I had a couple of beers last night.

As I’ve gotton older my body seems to react to alcohol with the most annoying affliction.

It sends my metabolism into overdrive, my brain into turmoil; a kaleidoscopic blend of images fade in and out of focus. I generally wake at around 3am bursting for a piss then that’s it, not a hope of sleep for the next few hours. Staring into space, my mind spinning. I get up and wander into the kitchen for a drink of juice because my mouth feels like a Possum’s backside. I look out over the bay to the shimmering lights of Nelson beyond. I trace their glow reflected back at me, Kris swords of white, orange, red, green reaching out to me across the inky water. I look to the sky hoping to see Tesla’s sky train. Maybe I won’t see it again because the scientist got pissed off with him vandalizing the heavens and he’s blacked them out!

Last night I returned to my wonderful bed and new mattress and began rattling through my ‘getting back to sleep’ techniques, which just weren’t powerful enough to overwhelm the two pints of 7% Tantric Ale I’d downed.

During this time of trolls, dragons and Avatar landscapes a vivid picture formed, no! not that one!

A simple hand grasping onto a trapeze bar. It was grasping so tightly that blood had been forced from the veins, knuckle bone punching through the drum-tight skin, sweat seeping between the fingers.

The image developed from 480d to 520d to 720d, to 108d and finally to 5k ultra-vision.

What is that, what is this vision send to confuse me?

It’s a metaphor.

The trapeze is our current life; the life we hold onto with every cell in our being. We cling so tightly our muscles burn with lactic acid. We daren’t relax our grip for an instant fearful of the plunge into the ocean of emptiness that awaits. We’re convinced that somewhere in the obsidian shadows we’ll meet our fate. We’ll let go of the trapeze and after a long, nightmarish fall, we’ll hit Terra-firma below at terminal velocity and be reduced to a spray of blood, guts and splinters of bone.

Let’s think about that for a second; think about the fall physics dictates we’ll inevitably experience when we let go of the trapeze bar.

As sure as gravity sticks us to this wonderful planet, we will fall, no doubt about that, but what awaits?

What’s the worst that will happen?

Will you find yourself in the favelas of Brazil? Will you find yourself in Somalia fighting ten year old soldiers? Will you find yourself in Rownda nursing stumps because your hands were chopped off to stop you voting? Will you find the doors of your home in Afghanistan being kicked in by soldiers who have a remit to kick in the door of farmers? Will you find yourself joining the queues of the homeless waiting for a cup of chicken soup in the chicken soup queue, or at the back of the queue under the flyover waiting for a wrap of meth? Will the place be so bad that the only way out will be to take a long jump of a very high bridge?



Because YOU have a safety net!

When YOU let go of the trapeze YOU’LL have prepared through Wealthness. You’ll release with forward momentum. You’ll fly though the air with the greatest of ease!

OK, to be fair you may experience minor inconveniences, some discomfort, have to deal with stress and difficult decisions, hell! The project may not get off the ground at all, most don’t … So fikin what? What’s the worse that can happen?

The real question is ‘What’s the BEST that can happen?’

The trapeze scribes a great arc through the air, at the optimal moment your loosen your grip letting the bar slide away. Now there is no weight in your body, you are in free-fall. You don’t panic because you know there is a net.

But you never hit the net. At the moment gravity tightens her grip, at that optimal moment a heavily muscled hand clamps onto your wrist and holds you aloft. You’re held in and iron vice and continue along the parabola relatively unscathed to the platform on the far side of the chasm.

You have reached your destination.

So is now the time to finally let go? Do it! After-all, what’s the worse that can happen?