Video: Vernon Coleman, a Sunday Times bestselling author, is one of the few medically qualified authors writing on medical matters without bias and without any professional or commercial commitments or allegiances. His honesty has made him many enemies among the medical establishment and the establishment’s commercial alliances. His predictions, forecasts and warnings have often been made years (and, in many cases, decades) before anyone else has unearthed and understood the evidence or had the courage to speak out.

Where will it end if you don’t ask WHY?

More destruction, crime, murder, misery and corruption have been committed under the flag of Ignorance than anything else on this Earth.

Whether it be stealing sweets from the corner shop because you want to impress friends and care not a thought for the old lady trying to scratch a living who owns it, to partaking in acts of genocide.

Genocide? Surely not!

YOU would never succumb to such brainwashing would you? … Would you!

Millions upon millions of thoroughly decent people have and continue to do so across the globe today!

Perfectly ordinary, loving fathers were turned into monsters by the astonishing manipulation employed by Adolf Hitler before during World War II. And if you think YOU could never be persuaded to commit abhorrent acts that are totally against your nature … read on!

Hitler is widely accepted as being one of the greatest masters of rhetoric in modern times, he was also a master of manipulation.

He would prepare fanatically for every speech. He’d have photographs taken of himself to ensure he achieved the most effective posturing. He would build elaborate sets to create awe when he spoke, he would start a speech gently and build up to a crescendo. It’s fascinating and chilling to watch.

Normal, law-abiding citizens; average, sane, balanced folk committed the vilest acts upon fellow human beings in the name of Ignorance. They justified their actions by committing their crimes in the name of … in this case, The Motherland. They genuinely believed they were acting totally unselfishly and for the good of their nation.

And they were only the latest in a long history of hideous acts perpetrated in the name of … Always someone else’s idealism.

So you don’t possibly think this could happen in your country in this modern age?

Tell a lie often enough, tell a lie loud enough … It becomes truth

Sticky Labels

Remember the Sticky Label anecdote a few modules back? How the Cypriots bang a label on everything you buy and I was having a whinge because I had to peel them off all the new stuff I’d just bought for the new villa … talk about first world problems!

And now I’ve returned to the villa. Whilst I was sat on the beach I was turning that section over in my mind and realized that the Sticky Label story is an awesome anecdote for everything that’s wrong in society.

We have a resolute bloody-mindedness to bag and tag , to categorize and file, to slap a Sticky Label on everything:

Lower class, Upper lower class, Working class, Non working class, Upper working class, Lower middle class, Middle class, Upper middle class, Lower upper class, Upper upper class. Really fucking posh upper class, Capitalist Elite, Extortionist…

Gay, Lesbian, Hetrosexual, Transgender, Black Lesbian, White One-legged Bi Sexual, Hermaphrodite, Pseudohermaphrodite, Pansexual, Bicurious, Polysexual, Monosexual, Allosexual, Androsexual, Gynosexual, Demisexual, Grey Asexual, Perioriented, Varioriented, Heteronormative, Erasure, Cishet, Polyamorous, Monoamorous, Normal…

Chauvinist, Racist, Homophobic, Genderphobic, Machiavellian, Obese, Fat, Overweight, Moderately Overweight, Perfect, Thin, Anorexic, Bulimic, OCD, ADHD, Dyslexic, Tall, Short, Black, White, Asian, European, White European with a bit of black, European Native, Pacific Islander, Aussie, Kiwi, Jew, Cockney, Brummie, Bald Brummie, Pakia, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Mexican, Caucasoid, Negroid…

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Catholic, Othordox, Protestant, Lutheran, Anabaptist, Baptist, Brethren, Christadelphias, Methodist, Spiritualist, Witch, Pagan, Druid, Heretic, Infidel, Gnostic, Kharijite, Chishti, Sunni…

Kill a man who invades your home and attacks your family, you’re labeled a murderer. Murder a man who is protecting his family from foreign invaders, you’re labeled a hero.

Raid a tomb, you’re labeled a thief. Raid a tomb on behalf of The Machine and you’re an archeologist.

Attack a ship on the high seas, you’re a pirate. Attack the same ship for The Machine and you’re celebrated though history.

Spread contentious material, you’re labeled a propagandist. Do it for The Machine and you’re a politician.

Spread fake news, you’re spreading disinformation. Do it for The Machine and you’re news reader.

Enter a foreign land, you’re an invader. Enter a foreign land for The Machine, stick a flag in the ground and butcher anyone who is wearing the wrong Sticky Label, you’re spreading the word of God.

