1 Use a “P.S.” at the end of your ad copy. This is where you either want to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close, like a free bonus. For example, “P.S. You can get (product), worth over ($), for the low price of ($)!” Another example, “P.S. I can not guarantee the (No.) bonuses will be here tomorrow!”

2 Publish a free e-book and give it away from your web site or in your e-zine. This will increase your traffic, sales and e-zine subscribers. For example, “FREE E-book Worth Over ($)!” Another example, “Increase Your Traffic By Giving Away This Free E-book!”

3 Create multiple streams of income with your web site. You could sell your own products, join affiliate programs, sell advertising space, etc. For example, offer people a free e-zine then you can sell them e-zine classifieds. Another example, sell your own product then follow-up with a back-end offer from a related product from an affiliate program you have joined.

4 Let your readers know this specific package will not be offered again. You must create urgency so people ‘buy now’. You can always sell the same product but not with the same bonuses or price.

For example, you could say, “We will only be offering 460 of them at this low price, order now!”

5 Create new products or services only if there is a strong need for them. You won’t have anyone to sell them to if you don’t have a market. For example, you could survey your e-zine subscribers or web site visitors and just ask them what kind of products they are interested in buying.

6 Sell your back-end products to your customers right after they order. Take them to a “Thank You” web page that includes other products you sell. For example, if you were selling perfume you could offer make-up as a back-end product. Another example, if you were selling coffee you could sell coffee cups as a back-end product.

7 Increase your opt-in e-mail list quickly by giving away a product at no cost. Just require people to subscribe to your e-zine in exchange. There are thousands of e-zines offering freebies for sign ups. Your freebie needs to be original, timely and possess high perceived value.

8 Include content and free items on your web site that promote the products you’re selling. If people don’t read your ads, they may read what you’re offering. For example, if you have freebies they can download, like software, include your ad in it. Another example, if you publish free articles, place your ad in the middle or at the end of the article.

9 You could add some sub-headlines in your ad copy. Sub-headlines act just like headlines; they grab the reader’ s attention. They’ll keep the readers interested as they continue to read your ad. They are almost like transitions or copy connectors; the sub-headlines will interest and carry the reader to the next part.

10 Persuade visitors to buy your product by telling them the future. Tell them what’ll happen with their life in the future if they buy or don’t buy. For example, if you were selling a book about getting over shyness you could say, “Imagine walking up to any stranger and starting a conversation with them without any hesitation.”

11 Sign up to win web site awards. When you win, some award sites publish your web site link, name and description on their site. You could tell people on your web site about the awards you’ve won. For example, “Here are all the awards we have won in the past (no.) years:..”

12 Provide a “Contact Page” on your web site. Give your visitors as many options to contact you as possible. This’ll add credibility to your business. For example, Contact us by email ####@#####, by phone ###-###-####, by fax ###-###-####,


13 Utilize a simple form of viral marketing. Write, or have someone else write, a small report with your ad included in it and allow others to give it away.

For example, in your report say, “You have our permission to give this report away.” Another example, “Give this report away to your visitors or newsletter subscribers.”

14 Improve your business by promoting customer feedback. Tell them you want their honest opinions about your business, good or bad. For example, “Please send us your comments, good or bad.” Another example, “Let us know how we can improve our web site or product.”

15 Design your packaging so it sells your products. Utilize colors and lettering that make your product more attractive to your prospects. You don’t want colors that make it hard to read. For example, you don’t want dark blue letters on a black background.

16 Compare your product’s guarantee to your main competitors. Find a niche where you can design your guarantee to be more powerful. For example, “Our guarantee is twice as strong as our competitors because we give you double your money back.” Another example, “Unlike our competitors’ guarantee, you have three times as long to try out our product before you are charged.”

17 Try not to assume your audience understands everything in your ad copy. If you have words they may not know the meaning of, define them. For example, “When I say the word, I mean…” Another example, “You may not understand the word ( ), it means…”

18 Build alliances with other online businesses. You could trade links or ads, create joint venture deals, cross-promote your products, etc. For example, if you sell movie videos, you could trade links with a theater web site. Another example, if you sell baby dolls, you could create a package deal with a doll clothing manufacturer.

