You should have mailed out far more than 250 ‘warm market’ people and be building your online marketing lists. You’ll be at a stage where you’re contacting those who have had all the information they need to make a decision as to whether to join you or not.

You’ll be collecting lots of NO’s and hopefully one or two YES’s. If they subscribe to your business – great. If they don’t – great too!!!

If you’ve been active then I’ve no doubt you’ll have a few questions so make sure you get them answered by support – I’ll guarantee also that you’ve had a lot of knock-backs. Don’t use the negatives as an excuse to give up.

This week we’re going to continue with your off-line promotion but we’re also going to start using your web marketing tools to full effect – after all this is an internet business!!!

There are several theories as to how best get your business going and with the advent of the internet many people extol the virtues of its anonymity; there is a great power in utilising that and we do!!

But the Internet is just another marketing tool – it is most defiantly not the magic answer.

Marketing has been around in one form or other since the dawn of modern man. It has developed into many guises – affiliate marketing, relationship marketing, viral marketing, MLM it’s all the same thing!

At this moment in history there is nothing that comes close to interpersonal skills and traditional methods of business building. Don’t get me wrong the Internet can help greatly but you mustn’t take it out of context; it has its place as one element in your marketing arsenal.

People still need to trust each other, they still rely on word-of-mouth from friends and colleagues, and we all consider recommendations from those we admire. The Internet simply makes communicating those qualities much easier and quicker.

I firmly believe that your warm market is the best and easiest starting point if you’re a total beginner. It is an old, tried and proven method and will always build strength in your business, build loyal customers more quickly and cost effectively – everything else is a bonus.

Build a solid nucleus, which can gradually be expanded upon by implementing all the features of your business.

Fortunately for us the Internet has just added another string to our bow, albeit an amazing one!

It is this compliment of a variety of weapons that will be used to slay mediocrity. The balance needs to be maintained and to quote and old and well used saying about eggs and a basket, don’t do it.

Whilst building your on-line business you should also have set up your Autoresponder, been promoting it and have a rapidly growing database to which you should have been exposing your Business to.

Your autoresponder is an incredibly powerful tool for generating leads but you should still be aiming to personally contact those leads if possible. The Mail Machine will follow up but be available for questions and support, help your leads make the right decisions bout buying your products.

Yes, your Mail Machine is automated but I truly feel that to get the most from it in the early days you need to concentrate on using those marvelous interpersonal skills you possess. Bring your business out of Cyberspace and back into the real world!

I love the Internet and have used it to great effect, but if I just left it, then the huge anonymous databases I watched grow over the years could slip away just as quietly.

Get back to communicating and supporting.

You are going to make many mistakes to begin with and if you begin by contacting your warm market, those who know you will be far more forgiving. Especially if you explain that you’re new – even ask for their help in evaluating this fantastic business; many times your contact will talk themselves into joining!!!

Approach those you know first then expand once you’ve perfected your system – there’s nothing more demoralizing than messing things up with a stranger and them telling you it sounds like a load of crap!!!

YOU WILL ALWAYS GET MANY MORE NO’S THAN SIGN-UPS!!! … but you stand a better chance of converting those you already have a rapport with.

In The Omniscience Principle I go into great detail about how to make a fortune by collecting no’s.

If you’re not collecting them then you’re not working!

This applies to all aspects of your business and personal life. Many, many people experience negativity from their first few ventures, ignore the e-mails, slam down the phone or leave the meeting, get all depressed and give up the business as a lost cause!!!

I’ve noticed how it’s always something lacking in the business and absolutely, definitely not the lack of perseverance by the person – bad tools, workmen and all that!!!

There is nothing wrong with your business or the plan I’m outlining for you – in fact a major part of the system requires people not signing up!!!

Could you imagine setting up any other traditional business and expecting every customer to buy from you on their first visit – no of course not, it’s a ludicrous proposition isn’t it?

Yet people set themselves up in this business; one which has to have the most incredible potential of anything I have ever seen, and because the first few visitors to their site or contacts they make don’t see the potential for themselves, the person gives up!!!


This is a normal part of your business day. I said it wouldn’t be easy – nothing in this world worth having every ever is.