Disagree with the grand lie, become a conspiracist.

Labels, labels, labels!

And the from moment we choose a label to wear, all opinions, attitude and conjecture are formed towards other Label wearers. A pedestal is formed beneath our feet from where we call.

Wearers falsely believe their Sticky Label defines them … it confines them.

It confines them within the towering rebar and concrete walls that form that label’s doctrine. Wearing that label encourages us to act in a certain way, dress in a certain way, talk in a certain way, see the world in a certain way and have a predetermined attitude to different label wearers.

If I slap a Neo-Nazi Sticky Label to my forehead I shave my head, tattoo my skin with swastika, wear polo shirt, tight jeans with turn ups, red braces, black jacket and oxblood Dr Martin boots. I talk in one syllable grunts and hate certain Sticky Label wearers for no particular reason whatsoever.

If I wear my male chauvinist pig label, I walk with a swagger and loudly tell everyone that will listen, that the only place women belong is in the kitchen, barefoot or pregnant. (I can safely say I’ve never worn that one!)

If Wifey wears her female chauvinist pig label she walks with a wiggle and loudly tells everyone that will listen, that the only place men belong is under the car, putting out the rubbish, or fixing up more shelves.

If I slap a Trophy Hunter Sticky Label to my forehead (what the fuck’s that one all about???) I shave my head, tattoo my skin with animal heads, wear camouflage and carry a big gun. I shoot the most magnificent beasts in all of Christendom from a safe distance, removing their supreme genes from the pool. I hang their heads on the wall and drape their furs on the floor and post pictures of myself gloating over my quarry on Facebook. I am utterly inadequate and I hate very particular animals for no particular reason whatsoever… I am a cunt.

If I slap a soldier Sticky Label to my forehead I shave my head, wear a helmet, fatigues, body armour, boots, badges of rank and a flag. I talk in military propaganda sentences and hate, slaughter and defile certain Sticky Label wearers for no particular reason whatsoever.

Labels … It’s all about belonging which is driven by an unbelievably powerful force known as Tribal Identity. I researched this for marketing and chat bots. Tribal identity, reciprocity, USP, creating urgency.

I would craft a headline designed to include the reader in a certain Tribe and hopefully sell more shit. But I soon worked out that its a far bigger beast that that.

Tribalism implies the possession of a strong cultural or ethnic identity that separates one member of a group from the members of another group. Based on strong relations of proximity and kinship, members of a tribe tend to possess a strong feeling of identity. (Credit Wikipedia)

This primal force is all-consuming … the need to identify. It has been manifesting within us for almost two hundred thousand years, since the dawn of man … and even before. Tribalism runs through every living cell. Without this instinct we would not be the social animals we are and you would not be you.

As we have evolved, we in the West no longer live in geographical or physical tribes. However, the strength of craving we feel is enslaving and we satisfy it with other affiliations. From being in the Hells Angles to the local chess club, from Facebook groups to stamp collecting conventions, from Comicon to white supremacist rallies.

Tribalism … All the troubles in the world are encapsulated in one short sentence from that Wikipedia entry: Ethnic identity separates one member of a group from the members of another group … The issue is that there are literally millions of groups now!

Once, it was a case of setting out over the mountains and through the pass and across the vast plains to bash another tribe that may have posed a threat. Now, it’s a case of sitting on the keyboard bashing anyone who dare disagree or cause offense.

And the barriers are continually blurring.

Racism /’re?s?z(?)m/ noun: racism

  • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

There was a time when this was simply a case of hating thy neighbor because they were different and bashing them with knives and sticks or fixing a sticky label with the yellow Star of David to their lapel, herding them onto trains and delivering them to the gas chambers.

Now we’re offended at the slightest notion that a stranger, hundreds of miles away in another city has dared to infer that you posses the characteristics of a group so as to easily identify you.

Well let’s fix racism shall we?

It’s simple … don’t get fucking offended if someone points out the perfectly reasonable FACT that you are black or white or mixed or Mexican or gay, or have narrow eyes or are Italian or are a Gypsy or on welfare or have called your rugby team The Crusaders.

These are simply nouns and a world away from hate.

A world away from the killing of thirty thousand Kulaks, mostly shot on the spot and the deportation of a further two million to the Far North and Siberia by the Soviet regime in the 1930s.

They were labeled: Enemies of the people, swine, dogs, cockroaches, scum, vermin, filth, garbage, half animals, apes. Activists promoted murderous slogans: We will exile the Kulak by the thousand when necessary, shoot the Kulak breed. We will make soap of Kulaks. And our class enemies must be wiped off the face of the earth.