19 Team up with your weaker competitors to beat your stronger ones. You can create win/win joint venture and cross-promotion deals with them. You could share marketing and advertising costs, create new products and services, share skills and strategies, trade leads, etc.

20 Compete with the highly branded businesses by practicing good customer service, strong product quality and speedy service. For example, tell your prospects your business isn’t branded because you spend more of your money on customer care instead of big advertising campaigns.

21 Design your web site to be a targeted resource center. Choose one subject and build on it. You’ll gain repeat visitors who are interested in that topic. For example, many web sites deal with the general web site marketing topic. You can create a more targeted, loyal audience if your topic is specific, like viral e-book marketing.

22 Offer something that is really free. If people go to your site and what you said was free really wasn’t, you’ll lose their trust and they won’t buy anything. For example, “Free Marketing Software! No purchase is required.” Another example, “Free Investing Report! You don’t need to buy anything!”

23 Automate your online business to save extra time for marketing and advertising. You could use auto- responders, time saving software, etc. For example, you could say, “E-mail our autoresponder to get our FAQs.” Another example, you could buy an e-mail list software to automatically delete unsubscribers and people who accidentally subscribe twice to your list with the same e-mail address.

24 Entice people to link to your web site by giving them something free in return. This’ll increase your ranking in some search engines. For example, you could say on your web site, “Reprint Our Articles On Your Web Site!” Another example, “Give This E-book Away To Your Own Visitors!” Just make sure they link to your web site in order to give the items away.

25 Trigger your readers’ emotions in your ad copy. For example, if you sell a book on gambling tips, tell them the feelings they’ll get when they win money. It could be the relief of getting out of debt or the excitement of being wealthy. Another example, if you sell a self-help cassette on getting over shyness, you could describe the feeling of having confidence.

26 Sell your products or services to a specific niche market. For example, instead of selling your fishing book to all fishermen, target it toward fly fishermen. You could also use a price niche. You could offer different versions of your product at lower and higher prices. This will fit all people’s budgets.

27 Increase your sales by e-mailing full page ads to your e-zine subscribers. Remember to tell people before they subscribe or they may consider it spam. For example, you could say, “By subscribing to this e-zine we occasionally send out solo ads from our advertisers. This is how we can afford to give you this quality and original information for free.”

28 Ask people questions in your ad copy that make them think about their problems. For example: “Do you want to be free of debt? Do you want to buy all the things you dream about?” More examples, “Do you want to find the love of your life?” “Do you want to share your life with someone you love?”

29 You could end your ad copy with a powerful guarantee. Give them a lifetime or triple-your-money -back guarantee. It’s also good if you write your guarantee so it sounds personal and has some specific information. For example, you could say, “I personally guarantee you’ll be able to end writer’s block 99.9% of the time or your money back.”

30. Invest a percentage of your profits right back into your business. Spend it on marketing, product improvement, customer service, advertising, etc. For example, you could take 20% of your profits and buy some paid advertising. Another example, you could take 10% of your profits and hire a another customer service employee.

31 Advertise your web site with banner ads that are animated and include a call to action. You must grab people’s attention and get them to click. For example, you could have flashing lights like they use in Las Vegas. Another example, you could use “Click Here Now” or “Click Here To Visit”.

32 Use pop-up windows or advertisements on your web site. They grab your visitor’s attention because they jump right out at them. For example, you could use one to get people to subscribe to your free e-zine. Another example, you could offer them a surprise bonus for buying in the next few minutes with a timer counting down.

33 Buy Internet business books, e-books, private site memberships, etc. Study and learn all the new web site promotional ideas you can. For example, take notes either while you’re reading the e-book, or afterwards. Write down a list of tips you could apply or use for your own business.

34 Join online business associations or clubs. If you join, they will usually list all their members on their web site. It will give your business extra exposure. You could tell people on your web site the business clubs and associations you belong to. For example, “Here is a list of all the business associations we belong to….”

