A lot of the techniques I am exploring are taken from MLM (Multi Level Marketing).


OK, OK, before you go off on one … MLM is one of the most powerful ways of building business ever invented, unfortunately it has been tarred by The World of Scum. MLM marketing is now pretty much dead online. For a start you won’t find a single payment processor that’ll take on MLM payments … But, there are elements of MLM which we can steal to build huge incomes and strong businesses.

The problem with MLM was that your business was always reliant upon others in a team doing all the work and as I’ve said a thousand times, we most definitely do not want to depend on others. So lets explore how MLMers pull people into their teams; let’s discover how you can build a powerful business.

Now I do understand this isn’t for everyone but If you want to build large incomes in the shortest possible time then you need to bite the bullet, explore established systems and get to work. After all, the hard work you put in now WILL PAY OFF IN THE LONG TERM!!!

Don’t make the mistake of many who get all short-sighted whenever there’s a bit of work involved or situations become uncomfortable. This isn’t like a job where each day is the same, same, same.

This is a means to an end; an end that is only a relatively short time away and the reward?


If you have contacted your closest friends, family and colleagues, set up all your online tools then you need to widen the net.


This is another often-neglected area of recruitment. let’s concentrate on getting people into your business but as I said, this training will apply to anything you decide to set up. If you expose the business well, your contacts should think it is a great idea – even if it is not right for them.

You can introduce people to your main business using the systems you have in place plus there’s always the chance that they may buy something from your online store which you should have in place now and also have been promoting.

So if a contact turns down your opportunity, you should ask them for ‘Referrals’, people your contact knows who might be looking for something you offer, or who might be unhappy at work, or worried about job security, in fact just anyone they could possibly let you contact …

Never pre-judge anybody. It is a scientific fact that an entrepreneur can come from anywhere; there is no demographic model in the world that could identify someone who is self-motivated, individualistic and be wanting to break free from the system. Race, creed, colour, family background, income, status – it’s all a load of bollocks (pardon my Anglo Saxon).

When I was working in the boatyard, successful owners would often look at me with a hint of pity. “Poor boy, stuck rubbing down hulls for a pittance in the rain,” … little did they know!!!

Not one gave me the slightest hint of credit that I might only be working there as a means to an end.


These referrals make up our Secondary Warm Market.

Because you have been recommended to them by someone they know, your secondary warm market is as good as your own warm market; sometimes better – especially if the contact has more credibility with their friends and colleagues than you do with your own!

Keep the pressure out of selling. It’s easier and more relaxing for you and builds a stronger long-term business

People who feel un-pressured are much happier about introducing you to people they know. After all, if you put a contact under pressure, they are hardly likely to want to subject people they know to the same treatment!

Looked at in this way, there seems little excuse not to approach everyone we know, because almost everyone might either like to become a customer or give us referrals, even if they do not want to sign up themselves.

Now we can approach our cold market!

Having said earlier that cold market contacting is not effective as your main recruitment thrust, it is worth doing provided that your cold market effort is always seen as purely secondary to your warm market and on-line campaigns.

If you want to reach the income you desire in the shortest possible time frame, you should hit your cold offline market now also.

This is a numbers game, and we never know where our good people are going to come from. So we should go down every avenue we can.

See your cold market campaign as a reward for your warm market efforts, not as an alternative.


HOT TIP: Referrals are the second greatest weapon in your arsenal; they can sustain and grow your business long after you’ve exhausted your personal contacts.


Make Monday Night-Phoning Night

I have mentioned on more than one occasion that this is a simple business – all you really need to achieve is to find a relatively small group of people who are interested in your products or services.

We saw earlier that the more phone calls being made, the larger and more rapidly it will grow. If you want to help others build a healthy income they need to follow your example.

By now you should have established a good working relationship with people in your business – If they are left to themselves, your group won’t act … FACT.

Try to make Mondays your Get-Active Day to begin with.

Now I understand that there is only a limited amount of time you’re going to want to spend in getting people into your business, there comes a point where it’s becomes uneconomic to keep investing time in others.

I read a really poignant line the other day – it was in one on the case studies by Stone Evans:

Q. What do you think has helped to make your site so successful?

There is one critical distinction every website owner must make in order to become successful and I was fortunate enough to figure it out myself. Stop trying to make money and start trying to help people. As soon as your focus shifts to helping people, you’ve adopted the true spirit of the entrepreneur – provide a valuable service and charge for it.

