A Small Shift in Perspective That Yields Very Powerful Results!

Life is a choice. I am a great admirer of the wonderful opera singer, Beverly Sills. She was doing a concert in San Francisco one afternoon. They had a reception for her at the end of the concert, and a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle came up to her and said, “Miss Sills, I bet you hate the fact you’ve got to give another concert tonight.”

She said: “I don’t have to give another concert tonight. I get to give another concert tonight.” She continued: “At one time in my life, I used to say I ‘had to’ a lot, and I could feel the energy drain.

“Suddenly, I just got it. People are driving all over town, picking up babysitters, and getting dressed to come and hear me sing. I get to give another concert.”

The power of that one turn of phrase is just unbelievable.

My favorite quote is ‘Life is a very special occasion.’ Think about what would happen to you if your main goal each day was to show your delight with the world. Every day would be different.

Dr. Kenneth Blanchard