35 Get the most from each one of your visitors. Ask them to subscribe to your e-zine, participate on your message board, bookmark your site, etc. One of the most effective ways to persuade people to do anything is to give them a freebie or strong benefit for taking the action you want them to. For example, “Get 4 Free Profitable E-books For Subscribing To My E-zine!”

36 Use text links if your banner ads are not pulling traffic. People don’t ignore text links as much as they do banner ads. You should treat your text link like a sales letter headline. For example, “How To …”, “FREE…”, “Breaking News!….” “Warning!….”, “…. Exposed!” etc.

37 Trade content with other e-zine publishers or web sites. This is a powerful and effective way to place your links on other targeted web sites. For example, trade articles with other e-zine publishers. Another example, you could trade free e-books and give them away to each other.

38 Keep your product available for your customers at all times. If you have to back-order it, they may end up canceling their order. For example, you could say on your web site “Always In Stock”, “Products On Hand”, ” No Shipping Delays”, “Always Available”, etc.

39 Use content on your web site which people can skim through easily. Most people don’t have much time so try using lists, short tips, short articles, etc. For example,

*How To….

*5 Ways To…. *Discover…

40 Add a message board or chat room to your web site. If people enjoy it, they will revisit your web site to participate regularly. For example, if someone visits your message board and asks a questions, then later on someone answers it, that person will come back and visit if they ever have another problem.

41 Allow people to reprint your articles on their web site, in their e-zine, newsletter, magazine or e-books. Include your resource box and the option for article reprints at the bottom of each article. For example:

“Paul Tranter is the co-author of “100 Hypnotic Headlines“. Inside this e-book you’ll learn 746 reasons why people buy your products! Feel free to reprint this article on your web site or in your e-zine, just include the resource box.”

42 Allow people to use any of your freebies as free bonuses for products or services they sell. Include your ad on all your freebies. Some people only give away freebies in order to allow other people the right to give them away. You could also give them the right to include a freebie with their own product as a bonus. For example,”Feel free to use this free e-book as a bonus product!”

43 Allow people to use your online discussion board for their own web site. Some people don’t have one. Just include your banner ad at the top of the board. For example, you could say, “Don’t have your own discussion board? Link to ours and invite your visitors to use it.”

44 Allow people to sign up for a free web site on your server. Since you are giving away the space, require them to include your banner ad at the top of the site. For example, you could say, “Get 20 MB Of FREE Web Space In Exchange For Placing Our Small Banner At The Top Of Your Web Site!”

45 Allow people to add their link to your free web site directory. Just require that they return a link back to your web site, advertising your directory. For example, you could say, “Add Your Own Listing In Exchange For Linking Back To Our Web Site!” Another example, “Add Your Own Listing! All We Ask Is That You Link Back To Our Web Site.”

46 Allow people to include your free online service on their web site, visitors, or e-zine subscribers. They could be free e-mail, e-mail consulting, search engine submissions, etc. For example, you could say, “Offer This Free Service To Your Visitors By Just Linking To Our Web Site!”

47 Allow people to give away your free software. Just include your business advertisement inside the software program. For example, you could say, “This Free Software Is Brought To You By (your business information)” Another example, “This Free Software Is Made Available By (your business information).”

48 Allow people to give away your free web design graphics, fonts, templates, etc. Just include your ad on them or require people to link directly to your web site. For example, require people to place a small note under the graphic or at the bottom of their web page like “These graphics are from (your business information).” or “This template is copy- righted by (your business information).”

49 Allow people to place an advertisement in your free e-book if, in exchange, they give away the e-book to their web visitors or e-zine subscribers. Wouldn’t you choose to give away something that gave you benefits? For example, you could say, “Give Away This Free E-book And Customize It With Your Own Links!”

50 Allow people to give away your free e-book to their visitors. Then, their visitors will also give it away. This will just continue to spread your ad all over the Internet. For example, 5 people give it away to 5 people each, and those 25 people give it away to 5 people each, and those 125 people give it away to 5 people each. It just keeps going! That’s 755 people viewing your ad for free and with- out you doing much work.