Gangs drove the dekulakized naked in the streets, beat them, organized drinking bouts in their houses, shot over their heads, forced them to dig their own graves, undressed women and searched them, stole valuables, money…

The destruction of the Kulak class triggered the Ukrainian famine, during which three million to five million peasants died of starvation.

That’s RACISM and a damn good reason to be offended!

It’s being going on throughout history.

Narmer (c. 3150 BCE) conquered his enemies with the support and approval of his gods and is said to have unified the Egyptians until Alexander the Great took the Greeks into Egypt and bashed the crap out of em. The Romans Slaughtered the Greeks. The great Northern tribes of Germany, the Franks and the Vandals put an end to Rome.

China swallowed its neighbours. The Mongols murdered their way across most of the known world and took China.

Ivan III and Vasili III expanded Muscovy’s borders by annexing the Novgorod Republic, the Grand Duchy of Tver in 1485, the Pskov Republic in 1510, the Appanage of Volokolamsk in 1513, and the principalities of Ryazan in 1521 and Novgorod-Seversky in 1522.

The Spanish decimated the Mayans, The Europeans decimated the native American Indians and on the other side of the world, the Pacific Islanders.

The Crusades were organised by Christian powers to retake Jerusalem and the Holy Land from Muslim control. Eight officially sanctioned crusades between 1095 CE and 1270 CE and many more unofficial ones. The appeal of the crusading ideal continued right up to the 16th century CE. From the Pope to the humblest warrior the very first campaign established a model to be followed thereafter.

The Portuguese started the long age of European colonisation with the conquest of Ceuta, Morocco in 1415, and the conquest and discovery of other African territories and islands. The Ottomans conquered South Eastern Europe, the Middle East and much of Northern and Eastern Africa between 1359 and 1653. The Spanish and Portuguese launched the colonisation of the Americas, basing their territorial claims on the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494.

The Vikings and the French bashed the British. The British bashed everyone planting their flag anywhere and everywhere and slaughtered any tribe that dare to try and pull it out of their ancestral lands.

Their policy of New Imperialism saw Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and Spain divvy up Africa.

The Klu Klux Klan … hang a man from a tree because, and only because, he’s skin is dark!

And on it goes. No apologies for missing anyone out … it would fill the book!

The only reason it’s stopped is because America dropped a dirty great big nuclear bomb on Japan and The Machine sensibly and thankfully, still nurtures a small sense of self preservation!

Groups are defined by their Sticky Label … The Machine is EVERYTHING that defines EACH group.

I proudly wear a Sticky Label on my forehead … it merely reads I.

How to Manage Genocide

Hate thy Neighbour!…

Your leader appears on the six o’clock news tonight and announces: “all pensioners are becoming too much of a burden. Shoot anyone over the age of sixty. Go to your nearest police station or military base and collect your weapons.”

There would be pandemonium wouldn’t there?

Conventional, reasonable people would not stand for it … would they?

I can absolutely, positively guarantee that a small percentage of the population would murder on the orders of that first broadcast … the weak-minded conformists and the psychopaths!

But the vast majority would find the notion repulsive and there would probably be some sort of coup.

Now, if the leaders and spin-doctors carefully choreographed a programme for culling old people over a period of time, many, many ordinary, everyday citizens would be compelled to commit acts of brutality … Eventually!

You don’t think so?

The old are getting older and Governments are having to think seriously about pension provisions. It’s a real headache working out how to keep and support a massive, ‘non-productive’ (their words, not mine) section of society. Why not just get rid?

First and most important is that they need a label, something emotive like Taliban, Insurgent, Terrorist … let’s think!
They’re a drain on society eh! Let’s slap this Sticky Label on anyone over the age of sixty:


  1. First and easiest to turn could be the younger generation on social benefits. If their payouts were taken away and given to the old, resentment would rapidly turn to anger and bitterness. It’s not a difficult step to channel that umbrage towards a logical solution … “Just kill em all and the problem will go away!”
  2. If Local Tax/Housing Taxes were multiplied tenfold to pay for new old folks homes, resentment from middle classes would soon turn to anger and exasperation…
  3. If schools and hospitals were run down by those in control of the budgets to make way for better facilities to nurse the elderly, resentment throughout the social hierarchy would turn to anger and then…
  4. With the Government’s anti-aged propaganda broadcast through every facet of the state run media, and with its consent, a large proportion of the population would go on to kill … GUARANTEED!

