When you write an ad, start with a believable, compelling promise and back it up with unshakable proof.

Most ads fail because:

a) They don’t start out with a promise at all, or the promise they start out means nothing to the intended prospect or…

b) They have an over-the-top, nobody-would-believe- it-in-a-million-years kind of exaggerated or ridiculous promise – so there’s zero credibility.

And, what’s more, they don’t prove what they promise.

In the second case, people don’t believe. And when they don’t believe, they don’t trust… and they don’t buy, or even call you to find out more.

Two examples:

Promise: We use a totally natural cleaning process that is kinder to your clothes and also to the environment

Proof: In simple, fast-paced language, explain the “bad” chemicals traditional dry cleaners use. Explain the “natural process” your business uses. Show why what you say is true with specific names of natural products, and briefly cite scientific research to back it up even further.

Dog Babysitters
Promise: It’s doggy heaven when you leave your pet with us. We don’t give your pet the “cattle-car treatment.”

Proof: Testimonials from customers talking about how unsatisfied they were with old dog babysitting service, and how happy they are with yours, for the reasons you mentioned in your promise.

David Garfinkel