51 Turn your ad copy into a story or article. Your visitors won’t be as hesitant to read your ad and will become more interested in your product. For example, you could start your ad by saying, “Once upon a time…” Another example would be to start your ad out with “FREE Report!” Or “How To…”

52 Give visitors a freebie for filling out your online survey otherwise they usually won’t. Surveys will give your business valuable intelligence for your business. For example, you could say, “Everyone who completes this survey will get a FREE watch!” Another example, “The first 200 people who complete this survey get a free calculator!”

53 Enhance the power of your ad copy benefits by using attention-getting words, highlighting keywords, using color, using quotes, bolding key phrases, underlining, etc. For example, “Instant Profits”, “Super Fast Results”, “Lose Weight”, “Save Money”, “Increase Sales”, etc.

54 Give your visitors lots of choices so they don’t get the feeling of being controlled. Offer them a variety of ways to order, contact you, navigate, etc. For example, “Choose the Basic or Deluxe.” Another example, “Order by web site, phone or fax.”

55 Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. Design your site for them, not for yourself. Create your product around your visitors, not because you would buy it. For example, if you were selling to people who were thinking of going bankrupt, think about how they feel. They would likely want to avoid bankruptcy, they would feel tired of not be able to afford anything, they would be fed up with creditors calling, etc.

56 Get free advice from successful online business owners. Participate in business chat rooms and use message boards to start a conversation. For example, you could read their helpful information or post questions and get them answered. You could also answer other people’s questions and start a conversation.

57 Use your free bonuses to create an urgency for your visitors to buy. Only offer them for a limited time with your main product. For example, you could say, “Order before midnight tonight and get 4 FREE bonuses!” Another example, “Order by June 25, 2002 and get a Free Advertising E-book!”

58 Offer your customers extra add-on products at the point of purchase. For example, if they are buying an electronic toy, try to sell batteries with it. For example, “Check Here To Add 4 Batteries For Only $2.95 More!” Another example, “Click Here To Upgrade To The Deluxe Version For Only $10 Extra!”

59 Give your affiliates an incentive to promote your product by holding a contest. You could reward the highest-selling affiliate a prize or cash reward for selling the most products in a month. You could also have prizes for second and third place.

60 Make your visitors feel good about themselves by giving them compliments. If they feel good, they will also feel good about buying from your web site. For example, “You are in the 1% of people who are serious about changing their life.” Another example, “You are brave for going the extra mile to eliminate your financial problems.”

61 Add multiple profits to your web site. If you’re selling business books try to sell business services, courses and supplies too. For example, you could say, “Thanks for purchasing our business e-book. If you like it, don’t forget we offer a monthly update service for the e-book for only $4.95 a month.”

62 Gain an advantage over your competition. You should find one benefit your competition doesn’t offer and use it as your main selling point. For example, if your competition doesn’t offer free shipping, you should find a way to afford to offer free shipping. One way would be to charge other businesses for inserting ads in your product package.

63 Design your e-zine so it creates multiple free advertising streams. Ask readers to forward it to people they know, offer ad trades, etc. For example, you could say, “Forward this e-zine to your friends or family.” Another example, “We accept ad trades from other e-zines.”

64 Allow your visitors to subscribe to an update e-zine. Anytime you make changes to your web site they can receive an informative e-mail. For example, you could say, “Sign up to be reminded by e-mail when this web site is updated in the future.” You could also subtly mention a product you are currently selling.

65 Focus your articles on information the targeted readers and e-zine publishers want. They will get published more often, which means free publicity. For example, if they are business e-zines, you want to write articles about starting a business, marketing, advertising, cutting costs, joint ventures, etc.

66 Use problems to attract online traffic. Find a common online problem and use your web site to solve it. People will visit and see your ads. For example, you could say, “How To Accept Credit Cards Without Forking Over Money For A Merchant Account.” Another example, “How To Get To The Top Of The Search Engines Without Being Listed.”

67 Have an informative FAQ page at your web site. Anticipate questions your prospects or visitors may have; this will help improve your sales ratio.

For example, “Read our Frequently Asked Questions first. It may answer your question and save you waiting for one.” Another example, “Check Out Our FAQ Page If You Have Any Questions.”

68 Improve your negotiation skills. This’ll improve your business because you’re always negotiating ad swaps, supply prices, joint ventures, wages, etc.

