Anger is an emotion that can be
So intense it blocks us from seeing clearly.
It overwhelms us and fills our space
With negative energy, but we have
The power to change that.
We can choose to perceive
This emotion as one that
Is here to help us instead of
Hurt us.

The energy that emotions create,
Are the fuel to our soul, and
They ignite the flame that
Burns within us, transforming anger
Into passion and purpose,
We just have to light that
Internal spark that will
Give our emotions the space
To work for us and not against us.

If anger sits in your mindset
As a stagnant fuel,
It becomes toxic.
Anger left over to fester
In your soul will push you away
From life and humanity.
It will block you from inviting
People into your life.
When anger is in control
It prevents us from manifesting
All that it is we desire.

A change in perspective
Is required to regain control
Of your mindset.
Allow those intense emotions,
Anger and sadness, to
Open you up to people, and
Rather than feeling as though
The world is against you,
Be vulnerable,
And be receptive
To your fellow humans.

Always remember,
Negativity is a limiter.
If you believe that it is
Too hard to transform
Anger into passion,
Then you limit yourself.
Instead, perceive this emotion
In a different light,
Embrace its presence,
And understand that this emotion
Is here to serve you.

I love you,
And remember,
You absolutely can have it all,
Regan X