The PARASITES (lovely old folk) would not stand a chance. Over a period of time and through clever misinformation and propaganda the general consensus would become: “The standard of living was deteriorating because of the drain on resources by the old and infirm parasites sucking off our hard work. The growing taxes were being levied simply to keep those who no longer contributed to society in comfort. Let’s all make the problem go away.”

Old people; people who had given tirelessly to The Machine all their lives, they would be ostracised. They would be run out of town … hung, drawn and quartered if necessary (if you want to understand brutality look up the phrase).You think a Government couldn’t possibly have the power to orchestrate this daft scenario, especially in modern times?… Think again!

The place: Rwanda in Africa. It could be a thousand places in a thousand times.
The Weapons: State run media, television and radio, Sticky Labels, a nation that does not ask WHY?

I’m using an extreme case here in order to illustrate how easily manipulated people can be.Extreme? Yes, and sadly, true!

All citizens are manipulated to some extent by The Machine and when you understand what is going on, when you ask WHY, you will see the world with 20/20 vision.

Two tribes: Tutsis and Hutus wore their respective Sticky Labels and lived in relative harmony, side by side for hundreds of years in a poor part of the world. There was a history of tension between them and apart from the usual political fighting and guerrilla groups, the people got along well enough with each other. In the late eighties a majority Hutu Government was installed and in its infinite wisdom, decided that the Tutsis were no longer to be a part of Rwandan culture. This unbelievable policy became ratified!

The Prime Minister did not go on the news that evening and announce that it was now an obligation for Hutu citizens to turn against their neighbours; to kill men, women and children, for if it did there would have been uproar … the people wouldn’t do such an abhorrent thing.The Machine had to employ all its powers of manipulation. To begin with it targeted a vulnerable, naive youth culture via its trendy radio station to deliver the message of death … sound crazy?

Very subtly at first, but over a period of time it was made fashionable to hate thy neighbour, especially if they were Tutsi. Over a few years the indoctrination seeped insidiously into all areas of social hierarchy. Resentment turned spiteful, hate turned to murderous intent. Friend turned on friend, neighbour on neighbour. The most barbaric massacres you could imagine ensued because the locals had been manipulated into believing they were doing the right thing.

Hutu had special Sticky Labels. The Hutu label was a badge of honour and for no reason whatsoever, made them feel superior. Anyone wearing the Tutsi label was inferior for no reason whatsoever.

And the greatest tragedy? Total and utter ignorance … No Hutu stopped to ask … WHY?

Women and children were hacked to pieces and burned in their churches by their neighbours … why … because The Machine said it was the right thing to do!

This scene has been played out thousands of times throughout history and none of the perpetrators ever stopped for just one second; never took just a single step back and asked:


The Place: Sierra Leone.
The Weapons: State run media, television and radio, Sticky Labels: Revolutionary United Front, National Patriotic Front of Liberia and farmers, neighbours and friends … a nation that does not ask WHY?

The Sierra Leone Civil War 1991–2002 was a war that began on 23 March 1991 when the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), with support from the special forces of Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), intervened in Sierra Leone in an attempt to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government. The resulting war lasted eleven years, enveloped the country, and left over fifty thousand dead.

I remember seeing it on the state run news in the UK. Child soldiers with AK47s fighting in the jungle. They showed a street where neighbour was fighting neighbour. Scattered down that street was what looked like debris and rocks. As the camera zoomed in it became apparent what they were … they were human heads!

It then flicked to the next scene and the image they broadcast is seared into my vision all these years on. There was a young girl wandering, dazed and confused along a dry, dusty African road. She was holding an arm with the hand hanging off by a thread of skin with the bleeding stump of her other arm.

Thousands of voters had both hands cut off by rebels and were instructed to leave a print of their big toe on the ballot paper.


The Place: Philippians.
The Weapons: State run media, television and radio, Sticky Labels: Rodrigo Duterte (President) and drug dealers … a nation that does not ask WHY?

Rodrigo Duterte’s first year as president of the Philippines was marred by a violent period during which the government prosecuted a war on drugs.

Duterte issued sweeping new directives and gave new powers to police. They swept down on the poor areas and shanty towns and arrested suspected drug sellers. As he ramped up operations officers were given a shoot and kill directive. Ostensibly in self defence to make it more palatable at first … it slowly ramped up as is the way this works.

By the time Duterte had served the halfway point of his six-year presidency he had employed populist tactics such as naming and shaming one hundred and fifty judges, mayors, and police generals he said had coddled drug dealers. He released a list of forty six government officials running for office he claimed were involved in illegal narcotics. Local officials across the Philippines were required to create lists of suspected drug users and monitor their progress kicking the habit, while police stations must maintain watch lists of alleged drug suspects who are under surveillance. Duterte assured the police that he had their backs: “You are free to kill the idiots” who violently resist arrest.