For example, if you wanted to trade ads with an e-zine that had double the subscribers you do, they may not trade but if you offered the e-zine owner an extra ad, they might.

69 Beat your competition by giving away a similar product or service that they charge for. It could be add-on products, warranties, servicing, etc. For example, you could say, “Unlike our competition we don’t charge extra for batteries.” Another example, “Our competition charges up to ($) a year for soft- ware upgrades, we charge $0!”

70 Build a larger online community by giving your visitors bonuses for participating on your message boards or chat rooms. Try free products, ads, etc. For example, you could say, “Participate in our online message board and get the FREE report! How To…” Another example, “Get this free e-book for just chatting in our chat room!”

71 Instead of starting an affiliate program, start a referral program. Give people discounts and free products for referring people to your site. For example, you could say, “Get a free e-book software for referring just 3 people to our web site.” Another example, “Refer just 2 people to our web site to get a 20% discount on our new e-book!”

72 Offer free original content. It’s important to give your visitors information they can’t find anywhere else. If you’re the only source, they’ll visit your site. For example, if you write business e-books you know they are many of them out there, but if you added an unrelated topic with the business content, like science, it would be more original.

73 Give people free software. Most people like to find good deals on software for their computers. If the software is free, that is even better. For example, you could say, “FREE Accounting Software!” You could also use the software for viral marketing. Just place your ad in the software and allow people to give it away.

74 Hold free contests or sweepstakes. Most people like to win things. If you can fulfill that need, people will stop by to visit. You can also capture people’s e-mail addresses. For example, “Sign up for our contest for a chance to win a new computer! You will be notified via e-mail.”

75 Provide a free web directory. Create a directory of web sites on a popular topic that will attract your target audience. For example, if you had a free e-book directory you could advertise your web site by saying something like “Get 1000 FREE E-books When You Visit (your web site address).”

76 Offer a free e-zine. Most people love to get free information that’s e-mailed to them regularly. This saves them time and money. For example, you could say, “Sign up to my e-zine and learn about (topic) every week for absolutely free!” Another example, “Free Weekly Business E-zine – Save time and money learning (topic)!”

77 Make your web site look professional. You want to have your own domain name, easy navigation, attractive graphics, etc. For example, wouldn’t it make you think twice about buying from a free domain name web site? Another example, if you get confused or lost at a web site, don’t you immediately click out of it?

78 Let people read your ad before they get to your freebie. When you use free things to lure people to your web site, list them below your ad copy. For example, haven’t you ever downloaded a free e-book and read it right away without looking at the rest of the web site?

79 Attract the target audience who would buy your product or service. A simple way to do this is to survey your existing customers. Another idea would be to address them with their group name. For example, “Dear Web Marketers…” , “Attention All Gardeners – Listen Up!”, etc.

80 Test and improve your ad copy. There are many people who write an ad and never change it. Make sure you get the highest possible response rate. For example, run the ad you have ready and see how many orders you get in a week or month. After that change the headline or closing and see how many orders you receive. Continue tweaking your ad till you get the highest amount of orders per visitors or viewers.

81 Give people an urgency so they buy ‘now’. Many people could be interested in your product but they’ll put off buying it until later and eventually forget about it. For example, “Order Before Aug 15, 2002, and get 2 Bonuses Valued at ($)!” Another example, “Order Now! Only 1000 Members Will Be Accepted.”

82 When you ship people the first product they bought, insert a flyer or brochure for your back-end product in the package. For example, if you’re selling a book about gardening, you could slip in a flyer about a packet of seeds you’re currently selling into the box you are shipping.

83 Give customers a free subscription to a Customers Only e-zine when they buy your product. You could include your ad for your back-end product in each issue. For example, you could say, “When you order, you will get a free subscription to our e-zine about e-books.” The customers will also see your ads every week and that will increase their tendency to buy again from you. Plus a free e-zine is a good bonus to lure them to order.

84 Send your customers greeting cards on holidays or on their birthday. Include a small advertisement inside the card for your back-end product. For example, the card could say “Happy Halloween! To celebrate this holiday we are offering you 30% off our new book titled…” Another example, “Happy Birthday! For a gift we are giving a free sample of our new book titled… If you like it, you can get the full version for only ($).”

