You are a warrior,
Birthed from the soul,
Your strength constantly
Evolves as you do,
And as you continue your
Journey towards living your dream life,
You will face obstacles,
And one of those challenges
Comes from within,
The consuming fear
Of change,
Of walking into areas that
Are unfamiliar and new,
This is when your faith
In the Universe will be tested,
Do not forget the roots
Of who you are,
The warrior who was born
To conquer change,
And to create from this place.

I am changing as you are,
Entering the new as well,
And I know that quiet
Self-doubt that creeps in
And says,
“Stay comfortable,
Don’t change,
You could fail out there.”

When that voice comes into
Your head,
Close your eyes tight,
And boldly say,
You will not fail,
You will conquer the change
That awaits you,
Do not lose faith in yourself,
In your warrior self,
And most importantly,
In the Universe.

Go conquer the world ??
We are in this together.