Your Mail Machine has a sophisticated follow-up system. There are all sorts of ways in which you capture a visitor’s contact details – then the machine automatically follows-up time and time gain. We have found from experience that following up can convert 2,3 even 5 times as many people on each follow-up!

So why do people feel so reluctant about following up off-line?

You need to be filling up that inquirer database and using it. These databases are a fundamental element to your business.

This is a long-term commitment and you are on the steepest part of the learning curve – it does get easier – but never easy!!!

So back to basics. You’ve compiled your list, sent out your flyers, info and made contact with your leads … and come up against a load of problems.

Over the next few of weeks you’ll need to keep doing more of the same and start ironing out the creases.

When you begin contacting people, you should start closest to home and work outwards. Not only will this methodical way of working keep your costs down, but your effective work rate, which is contacting and possibly seeing people, will be higher.

If you have contacted your closest friends, family and colleagues you need to widen the net which we’ll discuss later.

Don’t climb the hill until you get to it.


From now on we’ll begin to put each one of the wheels in your Internet Marketing Machine into motion.

There is a theory that says: The easiest way to run an ad is to send them right to your web page. It makes sense. You send them to your web site. They read your sales letter. Some of them buy. The majority do not.

This is NOT the most effective way to advertise.

You will have better results and earn more profits if you don’t advertise your website directly. Instead, advertise a Free Report by e-mail. Then have the report send them to your website for the sales letter.

There are two major advantages to this system:

Advantage #1 is that it doesn’t require them to stop what they’re doing. People are sitting there reading your e-mail or an e-zine when they see your ad.

For them to go to a website requires them to quit doing that, close their browser, and visit your web page. If they’re reading your e-mail in Hotmail or another browser based e-mail reader they’ll have to leave it or open a 2nd browser.

For them to e-mail for your report simply requires for them to click on your e-mail link and send a blank message. That’s much less work and doesn’t require them to do anything different than they’re already doing.

Advantage #2 of this system is that you have now captured their e-mail address. You can follow-up. If they visit your web page, you get one shot. If they give you their e-mail address you can try 3 times, 5 times, 10 times, or more to make the sale.

You can highlight different headlines, different benefits, etc. You get maximum opportunity to make the sale.

Follow-ups can create an incredible difference. Your website might only sell 2% of visitors. E-mail follow-up may be able to sell 4%. Even if it only sells 3% you’d still be earning a lot of extra income.

Plus, if they decide they don’t want to buy this particular product, you can now offer them something else later on down the road. When you send a visitor to a web page, you may or may not earn a profit.

It’s a one shot opportunity.

Build a list of prospects and you can profit forever. It makes it almost difficult to lose money advertising.

This method is called the “Two Stage” method of advertising and it’s nothing new. Marketers have used classified ads, postcard ads, etc. with this type of method for years.

Instead of trying to make a sale from an ad, they ask the prospect to call in or mail in for more information. They then send out letters, make calls, etc. until they make the sale. This is what we’re doing off-line with the flyers.

The Internet just takes this system to another level. Off-line, you have to pay for every letter you sent to your prospects and this is quite limiting. On-line it can all be done virtually for free and with NONE of your time invested.

Your follow-up system just works for you 24 hours a day automatically…

Here’s How This Works For Your Business

You will be collecting e-mail addresses from a myriad of sources. Whenever you get one from a prospect ask them if it’s OK to send them some more information – ALWAYS GET THEIR PERMISSION

I’ll tell you how to get the information to them in a minute but to get the most from your web marketing tools you need to be collecting e-mail addresses as if they were £50 ($75US) notes

I’ve given you access many free articles and reports making perfect give away products.

Make sure your giveaway is personalised.

Your advertising and marketing should then consist of a short brief sentence promising for instance: The first part of the ultimate business and personal development course for FREE. Invite prospects to e-mail you with their name and e-mail address to receive Module 1 of your publication.

When you receive these requests, send out Module 1 from your Mail Machine with a brief welcome message also explaining that they should receive follow e-mails asking if they want to download further free information.

By doing this your prospect will receive an automated follow-up system geared to persuade them to join your business.

That’s it.

From here on you will always have an e-mail address to market to rather than just a visit to your website.

Also touch base with your prospect on a personal level.

Your prospect will always have the option to opt out of any follow-up procedure.

A confused person rarely takes action.