85 Tell your prospects that your product is easy to use. People don’t want to buy a product that they have to read a 100 page instruction manual. For example, “Our software is user-friendly, it takes you step-by-step.” Another example, “You’ll get a simple 3 step instruction manual that walks you through the whole scanner set-up.”

86 Send customers a free surprise gift after they order your first product. You could attach another ad with the free gift for your back-end product. For example, “Unadvertised Surprise Bonus! A free copywriting e-book!” Then inside the e-book have subtle ads for the product(s) you’re selling. Above or below each page. You could also mention them within your content.

87 If you’re selling an electronic product, like an e-book or report, include your ad for your back-end product somewhere inside the electronic product.

For example, on the last page, title page, index, table of contents, glossary, etc. If you liked the product, wouldn’t you buy again from that company?

88 Tell your prospects how long you’ve been in business for. People think if you’ve been in business for a while, you have more credibility. For example, “We’ve been in business for (no.) years!” Another example, “We’ve been serving businesses since 1935!”

89 Contact your customers by phone and ask them if they were happy with their purchase. You could tell them about your back-end product. For example, “I’m calling to thank you for purchasing our (product). I wanted to make sure you were happy with it and tell you about our new (your back-end product)…”

90 Tell your prospects your product is compact or light. People may want to take the product on a trip or don’t have much room where they live. For example, “Our (product) only weighs (no.) ounces!” Another example, “Our (product) fits inside your pants’ pocket!”

91 Ask your customers if they want to be updated in the future when you have new product offers. You could have them sign up to receive e-mail or snail mail updates. If they sign up this usually means they really like and trust your business because they know ahead of time all they will be getting are product offers. These people will be the easiest to sell to.

92 Use reward programs to keep people revisiting your web site and buying your products. You could reward them with gifts or discounts for revisiting or buying. For example, you could say “Buy Over ($) Worth Of Products And Get (product) Free!” Another example, “Buy (no.) E-books And Get A 50% Discount!”

93 Publish e-zines for other web sites to increase your traffic. You could do it at no charge and in return just ask for a sponsor ad in each issue. For example, if they want to publish once a week you would get 4 ads a month in their e-zine. You could also opt to get your articles published in the e-zine too.

94 Trade endorsement ads with other e-zines. They pull more hits and sales than just trading classified ads because it gives your ad instant credibility. For example, you could say “I can’t believe they give this e-zine away for FREE! I would pay at least ($) for a subscription to it!”

95 Place colorful graphs, pie charts and other charts in your ad copy. Use charts as they will grab a person’s eye because they are usually colorful. They will also support your product or service claims and allow your target audience to understand them easier.

96 Get your visitors excited about your product by letting them know how excited you are about it. Tell them why you’re excited and use exclamation points. For example, “This product has fulfilled my wildest expectations and then some! I can’t wait to use it again! I’m so excited that I can now buy all the things I could only dream about!”

97 Use incentives to gain referrals if you don’t have an affiliate program. Tell people when they refer customers you will award them with free products. For example, you could say “Get 5 FREE E-books If You Refer 5 Of Your Friends To Our Web Site!” Another example, “Get Free E-book Cover Software Valued At ($) When You Refer 3 People To Our Web Site Who Buy!”

98 Tell your visitors the reason why you’re having a sale so they don’t think your products are cheap. It could be a holiday/seasonal sale or clearance sale. For example, you could say, “Get 50% Off All Our Products! We Are Making Room For Our New Product Line!” Another example, “Get $10 Off Any Pair Of Pants Only Through This Holiday Weekend!”

99 Stay away from overloading your web site with high tech gadgets. They can create a slow loading web page and distract people away from your offer. For example, wouldn’t you click out of a web site that took 3 minutes to load? Of course most people would – there are lots of other web sites on the same subject.

100 Cut out words, phrases and paragraphs in your ad copy that aren’t selling or supporting your product. This will stop people from getting bored with your ad. You want every word of your ad to persuade the reader to buy.