And I totally agree – offer a great service and the cash simply flows by osmosis.

Make Mondays Get-Active Day

Monday has worked best in the past because it is the start of a new week, and also more contacts are at home on those evenings. People tend to go out on a weekend and come Thursday they are looking forward to it – they really don’t want to be bothered when they’re winding down to a weekend off as a rule – but remember the golden rule: never pre-judge.

We’re setting up a routine; a system that will be worked, rounded and expanded upon.

Tips for training on Get-Active phone calls

The ‘Yes/No’ System

Your success in getting people into your business, it is not the result that matters, it is actually making calls that count. The best way to do this is to use the ‘Yes/No’ System of columns on a contact list.

Opposite the list of referral names to be phoned that night, you’ll have two columns. One headed ‘Yes’ and the other ‘No’.

You should have worked out your own script by now, something along the lines of:

“Hello, my name is … You don’t know me, but I am working closely with … (person who gave you the referral).

We are getting a new business off the ground and … thinks you might just be the sort of person who would be interested.

I sent you some information about the business/gave the URL. I am helping out for a few days and we would really like to get your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

What did you think?”

And let them take the lead.

There is no script that will help you from here on other than to answer queries as honestly as possible and if you don’t know an answer let your customer know that either you or someone else will get back to them.

Once you have answered all the questions ensure you ask the final question: “Would you like to buy/join?”

You’d be surprised as to how often this is overlooked – if you don’t ask you don’t get!!!

As you get a result from each phone call, tick the relevant ‘yes/no’ column. Now you are in a no-lose situation because if you get a run of ‘nos’ you won’t care because the only important thing is to make the calls.

If you are teaching someone how to build your business, after about five calls, suggest that they might like to have a go. If they are nervous, say to them, “Could you do any worse than five nos?” On the other hand, if you are getting sales, your new person may be concerned about whether they can match your results, but you won’t mind making a few more calls because you are on a roll!

However, at some stage during the first Get-Active session, your new staff/member should have taken over the phone calls and be making their own.

Another technique is to have a competition to see how many ‘nos’ you can each get. Again, this teaches that success is not in the outcome of the phone calls, but in making them.

Show them the alternative approaches

Phone calls need not only be to show the opportunity – although they must always eventually aim to expose every contact to it. But there are in fact two options:

1. Showing the business

2. Asking for help and referrals

A. If the call is to show the business

If you’re phoning just for permission to present the business all they need say is:

“I’ve got involved with a great business which I think will interest you. When can I come over and show it to you/send more info/show URL?”

B. If the call is to ask for help and referrals

This is useful in the early stages of a business to get people to approach others on their Chicken List, those whom they are embarrassed to approach directly with the opportunity. So they can avoid the issue by only asking for a contact’s help in finding referrals.

“I’m just taking on a new business and I’m looking for people to help me. And I believe you know the right sort of people. Could I come round for a quick chat and run it past you?”

If you take this course of action, you must not to use ‘asking for help’ as an excuse to make a ‘pitch’ on the opportunity. That will anger some people and put others off!

So, if you are going to ask for help, asking for help is all you do. If someone does turn out to be interested for them self, they will make it clear without being prompted.

If they get a ‘No’ to a meeting/sign up, ask for referrals

“John, I quite understand that you’re not looking for anything at the moment, and that’s fine.

Thanks for giving me the time. But could you give me a couple of contacts from your book who could do with some part-time income or who might be looking around for a serious income right now please?”

Note that this is not an open-ended question but more a subtle instruction – NOT PRESSURE EITHER!!!

Don’t ask the ubiquitous: “Do you know anyone?” Because the answer is will inevitably be ‘NO’ … it’s the easiest option and renders the conversation dead.

How long should you work with someone?

Remember that when you start a new business, you are the Momentum Generator.

I often treat some of my initial calls as a loss leader. In other words I sacrifice the first short-term income for the longer term growth. If you can build a strong business customer base they’ll always be there when you market new products to them. Their ‘lifetime value’ (the amount they will spend with you as long as you keep them happy) could be massive for a relatively small investment.

If you only help a new customer into your business each week it becomes consolidated you have taken a major step forward to creating a solid business, and you really have found an important path to earning the income you want as quickly as possible.

“A lot cats copy the Mona Lisa, but people still line up to see the original.” Louis Armstrong.