This optical illusion has been bouncing around social media for a while now, and every time I see it I have to look at it twice.

At first glance it looks like oily legs to me, but on closer inspection it’s actually white paint.

And so I carry this picture with me on this blog, to remind me to NEVER, take anything on face value.

Three Little Letters That Change The World

I learned how to ask WHY?

Why do you do it like that? Why is that system in place?

Why is that like that, why, how, what, where and when?

I question everything. If something is done in a particular way, is there a better way?

Most of the time there is!

Unless people question an action or paradigm before acting, they are immediately rendered subservient and more worryingly, prey.

People are manipulated … FACT … and they don’t even see it because they are not asking the questions.

When people blindly conform, their behaviour is not the result of their will, but of the wishes of those who stand to gain most from their obedience.

If, after questioning, if there isn’t a better way then fine, that’s the way to do it BUT, DON’T DO IT MERELY BECAUSE IT’S THE WAY YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT IT SHOULD BE DONE.

You need to question incessantly. Questions change the world.

Everyday, accepted theories are torn apart because someone asked why?

Take global warming. I was taught at school that it was the imminent ice age which was going to wipe us all out.

The norm is organic, constantly evolving and re-inventing itself and this applies to everything you accept today. ‘Why’ is the driving force behind the whole of evolution. It’s a pretty disconcerting feeling when you realise that all you know is merely ‘of the moment’, ephemeral, nothing is carved in stone. This applies most significantly, when other’s stand to gain.

A victim is only a victim because they let themselves be so!

There is No Power in Doing What Others Expect of You!

[Excerpt from The Omniscience Principle]