The overall national crime rate went down 20% … as murder rates went up!

Police say they killed some five thousand, five hundred drug suspects in stings and other legitimate police operations in three years.

However, these policies were also taken up by gangs of vigilantes who would roam the streets killing at will as police turned a blind eye. Officially, unknown gunmen killed more than three thousand other drug suspects, amounting to a tenth of the nearly thirty thousand homicides carried out in the Philippines since Duterte’s drug war began. The police blame the drug-linked killings on narcos; human-rights groups say that these executions are often the work of off-duty cops or hired guns on the police payroll.

Neighbour turning on neighbour, friend on friend. Kids selling drugs to survive as they have no hope of a future. Slaughter or education?


The Place: Yugoslavia.
The Weapons: State run media, television and radio, Sticky Labels: Slovenes, Croats, Kosovar Albanians, Bosniaks, and ethnic Macedonians … a nation that does not ask WHY?

Slobodan Miloševic wanted to create a Greater Serbia, encompassing the Serb-populated areas of Croatia and Bosnia. He didn’t ask nicely, and forcibly removed non-Serbs from ancestral lands and homes. Well I say he did … an army of Sticky Label wearers did the dirty work and didn’t ask: WHY?

It was Europe’s deadliest conflict since World War II, the wars were marked by war crimes, including genocide, crimes against humanity and rape. The Bosnian genocide was the first European crime to be formally judged as genocidal in character since World War II

Of course, this is all a bit far from home and Africa always seems to have a war raging somewhere doesn’t it?

There is a long history of tribal warfare and Yugoslavia, a communist relic, carried a lot of baggage from the second World War. You’d think it would be impossible in this day and age for The Machine’s manipulation tactics to work in the West … wouldn’t you?

Omniscience (the state of knowing everything), is the capacity to know everything infinitely, or at least everything that can be known including thoughts, feelings, life and the universe, … and the realisation that you actually know bugger all about very little at all!

I know nothing, nada, zip about the Iraq war, every letter, ever word, every paragraph regarding it, is formed from what I’ve been fed by state run media, television and radio. I’ve tried my best and have formed an argument with my eyes wide open, my ears pricked and whilst proudly wearing my Sticky Label which merely reads I.

The Place: Iraq
The Weapons: State run media, television and radio, Sticky Labels: Us and Them … a nation that does not ask WHY?

I have no idea what the real motives behind the invasion were. Probably oil and big business, justification for the raft of anti terror legislation laws that were enacted following 911 … but one thing’s certain, it wasn’t to save the West from “imminent obliteration by weapons of mass destruction!” … Nope! No bombs!

My God, The Machine played us like pieces on a chess board. Even I, with all my knowledge of the powers of manipulation was fooled, suckered, played like a hooked fish. Politics, a profession in lies and deceit … I can’t forgive the politicians for that.

Sure, there may have been a compulsive argument for toppling Saddam but shouldn’t we have been given the facts and more importantly, THE TRUTH … after all, these people are supposed to represent us … aren’t they?

To kill, bomb and maim innocent men women and children; to dehumanise them as collateral damage, to send thousands of troops to the slaughter on a lie, is indefensible … in my humble opinion!

OK, there may well be a terrorist problem; there’s always been terrorists! Go after them by all means, but don’t use The Terrorist Threat as a cover for an ulterior, hidden agenda. And worse, we must ask WHY?

The Machine was acting with the consent of the people. We’ll never know the truth and it matters not because as long as we accept that fact, we can get on with our own lives as best we can.

What I find even more astonishing is the fact that the two most powerful leaders in the world, the two most deceitful people of the twenty first century were voted back into power … OR WERE THEY!

Surely, if you send your armies into war to attack to kill and torture other people in their own country in their own homes and the basis of that invasion is fundamentally flawed, then surely that’s first degree murder … isn’t it?

I suppose it all depends on the labels!

Anyway, as I said, I have no answers and no desire to get bitter and twisted about all this. There is so much wrong in this world and virtually nothing an everyday guy can do about it. Unfortunately, The Machine is all powerful. Lies, deceit, murder and misery are facts of life and have to be accepted if we want to get on with LIFE. Very little is fair and if we try to fight this reality, we’ll be sorely disappointed … or worse!

The point of all this is to illustrate how that single word can make such a difference in your life: WHY?


The Weapons: State run media, television and radio, Sticky Labels: … a WORLD that does not ask WHY?