only to get decisions.

All you are after at this stage is answering their questions and reservations about … THAT’S ALL!!

Whether they say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ doesn’t matter. Success is not in the result; it is in actually making the calls. If you make enough calls, enough people will buy from you.

On the phone, the less you sound like a conventional salesperson the better. You should sound like a friend or colleague with something important to share. This is easy because that is precisely what you are! You simply providing them with more information.

There are two ways your call is going to go at this point. You are going to be confident enough to present your product or service to your contact without providing more information and be responding verbally to a request from your marketing.


You will have sent them more information to enable them to get a clear picture of your product or service and then you are following up with a phone call to see if it’s for them. Either way your first follow up call will go something like this:

Hello, Mary!

here from **, you requested some information about our business.

Can I answer any questions you may have?”

2. Show Conviction and Belief in your voice

If you do not show it, why should your leads believe it? Remind yourself before you make each call:

“My business is a wonderful opportunity which will transform my life! I really want to share this with them to see if it could help them, too!’

‘Conviction and belief’ are not the same as ‘enthusiasm’. Unless it comes naturally to you, trying to sound enthusiastic can sound false.

Many top-flight business people who are excellent at making phone appointments sound anything but ‘enthusiastic’! But they do project great sincerity, which anyone can do. All you have to do is to feel strongly that your product or service is a fabulous opportunity and then let it come out over the phone.

3. Smile! And make the call sound personal

A smile comes over the phone very well – your contact will get an immediate feeling of warmth from you, and it prevents the feeling of nervousness or tension, which if they pick up, might put them off.

Now let’s look at some suggestions for a full script to your warm market. Make sure you adapt any script to what sounds natural to you:

“Hello, it’s ****** here. I’ve just come across this amazing business, product or service! You absolutely need to have a look at it, I sent you a flyer to whet your appetite, can I send you some more detailed information?”

“What’s it all about?”

At this point you’ll either go into the opportunity – if you do make sure you understand it!!!

OR you’ll direct your contact to your site,

OR you’ll get them out some more hard-copy information.

“Look, it really is incredible, I’ll sent you some initial literature.”


Make sure you make this second call!!! – it’s the one where your contact will make a decision about buying as they will have fully digested all the information they need.

“Hello, ———-, it’s ———. You know that attic conversion you want?

Well, if I could show you how to get it, would you be interested?

You can see some golden rules here:

a. Never tell them what it is about. Never divulge the product. If they insist on wanting to know more, say something like:

“I really can’t explain it over the phone right now – it will be much quicker and easier if you see it. It would only take a few minutes take a look at my site.”

After all, that’s the point of your site, to get information as quickly and succinctly as possible over to leads. If it’s well written it should do all the selling. The phone call is made to ‘persuade’ them to buy!

b. Keep it short. 30 seconds to a minute is plenty. You are just sorting everyone you know into those who want to know more, and those who do not.

c. Put your contact’s mind at rest about the product. A request from you to look at a product or service may be unusual to the person you are phoning, so they may be a little anxious about what they are agreeing to. You can set their mind at rest by reassuring them that it will be short and sweet.

4. What if you do not get the result you want?

So what? But here are some tips:

a. If they say ‘No’, don’t get into an argument or try and push it down their throat – you will just create bad feeling and lose friends. Instead, accept their decision, and if you haven’t already, ask if you can just pop some details into the post for them anyway. Then send them an information pack or send them to your site.


HOT TIP: Always ask if they know of anyone else who may be interested?

Referrals are another incredible resource to keep the leads coming in. Send the referral a flyer/e-mail with a covering letter explaining that ‘so-and-so’ thought they may be interested in this; when you follow up you have a great conversation point and mutual interest – the referee.


b. If you do get caught saying more than you want to, don’t hesitate, and don’t lie! If you hesitate, it sounds as if you are uncertain or are covering up. And lying is a complete waste of time because you will be found out. Your credibility will be destroyed and this is an excellent way to lose friends.

c. If it is going wrong, pass it over! Generally, the longer you stay on the phone, the deeper the pit you dig, and it takes a very experienced person to pull a call round.

The phone call is the key that unlocks the door to your success. Until you start to make phone calls, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity.

If you want to sell to more people, you must make more phone calls.

What if you don’t know the answer?

If a question arises to which you do not know the answer, whatever you do, don’t try to flounder your way through. Say:

“I need to make sure I give you the right information on that. Can I just make a phone call?”

Then do a search for the information you need.

Be clear about what you are trying to achieve. The purpose of the follow up is not to sell to your contact:


You are in the sorting business, not the sales business. Helping your contact to make an informed decision about purchasing your product.

To do this successfully, you must professionally present the right information. But present this information with enthusiasm or conviction and belief’ otherwise you will sign no one up.

So get phoning and enjoy your calls – even if you don’t initially get the response you want.

Remember, 99% of any all the world’s businesses enjoy very little success in their first year- it’s damn hard work carving out a niche for yourself, that’s why most people fall at the first hurdle.

You can’t win a race unless you pass the finish line!!!

“Right from the beginning I believed that staying on course was what counted. The sheer process of attrition would wear others down. Them that stuck it out was them that won.” Harrison Ford